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Facebook Messenger may ban mass-forwarding of messages

byLisa VaasFacebook Messenger may ban mass-forwarding of messages in an effort to lasso the runaway forwarding of COVID-19 fake news and rumors, it confirmed on Sunday.Facebook has done this before when its other messaging services have gone berserk with forwarding hysterical misinformation – misinformation that led to people getting lynched in the fak
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Report calls for web pre-screening to end UK’s child abuse ‘explosion’

byLisa VaasA UK inquiry into child sexual abuse facilitated by the internet has recommended that the government require apps to pre-screen images before publishing them, in order to tackle “an explosion” in images of child sex abuse.The No. 1 recommendation from the independent inquiry into child sexual abuse (IICSA) report, which was published o
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Australia’s privacy watchdog sues Facebook over Cambridge Analytica scandal

Aussie privacy watchdog sues Facebook over alleged “systematic failures” exposing Australians to Cambridge Analytica privacy scandal. Australia’s privacy watchdog, the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, sues Facebook for alleged “systematic failures” exposing more than 300,000 Australians to the Cambridge Ana
Publish At:2020-03-09 11:28 | Read:274 | Comments:0 | Tags:Breaking News Digital ID Social Networks Cambridge Analytica

Facebook Sued by OAIC for Allegedly Violating Over 300K Aussies’ Privacy

The Office of Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) filed a lawsuit alleging that Facebook violated the privacy of over 300,000 of its Australian users.On March 9, OAIC announced that it had submitted court documents against Facebook. In those materials, it argued that Facebook had improperly protected 311,127 of its Australian users against “This
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Facebook sues Namecheap to protect people from domain name fraud

Facebook has filed a lawsuit against domain registrar Namecheap and its Whoisguard privacy protection service over fraudulent domains Facebook announced this week that it has filed a lawsuit against domain registrar Namecheap and its Whoisguard privacy protection service because it has refused to provide information on a series of fraudulent domains. Frau
Publish At:2020-03-08 08:55 | Read:249 | Comments:0 | Tags:Breaking News Digital ID Security Social Networks Facebook F

Facebook sues data analytics firm OneAudience over malicious SDK

byLisa VaasFacebook is suing the data analytics firm OneAudience for allegedly developing a malicious, social-media-profile-grabbing software development kit (SDK) and then paying app developers to embed it in their apps.In a complaint filed in California on Thursday, Facebook charged that the polluted apps – which included shopping, gaming and utility
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Let’s Encrypt issues one billionth free certificate

byDanny BradburyLast week was a big one for non-profit digital certificate project Let’s Encrypt – it issued its billionth certificate. It’s a symbolic milestone that shows how important this free certificate service has become to web users.Publicly announced in November 2014, Let’s Encrypt offers TLS certificates for free. These cert
Publish At:2020-03-02 09:21 | Read:230 | Comments:0 | Tags:Cryptography ACME Automated Certificate Management Environme

Russian watchdog fines Twitter, Facebook for not moving user data to local servers

A Russian court fined Twitter and Facebook 4 million rubles each for refusing to store the personal data of Russian citizens on local servers. At the end of January, Russia’s telecommunications watchdog Roskomnadzor instituted administrative proceedings against Facebook and Twitter after they refused to store data of Russian users on servers located in th
Publish At:2020-02-15 17:31 | Read:176 | Comments:0 | Tags:Breaking News Social Networks Facebook Pierluigi Paganini pr

Facebook ices in-app dating in EU after questions from regulator

byLisa VaasFacebook has delayed the rollout of its new dating feature in Europe, following officers from the Irish data regulator having popped by to ask why Facebook hadn’t checked in about it earlier or provided the necessary data privacy paperwork.The Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) said on Wednesday that Facebook Ireland hadn’t bothere
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A week in security (February 3 – 9)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs, we looked at Washington state’s latest efforts in providing better data privacy rights for their residents, and we dove into some of the many questions regarding fintech: What is it? How secure is it? And what are some of the problems in the space? We also detailed a new adware family that our researchers had been tracking
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Facebook encrypted messaging will ‘create hiding places for child abuse’

byLisa VaasLast year, Facebook announced that it would stitch the technical infrastructure of all of its chat apps – Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram – together so that users of each app can talk to each other more easily.The plan includes slathering the end-to-end encryption of WhatsApp – which keeps anyone, including law enforcement and
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Facebook’s official Twitter and Instagram accounts hacked by OurMine

The social network giant Facebook is still the target of hackers, its Facebook and Instagram accounts have been hijacked by the popular hacking group OurMine Yesterdat the popular hacking group OurMine hacked the Twitter and Instagram accounts for Facebook and Messenger. The company accounts have been quickly restored. The notorious Saudi Arabian Ou
Publish At:2020-02-09 10:43 | Read:256 | Comments:0 | Tags:Breaking News Hacking Social Networks Facebook hacking news

How to view and edit your Off-Facebook Activity

One of the most pernicious activities that Facebook does is to track you when you’re not on their website, and even if you’re not logged into Facebook or don’t have a Facebook account. They often do this using cookies that websites deliver to your browser. Facebook has recently provided a way to view and edit “off-Facebook activity,&#
Publish At:2020-02-08 08:55 | Read:212 | Comments:0 | Tags:Security & Privacy Facebook

Update now – WhatsApp flaw gave attackers access to local files

byJohn E DunnDoes WhatsApp have a lot of vulnerabilities or are there simply a lot of people looking for them?Ask PerimeterX researcher Gal Weizman, who last year set about poking the world’s most popular messaging platform to see whether he could turn up any new weaknesses.Sure enough, this week we learned that he uncovered a clutch of vulnerabilities that
Publish At:2020-02-06 12:35 | Read:299 | Comments:0 | Tags:Google Privacy Security threats Facebook PerimeterX remote c

Facebook knows a lot about your online habits – here’s how to stop it

byDanny BradburyFacebook is rolling out a global tool to help you understand what other sites and apps tell it about your activities, to make it forget what they’ve shared in the past, and to control what they share in the future. It’s called Off-Facebook Activity, and it’s part of the company’s effort to appear more privacy-friendly
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