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Internet Safety for Kids – Digital Parenting Do’s and Don’ts

Part of being a parent is keeping kids safe, but it’s also about helping kids grow up to become responsible, independent adults. But there’s a bit of friction between these two ideas. How do parents find the right balance between protecting their kids and letting them behave independently? This friction is very apparent when it comes to how parents let
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Kids need better protection – An open letter to developers and decision makers

Tuesday February 9th is Safer Internet Day this year. An excellent time to sit down and reflect about what kind of Internet we offer to our kids. And what kind of electronic environment they will inherit from us. I have to be blunt here. Our children love their smartphones and the net. They have access to a lot of stuff that interest them. And it’s their new
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We need more than just age limits to protect our children in social media

The European Union is preparing a new data protection package. It is making headlines because there are plans to raise the age limit for digital consent from 13 to 16 years. This has sometimes been describes as the age limit for joining social media. To be precise, member states could choose their age limit within this range. Younger kids would need parental
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F-Secure SAFE named Best Security at the ISPA Awards 2015

The Internet Service Provider Association (ISPA) held the 17th UK Internet industry awards on Thursday 2nd July at The Brewery in the City of London. The award ceremony was opened by none other than F-Secure’s chief research officer and world-renowned security expert, Mikko Hypponen. F-Secure’s comprehensive security solution SAFE won the inaugural Security
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The one free Mother’s Day gift every mom should ask for

Much — but not all — of the world celebrates Mothers’ Day on the second Sunday of May. If you’re celebrating and your procrastinating offspring (or their procrastinating dad) hasn’t picked up a present yet, here’s a simple — and FREE — thing to ask for that will give you peace of mind all year long: online boun
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How parental controls stop online problems before they start

UK child protection charity the NSPCC this week published research into children’s online porn-viewing habits. The results are shocking. One in ten 12-13 year olds are worried they are addicted to porn. This goes beyond children stumbling across inappropriate content, though could be how the addiction started. Tackling the issue head-on, the NSPCC has publis
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Who’s responsible for the kids, parents or government?

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has declared war on Internet porn. He wants both Internet service providers and search engine owners to protect UK families against pornography. Political initiatives to control the Internet are typically badly prepared and in conflict with central principles of the net. This case is no different and the reactions are mostly n
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5 ways to stop your parents from taking away your phone

When it comes to mobile privacy, teenagers are just about as savvy as adults — but that isn’t good enough. A new PEW study shows that 51% of teens surveyed had avoided an app due to privacy concerns. Last year, 54% of adults said the same. That means about 1/2 of the people with a cell phone are wisely considering the consequences of their action
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Worried about your kids in Facebook?

We did a little survey recently. 75% of parents said that their kids have a Facebook account, and 57% of parents are concerned that their kids may not have the appropriate privacy settings in Facebook. Parents also estimated that their kids have only met approximately 57% of their Facebook friends in real life. What’s more, 56% of parents are concerned that
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It’s time to spread cybersecurity awareness

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month in Europe and the United States. The theme this year is “Our Shared Responsibility.”  And to illustrate how much we rely on each other to keep the Internet safe, we’re going ASCII, as we have before. Here’s the plan Turn your Facebook profile picture to an ASCII image to spread cybersecurity awareness.
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Kids and the Internet: Why parental controls aren’t enough

Ask a parent of an underage child if they are concerned about their child being exposed to inappropriate Internet content, and most parents will, predictably, say yes. Then ask if they use some type of parental control software to protect their kids online, and the majority of parents will say no. Surprised? I was. In our global survey of 15 countries, 78%
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Get the latest intel on digital trends

Did you know… …that the younger you are, the less likely you are to trust cloud providers like Facebook and Google? …that women are much less likely than men to know how much content they have on their devices? …that men are more often victims of online fraud than women are? And that Europeans are less concerned about digital fraud th
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Can you tell real security from snake oil?

We live in a world where fear plays an increasing role. We become more aware of risks and threats all the time, and learn how to avoid them. Some of this is for good and really saves us from harm, some is hysteria that we could live without. This is equally true both in cyberspace and our normal physical lives. Can you tell if a security product or service r
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F-Secure Lokki 3.0 is out — what’s new?

Dear old and new friends of F-Secure Lokki! Hei F-Secure Lokin ystävät! In Finnish / suomeksi: Tämän tekstin lopussa on suomenkielinen yhteenveto uudesta F-Secure Lokki –sovelluksesta! Voit lukea tekstin alkuosan englanniksi tai hypätä suoraan loppuosaan. F-Secure Lokki is the most accurate and battery friendly personal location sharing app to connect you wi
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Don’t let mobility be your Achilles’ heel

We are not living in the Internet era anymore, we are in the mobility era. At least I use my desktop computer less and less, and spend more and more of my on-line time on mobile devices. They are just so convenient. You can utilize spare time on the bus or train to check up on the latest news. And the tablet is even more convenient than a newspaper. A shower
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