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How to Hire Your Next CISO

One of the most critical hires of any IT-related job is usually the chief information security officer (CISO) or chief information officer (CIO). But the decision to hire these executives is one CEOs and boards of directors typically do not want to make. This decision is often made during a crisis of some kind. It could result from a knee-jerk reaction to a
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Top Reasons You Need to Be Thinking About the Psychology of Security

Greek statesman Pericles once said, “Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.” There are many parallels to this in terms of psychology and how its concepts relate to information security. One of the key problems with security is that many people simply don’t unde
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How The Next-Generation CISO Will Lead Security Strategy

The role of the chief information security officer (CISO) must continually evolve just as businesses do. The next-generation security leader has to grasp the various demands of the board, and communicate security risks and strategies in terms directors can understand. To protect the organization’s assets from the ever-changing threat landscape, this l
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Cyber Resilience Tools and Principles for Boards of Directors

“Cyber resilience in an organization must extend beyond the technical IT domain to the domains of people, culture and processes. A company’s protective strategies and practices should apply to everything the company does — to every process on every level, across departments, units and borders — in order to foster an appropriately security-consci
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How Should You Communicate With Your Senior Management Team?

When it is time to talk to your senior management about information security, what is the most effective way to do so? That question was recently posed on this LinkedIn forum of IT security managers. The answers were thoughtful and varied, and can serve as good examples for your own strategy. Discussing Security in Business Terms One of the first comments
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CISO Complexity: A Role More Daunting Than Ever

The role of the CISO is more complex than ever. One major factor contributing to this CISO complexity is the growing number of regulatory compliance requirements with which organizations must comply. There are also industry-specific standards muddying the water. Financial services, for example, are heavily regulated in the U.S. and the European Union (EU).
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Five Ways to Improve the CISO-Board Relationship

“Security and risk management must become part of every business decision, and nobody within the enterprise is better positioned to advocate for those issues than the CISO.” — Fast Company The relationship between the chief information security officer (CISO) and the board of directors is a topic that has received increased visibility in the pa
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NACD Publishes Five Cybersecurity Principles Every Board Director Needs to Know

“Directors don’t need to be technologists to play an effective role in cyber risk oversight — but every board can take the opportunity to improve the effectiveness of their cyber oversight practices.” — Peter Gleason, NACD President In January 2017, the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) released an updated edition of its &#
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Looking at the Bigger Picture for Your Information Security Program

Derailed projects, unexpected outages and related problems plague IT and security professionals. These distractions can impede progress in your information security program and create unnecessary risks. It’s human nature to oil the squeakiest wheel, to jump on a problem that’s calling out for immediate attention. We must all resist the urge to ch
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Is the CISO Reporting Structure Outdated?

Security has become a top concern for enterprises, so it’s no wonder that the chief information security officer (CISO) reporting structure has changed. The position has risen in the organizational structure to the inner echelon of the C-suite, giving the CISO top-level visibility within the business. That doesn’t guarantee autonomy, however. The
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Five Ways to Be a More Effective CISO in 2017

Five Tips for the CISO in 2017 The new year is here, and with it comes another fresh wave of attacks, continued strain on resources and the hubbub of everyone returning to the office after a long, much-needed break. The chief information security officer’s (CISO’s) time is as stretched as it has ever been and, most likely, so is his or her attent
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Charisma Killed the Cat: Fostering an Effective Cybersecurity Leadership Style

Competing in the global marketplace in 2017 doesn’t come easy. Today’s organizations must deal with global competition and innovation, workforce gaps, a pace of disruption that shows no signs of slowing down and the ever-increasing frequency and maturity of cyberattacks. These factors translate into a lot of stress and very little time to determi
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Move the CSO to a Different Place on the Security Org Chart

The chief information officer (CIO) may be in charge of the data, but who is responsible for enabling security? Where is the dividing line between the responsibilities of the CIO and those of the chief security officer (CSO)? Should there even be a dividing line? We posed these questions and more to Bil Harmer, a strategist working in the office of the chief
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The Importance of Building an Information Security Strategic Plan: Part 2

Check out the first installment on building an information security strategy to learn why it’s important to conduct a security gap or risk assessment when establishing such a plan. When building an information security strategic plan, it’s critical to understand the business and IT strategies. If a well-articulated business and IT strategy is ava
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A User’s Guide to Cybersecurity Leadership

Cybersecurity leadership begins at the top, with the chief information officer (CIO) and chief information security officer (CISO). That is the simple part. While leadership is never easy, it is fairly uncomplicated to grasp nonetheless. The complicated part of IT leadership is understanding the security threats that organizations face and where they come fr
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