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Coalition Against Stalkerware bulks up global membership

Today, the Coalition Against Stalkerware brought aboard 11 new organizations to address the potentially dangerous capabilities of stalkerware, an invasive, digital threat that can rob individuals of their expectation of, and right to, privacy. These types of apps can provide domestic abusers with a new avenue of control over their survivors’ lives, granting
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3 Tips on using iPhone Settings for Better Security

Many people feel that some platforms are more secure than others. And while there may be some truth in that, what’s far more common is that operating systems offer users security features that people choose to use, or ignore. As Micke has pointed out in the past, behavior is often more important for security than product features. So someone with an Android
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Meet the Online Guardian Working to keep you Safe

Every time you go online, your personal privacy is at risk – it’s as simple as that. Whether you’re creating an account on a website, shopping, or just browsing, information like your email, IP address and browsing history are potential targets for interested parties.   All too often, that information is sold on or sometimes even stolen without you even
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When Security makes you say ‘Wow’

The following story was inspired by customer feedback provided to F-Secure at our annual Customer Day. The customer mentioned in the story graciously agreed to allow us to share his experience with us in this blog post. Security software, whether it be a relatively traditional antivirus program or a cutting-edge corporate security product, typically don’t of
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Internet Safety for Kids – Digital Parenting Do’s and Don’ts

Part of being a parent is keeping kids safe, but it’s also about helping kids grow up to become responsible, independent adults. But there’s a bit of friction between these two ideas. How do parents find the right balance between protecting their kids and letting them behave independently? This friction is very apparent when it comes to how parents let
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Cyber Defense – A Cat and Mouse Race

F-Secure Chief Research Officer Mikko Hypponen appeared on the BBC recently to talk about cyber security, data breaches, and “dadada.” During the interview, Mikko described the current state of cyber security as a “cat and mouse race between the attackers and between the defenders.” It might not be as exciting as watching Formula 1 or a marathon, but it’s n
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3 Easy Steps to Stream your Favorite Sports Events, Wherever you are

It’s going to be a busy month for sports lovers from all corners of the world. Hockey fans are currently being treated to both the NHL playoffs and the IIHF world cup, and the coming month will see things like the Champions League final, the US Masters, the NBA playoffs, and to top it all off, the European Championships in football. This presents a problem f
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Why F-Secure’s the 4th Most Attractive Employer for IT Students

IT companies used to have a pretty bad image. It’s not that they’re bad companies giving people bad jobs. They just never screamed “job satisfaction” to the general public. The stereotype of IT companies as inhuman, mundane places to work became so well-known that a hilarious comedy from the 90’s called Office Space satirized the idea. The movie told the sto
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VIDEO: Mikko Hypponen at World Press Freedom Day

Today is World Press Freedom Day – a day created by UNESCO in recognition of the importance of free speech, as well as the important role journalists play in using this right to help inform citizens about what’s going on with the world around them. This year’s main event is being held in Helsinki, Finland, and co-hosted by the Finnish government. There was l
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Unprotected WiFi Hook-Ups in action at Collision

Collision is coming to a close today, and what a week it’s been. F-Secure’s Chief Research Officer Mikko Hyppönen was there earlier in the week, and gave a compelling talk on the evolution of cyber crime. He also gave a quick post-talk interview, so check out this Quickfire article to learn who Mikko thinks deserves a slap in the face. F-Secure also ran a ba
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F-Secure Fellow Janne Pirttilahti in Historic Appointment to the Board of Directors

In the first appointment of it’s kind at F-Secure, long-time employee Janne Pirttilahti has been appointed to the company’s Board of Directors. The appointment comes after a brief but competitive internal election, where F-Secure employees at the company’s Finnish offices were invited to run for the nomination. Following Janne’s election by F-Secure Fellows,
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The Danish Government Was Wise to Back Off ‘Session Logging’ – Here’s What It Should Do Instead

Denmark has taken a smart step back and has an opportunity to take an even smarter step forward. The government’s plan to bring back “session logging” after ditching the practice in 2014 would have been a wasteful venture into mass surveillance with a justification that never made sense. Officials were wise to pause for a few months to consider the tech
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Want to Pwn Internet Trackers? Here’s How

A recent PEW report says that 86 percent of people have taken action to avoid online surveillance, including simple things like clearing their browser cache, as well as using more effective methods, such as using a VPN (virtual private network). The same report says that 61 percent of participants indicated that they’d like to do more. Many people understand
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F-Secure’s Mobile World Congress 2016 Recap

Mobile World Congress 2016 came and went last week. Lots of companies made exciting announcements, demonstrated exciting new gadgets, and created a fun, engaging atmosphere where tech enthusiasts could congregate and check out what the future has in store. And F-Secure was no exception. Our team was there, in hall 6, helping spread the word on how people can
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What are your kids doing for Safer Internet Day?

Today is Safer Internet Day – a day to talk about what kind of place the Internet is becoming for kids, and what people can do to make it a safe place for kids and teens to enjoy. We talk a lot about various online threats on this blog. After all, we’re a cyber security company, and it’s our job to secure devices and networks to keep people protected from mo
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