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BruCON 0x0B Network Post-Mortem Review

This BruCON edition (also called “0x0B”) is already over! This year, we welcomed more than 500 hackers from many countries to follow wonderful speakers and learn new stuff with practical workshops. Like the previous editions, I played with the network deployed for our attendees. Here is a short debriefing of what we did and found during the confe
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Wrap-Ups Storm Ahead!

I can’t remember why I started to write conference wrap-ups but it started in 2009 when I attended my first Hack.lu! I had a quick look at my blog archives and, until today, I wrote 184 wrap-ups!  The initial idea was probably to bring some material to colleagues who did not have the chance to attend the conference in Luxembourg. Quickly I got some ver
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BruCON Network 0x09 Wrap-Up

BruCON 0x09 is over! It’s time to have a look at the data captured during the last Thursday and Friday. As the previous years, the setup was almost the same: An Internet pipe with a bunch of access-points, everything interconnected through a pfSense firewall. The guest network (dedicated to attendees) traffic is captured and processed by a SecurityOnio
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Hack.lu 2017 Wrap-Up Day 1

Hack.lu is ongoing in Luxembourg, already the thirteen edition! I arrived yesterday to attend a pre-conference event: the MISP summit. Today the regular talks were scheduled. It seems that more attendees joined this edition. The number of talks scheduled is impressive this year: 11 talks today and 12 talks on Wednesday and Thursday… Here is my wrap-up of the
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Hack.lu 2017 Wrap-Up Day 2

As said yesterday, the second day started very (too?) early… The winner of the first slot was Aaron Zauner who talked about pseudo-random numbers generators. The complete title of the talk was “Because ‘User Random’ isn’t everything: a deep dive into CSPRGNs in Operating Systems & Programming Languages”. He started with an overview of random numbers gene
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Hack.lu 2017 Wrap-Up Day 3

Hack.lu is already over and I’m currently waiting for my connecting flight in Munich, that’s the perfect opportunity to write my wrap-up. This one is shorter because I had to leave early to catch my flight to Hacktivity and I missed some talks scheduled in the afternoon. Thank Lufthansa for rebooking my flight so early in the afternoon… Any
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Hacktivity 2017 Wrap-Up Day 1

My wrap-up crazy week continues… I’m now in Budapest to attend Hacktivity for the first time. During the opening ceremony some figures were given about this event: 14th edition(!), 900 attendees from 23 different countries and 36 speakers. Here is a nice introduction video. The venue is nice with two tracks in parallel, workshops (called “H
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Hacktivity 2017 Wrap-Up Day 2

Let’s go for more wrap-ups. The second day started smoothly with Haroon Meer’s keynote. There was only one track today, the second room being fully dedicated to hackerspaces. Harron is a renowned speaker and the title of his keynote was “Time to play ‘D’”. The intro was simple: Nothing new, no 0-day, he decided to start his keynote based on his previous talk
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FSEC 2017 Wrap-Up Day #2

Here we go with a quick wrap-up of the second day. It started smoothly around 09:00 and was dedicated to more technical talks. After some refill of coffee, I was ready to follow all talks presented in the main track. It started with LiveOverflow who presented “Play CTF“. CTF games (“Capture The Flag”) are present on the schedule of many infosec conferences 
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FSEC 2017 Wrap-Up Day #1

There are more and more infosec events worldwide and it’s always nice to attend new events and meet new people. This time, it is the case with FSEC. First visit to this security conference organized in Varazdin, Croatia. I had the honor to be invited as a speaker. This is already the seventh edition. FSEC was born thanks to the initiative of Tonimir Ki
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Lazy BlackHat Presentations Crawler

Many infosec professionals joined Las Vegas to attend the BlackHat security conference. As I’m not part of those lucky people so I’m waiting for the presentations (they are published when the talk is completed). But I don’t have time to lose sitting in front of my computer and pressing F5… So let’s crawl them automatically…
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Black Hat 2017 – Remember Our Name (and Our Booth; Our Booth is Really Cool)

We’ll be at Black Hat this year in booth #1216; come see us and make sure you sign-up for our free beta while you’re there. We’d love you to set up a meeting with our execs if you’re interested in how Bromium will work for your organization. If you Bring Your Own Malware and challenge our micro-VMs, at a minimum, you’ll get a s
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BSides Athens 2017 Wrap-Up

The second edition of BSides Athens was planned this Saturday. I already attended the first edition (my wrap-up is here) and I was happy to be accepted as a speaker for the second time!  This edition moved to a new location which was great. Good wireless, air conditioning and food. The day was based on three tracks: the first two for regular talks and the th
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SSTIC 2017 Wrap-Up Day #2

Here is my wrap-up for the second day. From my point of view, the morning sessions were quite hard with a lot of papers based on hardware research. Anaïs Gantet started with “CrashOS : recherche de vulnérabilités système dans les hyperviseurs”. The motivations behind this research are multiple: virtualization of computers is everywhere today, not only on ser
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SSTIC 2017 Wrap-Up Day #3

Here is my wrap-up for the last day. Hopefully, after the yesterday’s social event, the organisers had the good idea to start later… The first set of talks was dedicated to presentation tools. The first slot was assigned to Florian Maury, Sébastien Mainand: “Réutilisez vos scripts d’audit avec PacketWeaver”. When you are performed audit, the same tasks are a
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