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No Time for Techno-Babble: Four Key Traits of Quality CISO Reports

Board directors have very little patience for technical jargon. Given the tremendous pressure executives are under to avoid headline-grabbing data breaches, CISO reports should align enterprise risks with their potential impacts on business objectives in terms that nontechnical board members can easily understand. An EY report titled “The Evolving Role
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The New CISO: Management Through Thought Leadership

CISOs have a difficult path to success because their area of expertise is highly technical and one that few care to understand on a deep level. The success of today’s IT security leaders depends on their thought leadership and ability to present a continuous flow of understandable and interesting information that informs colleagues without jargon or fe
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Board Directors Need to Get Involved With Cyber Risk Governance

Board directors are under a lot of pressure. They know that it’s only a matter of time before their organization suffers a cyber incident, and all eyes will naturally be on the directors themselves to see if they were properly exercising their risk oversight. Directors also know that all interactions with the CISO will be subject to close scrutiny in t
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The Five Most Critical Tasks in the CISO Job Description

Job descriptions are important in defining the responsibilities of a role, but the real job often gets lost in the details. Organizations must ensure that their employees — especially chief information security officers (CISOs) — are completing the tasks they were hired to perform. Otherwise, they run the risk of critical processes breaking down and data bei
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Testing Top Leadership’s Muscle Memory With Data Breach Simulations

How would your organization’s leadership fare in its response to a full-on data breach? Regular and ongoing training can improve top leaders’ ability to respond to a cybersecurity breach and avoid doing additional damage to the reputation of the company as they deal with the repercussions. Organizations simply cannot afford to be lax about their
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Four Ways CISOs Can Play a Key Role in Educating Top Leadership About Cyber Risks

“There are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns — the ones we don’t know we don’t know.” — Donald Rumsfeld, former U.S. Secretary of Defense Board directors are under pressure to demonstr
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Don’t Sit Back and Wait for Security Risks to Disappear

Risk management is the essence of what we do as information security professionals. We identify key security risks and analyze those risks in the context of the business. We then communicate the confirmed or potential outcomes to management. Finally, we decide — or wait for decisions — on how to respond. Misguided Decisions Many security challenges begin at
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Is the CISO Job Market Overcrowded?

Is there an oversupply of chief information security officers (CISOs) in the cybersecurity job market? According to an Indeed report, the answer is yes — but the study’s statistics don’t tell the whole story. The economists behind the study found that employee interest in the CISO job market in the U.S. is more than double the actual demand for t
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Building an Effective CISO-CIO Partnership

For many, the most common reporting structure in today’s business environment is overly complicated. The majority of security leaders around the world report directly to the chief information officer (CIO), which can cause an enormous amount of conflict. That reporting structure, however, is slowly changing for some companies. In those organizations,
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CISO Succession Planning Takes Preparation

The chief information security officer (CISO) position is among the most difficult roles to fill because the pool of qualified applicants is small and the job market is highly competitive. That’s why career succession planning is important for the enterprise and its staff. Six Keys to Successful Succession Planning Incumbent CISOs need to devote atte
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How to Hire Your Next CISO

One of the most critical hires of any IT-related job is usually the chief information security officer (CISO) or chief information officer (CIO). But the decision to hire these executives is one CEOs and boards of directors typically do not want to make. This decision is often made during a crisis of some kind. It could result from a knee-jerk reaction to a
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Top Reasons You Need to Be Thinking About the Psychology of Security

Greek statesman Pericles once said, “Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.” There are many parallels to this in terms of psychology and how its concepts relate to information security. One of the key problems with security is that many people simply don’t unde
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How The Next-Generation CISO Will Lead Security Strategy

The role of the chief information security officer (CISO) must continually evolve just as businesses do. The next-generation security leader has to grasp the various demands of the board, and communicate security risks and strategies in terms directors can understand. To protect the organization’s assets from the ever-changing threat landscape, this l
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Cyber Resilience Tools and Principles for Boards of Directors

“Cyber resilience in an organization must extend beyond the technical IT domain to the domains of people, culture and processes. A company’s protective strategies and practices should apply to everything the company does — to every process on every level, across departments, units and borders — in order to foster an appropriately security-consci
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How Should You Communicate With Your Senior Management Team?

When it is time to talk to your senior management about information security, what is the most effective way to do so? That question was recently posed on this LinkedIn forum of IT security managers. The answers were thoughtful and varied, and can serve as good examples for your own strategy. Discussing Security in Business Terms One of the first comments
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