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CVE-2016-6415 – CISCO confirms a new Zero-Day linked to Equation Group hack

Cisco revealed the existence of another zero-day vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2016-6415, in the Equation Group archive leaked by the Shadow Broker hackers. This summer a group of hackers known as Shadow Brokers hacked into the arsenal of the NSA-linked group Equation Group and leaked roughly 300 Mb of exploits, implants, and hacking tools. The existence of
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NSA EXTRABACON exploit still threatens tens of thousands of CISCO ASA boxes

Two security experts from the Rapid 7 firm revealed that tens of thousands of CISCO ASA boxes are still vulnerable to the NSA EXTRABACON exploit. A few weeks ago the Shadow Brokers hacker group hacked into the arsenal of the NSA-Linked Equation Group leaked online data dumps containing its exploits. ExtraBacon is one of the exploits included in the NSA arsen
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Cisco Updates ASA Software to fix the Equation Group’s EXTRABACON exploit

Cisco has started releasing patches for its ASA software to address the Equation Group’s EXTRABACON exploit included in the NSA data dump leaked online. Security firms and IT giants are analyzing the huge archive leaked by the Shadow Brokers crew after the hack of the NSA-linked Equation Group. We reported that some of the exploits included in the arch
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The Equation Group’s exploit ExtraBacon works on newer Cisco ASA

Security experts have improved the ExtraBacon exploit included in the NSA Equation Group arsenal to hack newer version of CISCO ASA appliance. The data dump leaked online by ShadowBrokers is a treasure for security experts and hackers that are analyzing every tool it contains. Cisco and Fortinet have confirmed their network appliance are vulnerable to the ex
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NSA BENIGNCERTAIN tool can obtain VPN Passwords from CISCO PIX

Researchers tested the BENIGNCERTAIN tool included in the NSA data dump that allows attackers to extract VPN passwords from certain Cisco devices. Following the disclosure of the NSA dump, IT vendors Cisco and Fortinet issued security patches to fix the flaws exploited by the Equation Group in their products. Now, security researchers have uncovered another
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Bitcoins move from the seized SilkRoad wallet to the ShadowBrokers

A security expert noticed strange transactions from the Bitcoin wallet of the SilkRoad (now in the hands of Feds) to the ShadowBrokers ‘ wallet. I was surfing the Internet searching for interesting data about the ShadowBrokers group that leaked exploits and hacking tools belonging to the NSA Equation Group. I have found a very intriguing analysis of th
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Cisco, Fortinet issue fixes against Equation Group exploits

Customers of Cisco and Fortinet security firms need to patch their products to fix the flaws exploited by the Equation Group exploits and hacking tools. While security experts are analyzing the hacking tools leaked in the data dump by the Shadow Brokers, security firms are working to fix the vulnerabilities exploited by the Equation Group toolsets. Both Fort
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Cisco Confirms Two Exploits Found in Shadow Brokers’ Data Dump

Cisco has confirmed the legitimacy of two exploits found in a data dump of code released by the Shadow Brokers hacker group.On 13 August, the mysterious hacking group announced an auction of files allegedly containing exploit code used by the Equation Group, a sophisticated threat actor which leverages unknown vulnerabilities in multiple vendor devices to co
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A close look at the exploits leaked after the Equation Group hack

The NSA-linked unit The Equation Group has been hacked and a data dump containing exploits and tools has been leaked online. Is it legitimate? It is the topic of the moment, the group The Shadow Brokers has hacked the NSA-linked unit the Equation Group and leaked online exploits and hacking tools. The hackers had dumped online the precious material, probably
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Snowden: NSA Equation Group hack may be the Kremlin’s warning

According to the popular whistleblower Edward Snowden the hack of the NSA Equation Group may be a Russian response to the US. The public auction of stolen NSA exploits and hacking tools may be the response of the Russian Government to the US Government that is blaming it for the DNC hack. This is also the opinion of the popular whistleblower Edward Snowden,
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The alleged NSA’s unit The Equation Group has been hacked. Exploits and tools leaked online.

A group of hackers claims to have hacked the NSA Equation Group, it is selling hacking tools and exploits in online auction. Security experts discussed several times about potential effects of the militarization of the cyberspace. Government-built malware and cyber weapons may run out of control, cyber weapons and hacking tools developed by nation-state hack
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APT Groups don’t go under the grid after a successful attack!

What happened to some of the APT groups behind clamorous cyber attacks? Why they don’t go dark anymore after being outed, a behavior completely different from the past. I’m sure everyone remembers the Sony attack occurred in 2014, when the US Government blamed the North Korean Government for the attack, materially executed by a hacking group dubb
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Microsoft Patches USB-Related Flaw Used in Targeted Attacks

It used to be that dropping a USB stick in a parking lot in the hope that someone plugs the malicious peripheral into an important computer was the realm of penetration testers and ambitious nation-state actors.That’s just not so anymore. The practice has gone mainstream, even infiltrating popular hacker dramas on television. Microsoft yesterday patc
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Duqu 2.0 could have been developed by Israel

Duqu 2.0, the malware that infected systems at Kaspersky could have been designed by Israel, no doubts abou the state-sponsored attack. A few days ago, the security industry was surprised by the discovery of a new strain of the popular Duqu worm, so called Duqu 2.0. The most disconcerting fact related to the discovery of the m
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“How do I stop this virus?” Equation Group victim pleaded for online help

A day after security Kaspersky Lab researchers detailed a state-sponsored hacking campaign with ties to Stuxnet, an online posting has been spotted in which one of the victims pleaded for help."How do I stop this virus infecting my computer?" someone with the username dkk wrote in a forum in July 2010. "You insert the USB thumbdrive, the computer gets in
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