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Enterprise Mobility Management Even the Apprentice Can Control

Everyone else had already left for the day, but the Apprentice felt like his day was just beginning. He knew his internship with the IT department at Wizard, Inc. would be a challenge, but he never expected how challenging his final project — enterprise mobility management (EMM) — would be. The chief information officer (CIO) tasked him with securing all dev
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Grandma or the Wolf? Red Gets Smart About Fraud Protection

Little Red Riding Hood is stressed out. A job in fraud protection is no picnic — far from it. As the digital banking fraud manager for Fairy Tale Bank, she’s constantly assessing her customers to make sure no fraudulent activity is occurring. After all, fraud is no myth — it’s as real as can be. If Red has her way, her customers will stay safe al
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Goldilocks Finds an Identity and Access Management Solution That Is Just Right

Goldie was uncomfortable. It was her first day on the new job and her desk chair was too hard. She’d ask for a softer chair later — for now she had other things on her mind. She’d been brought in to devise a new access management strategy, but the team was so strapped for time no one was available to train her. She was on her own. Goldie’s
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