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Autofill FUD

Last week, while browsing various news feeds and websites, I took a scroll through Facebook and saw this video posted from our local morning show, Breakfast Television. They were talking about a Lifehacker post that referenced a github repository belonging to Viljami Kousmanen. The doom and gloom statements of the video are pretty clear evidence of what’s wr
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Collaboration Is Key to Information Security

The challenges facing security professionals certainly aren’t getting any easier – nor are they likely to do so anytime soon. Not only are the skills and knowledge that we need to operate evolving at an ever-relentless pace but also rapidly diversifying far beyond the familiar technical and governance areas we have been used to.When it seems that even the qu
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The Media’s Guide to Information Security FUD & Fiction

PR is a form of social engineering. Information security companies are often in a highly competitive game to gain attention from the media and increase their brand recognition and visibility. However, this can often lead to tactics to generate FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt), which yields a bit of hysteria and fear to help increase demand for their product
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