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European Union simulated a cyber attack on a fictitious Finnish power company

The European Union simulated a cyber attack on a fictitious Finnish power company to test its cyber-defense capabilities. Cyber drills are essential to test the resilience of our infrastructure, the European Union simulated a cyber attack on a fictitious Finnish power company to test its cyber-defense capabilities. The simulation took place on Friday
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Data privacy law updates eyed by Singapore

In early 2019, Singapore’s data privacy regulators proposed that the country’s data privacy law could use two new updates—a data breach notification requirement and a right of data portability for the country’s residents. The proposed additions are commonplace in several data privacy laws around the world, including, most notably, the European Union Gene
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Online privacy in 2019: a legislative review

For decades, the United States treated data privacy like an aging home, patching individual leaks and drafts only when a new storm hit. The country passed a law protecting healthcare-related information, and not much else. It then passed a law protecting video rental information, and not much else. It continued this way, repeatedly passing sector-specific la
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ACCESS Act might improve data privacy through interoperability

Data privacy is back in Congressional lawmakers’ sights, as a new, legislative proposal focuses not on data collection, storage, and selling, but on the idea that Americans should be able to more easily pack up their user data and take it to a competing service—perhaps one that better respects their data privacy. The new bill would also require certain t
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CEOs offer their own view of a US data privacy law

Last week, the chief executives of more than 50 mid- and large-sized companies urged Congress to pass a national data privacy law to regulate how companies collect, use, and share Americans’ data. Buried deep within the chief executives’ recommendations for such a law, presented as a policy framework for guidance, was a convenient proposal: Private indiv
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Eurocops get new cyber powers to hunt down terrorists, criminals

Europe’s police agency Europol has been given enhanced cyber powers to track down terrorists and other criminals.The new governance rules were approved by the European Parliament’s civil liberties committee on Thursday by a massive majority. MEPs claimed that the new powers come with strong data protection safeguards and democratic oversight.Further ReadingB
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Right to be forgotten – good or bad?

Have you ever Binged or Googled for your own name, address or phone number? It’s good to do it now and then, and the result may be shocking. You don’t have to be a celebrity to be mentioned on the net. Most of us occur on the net in quite many places, often a lot more than we imagine. You can decide how much you reveal to the public in the profiles of your o
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