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Google removed almost 300 Android apps involved in DDoS attack

Google removed almost 300 Android apps from the official Play Store after expert at ESET reported they were abused for a DDoS attack. This week Google has removed at least 300 apps from the Official Play Store after learning that apps were being hijacked to power DDoS attacks. “We identified approximately 300 apps associated with the issue, blocked them from
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“Cyber-crime is international, but we get stuck with national laws that may not be compatible in this fight”

Our guest article Righard has been in the IT security world since the late 80’s, and “playing” with computers since the 70’s. 1- At the beginning, computer viruses were almost like a myth. However, over the years, computer attacks became real and they have evolved significantly, along with security solutions. To what extent are we doing things p
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Nemucod Downloader Returns, Spreads Ad-Clicking Backdoor

Researchers are warning Nemucod – one of the most active Trojans this year – has resurfaced with a new campaign. This time, the malicious downloader appears to be infecting victims with an ad-clicking backdoor.According to security researchers at ESET, the backdoor Trojan, called Kovter, allows the attacker to remotely control the machine without the user’s
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What makes a good CISO?

What makes a good CISO? Posted by David Harley on July 9, 2016.The role of the CISO is a little different to the stuff I usually post here, but my ESET colleague Stephen Cobb is currently running a research project, ‘a study of what it takes to be an effective manager of informat
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Espionage SBDH Toolkit used to target European Countries

ESET security firm has uncovered an espionage toolkit dubbed SBDH that was used in espionage campaigns targeting government organizations in Europe. Security experts from ESET security firm have spotted an espionage toolkit dubbed SBDH that was used by threat actors in hacking operations targeting government organizations in Europe. The research observed inf
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Stuxnet: more historical than hysterical, I hope

Stuxnet: more historical than hysterical, I hope Posted by David Harley on June 7, 2016.I don’t make a habit of using this blog to advertise another, but the article I’m going to talk about is just too long to rewrite for this blog. And in fact, I’m not generally a fa
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TeslaCrypt: We’re Sorry, Here’s the Decryption Key

TeslaCrypt: We’re Sorry, Here’s the Decryption Key Posted by David Harley on May 19, 2016.Are the TeslaCrypt operators genuinely apologizing? Probably not, since it seems that they’ve moved on to CryptXXX rather than retiring to a monastery to flagellate themselves wi
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Patches (and Vulnerabilities, and Exploits)

Patches (and Vulnerabilities, and Exploits) Posted by David Harley on April 7, 2016.As Clarence Carter once sang, ‘Patches, I’m depending on you…’I don’t generally use this blog as a means for promoting articles on other sites. However, I recently found m
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Buzzwords and Booth Bunnies

Buzzwords and Booth Bunnies Posted by David Harley on March 3, 2016.I try to keep my (paid) work for the security industry at arms length from what I write about here, and I certainly don’t go in for product placement. However, I’ve just seen an article by Cameron Camp, my
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BlackEnergy Attacking Ukraine’s Critical Infrastructures

The cybercriminal group behind BlackEnergy, the malware family that has been around since 2007 and has made a comeback in 2014 (see our previous blog posts on Back in BlackEnergy *: 2014 Targeted Attacks in Ukraine and Poland and BlackEnergy PowerPoint Campaigns, as well as ourVirus Bulletin talk on the subject), was also active in the year 2015. ESET has r
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BlackEnergy Malware Caused Ukrainian Power Outage, Confirms Researchers

Researchers have confirmed that a variant of the BlackEnergy malware was behind a power outage that occurred around Christmas Eve last year.Reuters reports that the Western Ukrainian power company Prykarpattyaoblenergo reported on outage on December 23rd that affected an area including the regional capital Ivano-Frankivsk. A subsequent investigation reveale
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Roaming Tiger Hackers targets Russian organizations for espionage

Security researchers from ESET uncovered the Roaming Tiger hacking campaign, bad actors in the wild are targeting Russian organizations. Roaming Tiger is the name of a cyber espionage campaign targeting high profile organizations in Russia and former Soviet Union countries, including Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan
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Security wares like Kaspersky AV can make you more vulnerable to attacks

Antivirus applications and other security software are supposed to make users more secure, but a growing body of research shows that in some cases, they can open people to hacks they otherwise wouldn't be vulnerable to.The latest example is antivirus and security software from Kaspersky Lab. Tavis Ormandy, a member of Google's Project Zero vulnerability rese
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Operation Potao – hackers used a trojanized version of TrueCrypt

ESET issued a report on a cyber espionage campaign dubbed Operation Potao that relied on the diffusion of a trojanized Russian language version of TrueCrypt. Despite TrueCrypt development was mysteriously interrupted last year, the popular open-source encryption tool still represents the ideal choice for individuals that need
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Linux-based Moose worm turns routers into social network bots

Linux/Moose is a malware family that targets Linux-based consumer routers turning them into social network bots to use for illegal activities. ESET released a study about a new malware known as Moose worm that is compromising devices that have a weak or default credentials. The principal target of the Moose worm are the linux-
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