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InfoSec Conferences Canceled? We’ve Hours Of Recordings!

If you planned to attend some security conferences in the coming weeks, there are risks to have them canceled… Normally, I should be now in Germany to attend TROOPERS… Canceled! SAS2020 (“Security Analyst Summit”)… Canceled! FIRST TC Amsterdam… Canceled! And more will probably be added to the long list. And, from an organi
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PASS2020: the 5 biggest cybersecurity challenges for IT professionals

-The 2020 edition of the Panda Security Summit will reveal the keys to tackling the five cybersecurity challenges that enterprises have to deal with nowadays, with real, effective and innovative tactics, techniques and procedures. -On June 18, IFEMA Municipal Palace will be the meeting point for over 1,000 IT professionals from the leading companies and inst
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CoRIIN 2020 Wrap-Up

I’m just back from Lille (France) where is organized the “FIC” or “International Cybersecurity Forum” today and tomorrow. This event is very popular for some people but not technical at all. Basically, you find all the vendors in one big place trying to convince you that their solution, based on blockchain, machine learning and
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BotConf 2019 Wrap-Up Day #3

It’s a classic issue for BotConf attendees, the last day is always a little bit stronger due to the social event organized every Thursday night. This year, we are in the French area where good wines are produced and the event took place at the “Cité du Vin”. The night was short but I was present at the first talk! Ready as usual! The first talk was “
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BotConf 2019 Wrap-Up Day #2

The second day is over. Here is my daily wrap-up. Today was a national strike day in France and a lot of problems were expected with public transports. However, the organization provided buses to help attendees to travel between the city center and the venue. Great service as always
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BotConf 2019 Wrap-Up Day #1

Hello from Bordeaux, France where I’m attending the 7th edition (already!) of the BotConf security conference dedicated to fighting against botnets. After Nantes, Nancy, Paris, Lyon, Montpellier, Toulouse and now Bordeaux, their “tour de France” is almost completed. What will be the next location? I attended all the previous editions and many wrap-up’s are a
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DeepSec 2019 Wrap-Up Day #1

Hello from Vienna where I’m at the DeepSec conference. Initially, I was scheduled to give my OSSEC training but it was canceled due to a lack of students. Anyway, the organizers proposed to me to join (huge thanks to them!). So, here is a wrap-up of the first day! After the short opening ceremony by René Pfeiffer, the DeepSec organizer, the day star
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DeepSec 2019 Wrap-Up Day #2

Here we go for the second wrap-up! DeepSec is over, flying back tomorrow to Belgium. My first choice today was to attend: “How To Create a Botnet of GSM-devices” by Aleksandr Kolchanov. Don’t forget that GSM devices are not only “phones”. Aleksandr covered nice devices like alarm systems, electric sockets, smart-home controllers, industrial contr
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BSides Luxembourg 2019 Wrap-Up

After the MISP Summit on Monday, hack.lu, here is a quick review of the third event I’m attending in my crazy week in Luxembourg: BSides Luxembourg! It was already the 3rd edition (and the 2nd for me). The message is clear: this event focus on the “blue team” side, don’t expect offensive content like 0-days. I did not attend all the
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Hack.lu 2019 Day #3 Wrap-Up

And here is my third and last wrap-up for the 2019 edition of hack.lu! The last day is always harder for many people after the social event but I was on time to follow the first talk: “Beyond Windows Forensics with Built-in Microsoft Tooling” by Thomas Fischer. Thomas’s goal was to give some “ideas” to people who attended the
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Hack.lu 2019 Day #2 Wrap-Up

After a short night playing the CTF and a lot of morning coffee, I was ready for the second day… It started with a hot-topic: “Sensor & Logic Attack Surface of Driverless Vehicles” presented by Zoz. Even if not yet common on our roads today, self-driving cars (or cars with many driving helps) exist. The first self-driving car was dev
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Hack.lu 2019 Day #1 Wrap-Up

Hello Readers! The first day of the hack.lu conference is already over, here is my wrap-up! The event started around 10:30, plenty of time to meet friends around a first coffee! The conference was kicked off by Axelle Apvrille who is a security researcher focusing on mobile devices and apps. The title was “Smartphone apps: let’s talk abou
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MISP Summit 0x05 Wrap-Up

I’m in Luxembourg for a full week of infosec events. It started today with the MISP summit. It was already the fifth edition and, based on the number of attendees, the tool is getting more and more popularity. The event started with a recap of what happened since the last edition. It was a pretty busy year with many improvements, add-ons. More and mor
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BruCON 0x0B Network Post-Mortem Review

This BruCON edition (also called “0x0B”) is already over! This year, we welcomed more than 500 hackers from many countries to follow wonderful speakers and learn new stuff with practical workshops. Like the previous editions, I played with the network deployed for our attendees. Here is a short debriefing of what we did and found during the confe
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Wrap-Ups Storm Ahead!

I can’t remember why I started to write conference wrap-ups but it started in 2009 when I attended my first Hack.lu! I had a quick look at my blog archives and, until today, I wrote 184 wrap-ups!  The initial idea was probably to bring some material to colleagues who did not have the chance to attend the conference in Luxembourg. Quickly I got some ver
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