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Pwn2Own 2021: Zoom, Teams, Exchange, Chrome and Edge “fully owned”

byPaul DucklinThe annual Pwn2Own contest features live hacking where top cybersecurity researchers duke it out under time pressure for huge cash prizes.Their quest: to prove that the exploits they claim to have discovered really do work under real-life conditions.Indeed, Pwn2Own is a bug bounty program with a twist.The end result is still responsible disclos
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Never a dill moment: Exploiting machine learning pickle files

By Evan Sultanik .tooltip { position: relative; display: inline-block; border-bottom: 1px dotted black; /* If you want dots under the hoverable text */ } .tooltip .tooltiptext { visibility: hidden; width: 240px; background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.75); color: #fff; text-align: center; padding: 10px 0; border-radius: 6px; position: absolu
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A week in security (January 11 – January 17)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs, we looked at IoT problems, Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday, and how cybercriminals want access to your cloud services. We also explored how VPNs can protect your privacy, and asked if MSPs have picked the right PSA. Other cybersecurity news Hot phishing targets: Some brands are more appealing to scammers than others (Source: Z
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Breaking Aave Upgradeability

On December 3rd, Aave deployed version 2 of their codebase. While we were not hired to look at the code, we briefly reviewed it the following day. We quickly discovered a vulnerability that affected versions 1 and 2 of the live contracts and reported the issue. Within an hour of sending our analysis to Aave, their team mitigated the vulnerability in the depl
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Smart (and simple) ways to prevent symlink attacks in Go

After writing Go for years, many of us have learned the error-checking pattern down to our bones: “Does this function return an error? Ope, better make sure it’s nil before moving on.” And that’s great! This should be our default behavior when writing Go. However, rote error checking can sometimes prevent critical thinking about what that error actually mean
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Malsmoke operators abandon exploit kits in favor of social engineering scheme

Exploit kits continue to be used as a malware delivery platform. In 2020, we’ve observed a number of different malvertising campaigns leading to RIG, Fallout, Spelevo and Purple Fox, among others. And, in September, we put out a blog post detailing a surge in malvertising via adult websites. One of those campaigns we dubbed ‘malsmoke’ h
Publish At:2020-11-16 15:06 | Read:1252 | Comments:0 | Tags:Exploits Social engineering Threat analysis exploit kits Fal

A WebLogic Vulnerability Highlights the Path-Based Authorization Dilemma

A WebLogic server vulnerability fixed by the October CPU has come under active exploitation after a Vietnamese language blog post detailed the steps needed to bypass authentication and achieve remote code execution on unpatched systems. Although there have been a series of actively exploited WebLogic deserialization bugs, the exploit payload in this case imm
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August Patch Tuesday Fixes Critical IE, Important Windows Vulnerabilities Exploited in the Wild

The August batch of Patch Tuesday updates includes 120 updates for the Microsoft suite, with 17 fixes rated as Critical, and the remaining 103 ranked as Important. CVE-2020-1380 is a critical Internet Explorer (IE) vulnerability that can be abused for remote code execution (RCE), while CVE-2020-1464 is a Windows 10 security gap that can be used for spoofing.
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Accidentally stepping on a DeFi lego

The initial release of yVault contained logic for computing the price of yUSDC that could be manipulated by an attacker to drain most (if not all) of the pool’s assets. Fortunately, Andre, the developer, reacted incredibly quickly and disabled the faulty code, securing the approximately 400,000 USD held at the time. However, this bug still highlights the ris
Publish At:2020-08-05 08:53 | Read:1535 | Comments:0 | Tags:Blockchain Exploits

Mirai Botnet Exploit Weaponized to Attack IoT Devices via CVE-2020-5902

Update as of 10:00 A.M. PST, July 30, 2020: Our continued analysis of the malware sample showed adjustments to the details involving the URI and Shodan scan parameters. We made the necessary changes in this post. We would like to thank F5 Networks for reaching out to us to clarify these details. With additional insights from Jemimah Molina and Augusto Remill
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Patch Tuesday: Fixes for ‘Wormable’ Windows DNS Server RCE, SharePoint Flaws

There has been a common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE) fixing trend in 2020 Patch Tuesdays. For instance, Microsoft has patched roughly more than 100 vulnerabilities per month in recent bulletins. Similarly, the July update issues 123 patches, including fixes in RemoteFX vGPU, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows, OneDrive, and Jet Database Engine. The p
Publish At:2020-07-15 02:56 | Read:1291 | Comments:0 | Tags:Exploits Vulnerabilities Microsoft Office SharePoint Windows

May Patch Tuesday: More Fixes for SharePoint, TLS, Runtime, and Graphic Components Released

This month’s Patch Tuesday includes 111 fixes for Microsoft. Of the 111 vulnerabilities, 16 have been rated Critical while the rest have been ranked Important. Four of the vulnerabilities rated as Important for this release were disclosed by the Zero Day Initiative (ZDI): two for remote code execution (RCE) and two for escalation of privileges. Other updates
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Top 10 most exploited vulnerabilities list released by FBI, DHS CISA

byLisa VaasWhen work-from-home became a sudden, urgent need in March, many organizations slapped together cloud-collaboration services such as Microsoft Office 365 for their newly locked-down staff.Unfortunately and understandably, pressure was high. People were scrambling. Thus did a number of those services get put together with a wing, a prayer, and misco
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Revisiting 2000 cuts using Binary Ninja’s new decompiler

It’s been four years since my blog post “2000 cuts with Binary Ninja.” Back then, Binary Ninja was in a private beta and the blog post response surprised its developers at Vector35. Over the past few years I’ve largely preferred to use IDA and HexRays for reversing, and then use Binary Ninja for any scripting. My main reason for stick
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Keep Zoombombing cybercriminals from dropping a load on your meetings

While shelter in place has left many companies struggling to stay in business during the COVID-19 epidemic, one company in particular has seen its fortunes rise dramatically. Zoom, the US-based maker of teleconferencing software, has become the web conference tool of choice for employees working from home (WFH), friends coming together for virtual happy hour
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