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Wanted! US offers $10m bounty for ransomware kingpins

The US State Department is offering a massive $10 million reward if you can help bring DarkSide to justice. The U.S. Department of State announces a reward offer of up to $10,000,000 for information leading to the identification or location of any individual(s) who hold(s) a key leadership position in the DarkSide ransomware variant transnational organize
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FIN7 cybercrime gang creates fake cybersecurity firm to recruit pentesters for ransomware attacks

FIN7 hacking group created fake cybersecurity companies to hire experts and involve them in ransomware attacks tricking them of conducting a pentest. The FIN7 hacking group is attempting to enter in the ransomware business and is doing it with an interesting technique. The gang space creates fake cybersecurity companies that hire experts requesting them
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A week in security (April 19 – 25)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs, we interviewed Youssef Sammouda, a 21-year-old bug bounty hunter who is focused on finding vulnerabilities on Facebook. We looked into the CodeCov supply-chain attack, the vulnerabilities in Pulse Secure VPN that are being actively exploited by attackers, and the discovery of SUPERNOVA malware found on a SolarWinds Orion se
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FIN7 sysadmin behind “billions in damage” gets 10 years

In 2018 three high-ranking members of a sophisticated international cybercrime group operating out of Eastern Europe were arrested and taken into custody by US authorities. Ukrainian nationals Dmytro Fedorov, Fedir Hladyr, and Andrii Kolpakov, were members of a prolific hacking group widely known as FIN7. Hladyr is the systems administrator for the FIN7 h
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A member of the FIN7 group was sentenced to 10 years in prison

Fedir Hladyr (35), a Ukrainian national was sentenced today to 10 years in prison for his role in the financially motivated group FIN7, aka Carbanak. The Ukrainian national Fedir Hladyr (35), aka “das” or “AronaXus,” was sentenced to 10 years in prison for having served as a manager and systems administrator for the financially motivated group FIN7, aka C
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FIN7 hackers target enterprises with weaponized USB drives via USPS

The FIN7 APT group has been targeting businesses with malicious USB drives and Teddy Bears sent to the victims, the FBI warns. The FBI is warning of a new wave of attacks carried out by the FIN7 APT group that is sending to the victims devices acting as a keyboard (HID Emulator USB) when plugged into a computer. “Recently, the cybercriminal grou
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Magecart Group 4: A link with Cobalt Group?

Note: This blog post is a collaboration between the Malwarebytes and HYAS Threat Intelligence teams. Magecart is a term that has become a household name, and it refers to the theft of credit card data via online stores. The most common scenario is for criminals to compromise e-commerce sites by injecting rogue JavaScript code designed to steal any informa
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The bateleur backdoor is the new weapon in the Carbank gang’s arsenal

Experts at Proofpoint noticed the infamous cyber crime gang Carbanak has added a new JScript backdoor dubbed Bateleur Backdoor to its arsenal. According to researchers at security firm Proofpoint, the infamous cyber crime gang Carbanak has added a new JScript backdoor dubbed Bateleur Backdoor to its arsenal. Carbanak, aka FIN7, has also used updated macros.
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FIN7 group has enhanced its phishing techniques

According to the experts from security firm FireEye, the financially-motivated FIN7 group is changing hacking techniques. The group that has been active since late 2015, and was recently spotted to have been targeting personnel involved with United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings at various organizations with a new PowerShell backdoor
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