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The Festive Complexities of SIGINT-Capable Threat Actors

To read the full paper and learn more about this, refer to “Walking in Your Enemy’s Shadow: When Fourth-Party Collection Becomes Attribution Hell” Attribution is complicated under the best of circumstances. Sparse attributory indicators and the possibility of overt manipulation have proven enough for many researchers to shy away from the a
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Add Mobile Threat Defense to AirWatch at VMworld

We are sending a team to VMworld 2017 in Las Vegas for the first time. For years we have exhibited at AirWatch Connect and met many of our customers there for the first time and are excited to continue our partnership with VMware and AirWatch under the new integrated conference. We have been a part of VMware’s Mobile Security Alliance providing mobile
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TechNet Augusta and DoDIIS Worldwide – Moving Government Cybersecurity Forward

We will be at TechNet Augusta on August 7-11. Visit us at booth 112. We will be at DoDIIS Worldwide Conference on August 13-16 in St. Louis. Visit us at booth 739. Discover how application isolation and containment is the long-term strategy for cyber resilience. If you’re responsible for government cybersecurity, we’ve got something you’l
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Get all the Docker talks from Tech Field Day 12

As 2016 comes to a close, we are excited to have participated in a few of the Tech Field Day and inaugural Cloud Field Day events to share the Docker technology with the IT leaders and evangelists that Stephen Foskett and Tom Hollingsworth have cultivated into this fantastic group.  The final event was Tech Field Day 12 hosting in Silicon Valley. In case you
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DockerCon 2017: The Top Rated Sessions

After the general session videos from DockerCon Day 1 and Day 2 yesterday, we’re happy to share with you the video recordings of the top rated sessions by DockerCon attendees. All the slides will soon be published on our slideshare account and all the breakout session video recordings available on our DockerCon 2017 youtube playlist. Cilium: Network and Ap
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Microsoft Office Malware Captured in a Micro-VM on an Unpatched Computer

The Bromium Labs team was able to get their hands on some live malware exploiting the Microsoft office vulnerability. First and foremost, on an unpatched workstation Bromium did its job by hardware isolating the Microsoft Word document into a protected virtual machine so that the host workstation was never infected. Secondly, it shows the amazing analytics
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A C(I)SO View on RSA 2017: “China Is Hiring in the US”

Two weeks ago, while visiting the yearly security gathering at the RSA conference in San Francisco’s Moscone center complex (and adjacent hotels – it’s growing like mad), I was walking across the North and South Expo halls to check out some vendors (Several I had appointments with, some by curiosity, and a few that were really new kids on the block.) selling
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Here’s What You Missed at BSidesSF 2017

BSides is known for its collaborative and welcoming environment – something that truly sets it apart from the many other security conferences that are held these days. Today, the conference series has spread all across the world, yet its mission remains the same: to provide an open forum for infosec discussion and debate. Tony Martin-Vegue, a speaker at this
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Secure Your Smart Phones at RSA with Zimperium

Mobile is Your Greatest Cyber Vulnerability and the Zimperium team will be demonstrating the latest in enterprise Mobile Threat Defense at RSA. Get a Trial at the Expo Booth Visit our expo booth N4710, Moscone North to meet with the zLabs Global Threat Intelligence team, for an in-depth look at our industry-leading research and Mobile Threat Defense solution
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BSidesSF Preview: DNS Attacks, A History and Overview

In modern times, it is possible for an attacker to persistently and repeatedly hijack a victim’s bank account at most major US banks through the victim visiting a web page. This is done without browser exploits or any visible warning. For a criminal, these attacks are cheap and highly successful.The attack that I am talking about is DNS hijacking. DNS
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How to hunt for rare malware

At SAS 2017, on April 1st and 2nd on St. Maarten, Global Director of GReAT Costin Raiu and Principal Security Researchers Vitaly Kamluk and Sergey Mineev will provide YARA training for incident response specialists and malware researchers, who need an effective arsenal for finding malware. During the training, the experts will give participants access to som
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Update from the chaos – 33c3 in Hamburg

Every year, the Chaos Communication Congress summons hackers from around the globe, this time again in Hamburg. The four days between Christmas and New year are packed with talks, workshops and events all over the location at the CCH. Large hackerspaces hosts groups and projects from all areas such as lock-picking, art, music, software projects of all kind a
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Notes from HITCON Pacific 2016

Hacks in Taiwan Conference (HITCON) Pacific 2016 was held in Taipei city, Taiwan from the 27th of November to the 3rd of December this year. The concept of this event is about “The Fifth Domain: Cyber | Homeland Security”. This HITCON Pacific 2016 is more formal event than HITCON Community 2016 which we attended last summer.. More than 500 part
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Breaking In and Breaking Records: A Look Back at 2016

As we approach the end of 2016, we begin to look back on the previous twelve months.For those of us in the information security world, we continued the rollercoaster ride we hopped on years ago. This last year has seen records set for reported ransomware payments, vulnerabilities, and large distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.Hollywood Presbyterian
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What the Deuce? Strategies for Splitting Your Alerts and Grasping Intent

Intent. Often a word not usually used when describing cyber intrusions, but is the primary cause of business loss. Organizations and their customers, clients, beneficiaries, and others are not affected by the simple “fact of” intrusion into computer networks.Individuals are impacted by the intent that intruders have when breaching a network. In many cases, t
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