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Evolving architecture, management solutions that don’t secure, and dead perimeters: a CISO’s job is a hard one

  “You know, when a CSO think through priorities — it’s a tough job. [They need to] to balance the kinds of things that require a lot of intense concentration, real deep problems in infrastructure … with the day-to-day things that could be just as important.” Ed Amoroso would know. Ed served for 12 years as CSO at AT&T and is now the CEO of T
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Paying attention to mobile now will give you a stronger security architecture later

“I think the time has come to skew expenditures more toward the future as opposed to what we’re seeing right now. There are still more non-mobile threats that are publicly reported than mobile threats, but that’s a temporary condition. People need to think about mobile and cloud and what’s coming and start the transition now. Otherwise they will not be in a
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The convergence of the mobile threat defense and mobile app reputation market is good news for CISOs

The graphic above appears in Gartner’s report, Market Guide for Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) Solutions*. I believe a comprehensive mobile security solution must cover all four of these quadrants and enterprises should look for single solutions that cover all aspects addressed by MTD + MARS. In my conversations with CISOs, I repeatedly hear that one of the bi
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5 non-negotiable principles to combat cyber war on mobile

Cyber war is a term the U.S. government is intimately familiar with, but woefully unprepared for when it comes to mobile. Government employee mobile devices are a relatively new attack surface, and a particularly valuable one for espionage missions and other criminal intent. Mobile devices access confidential, classified, and other protected data classes. A
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ViperRAT: The mobile APT targeting the Israeli Defense Force that should be on your radar

ViperRAT is an active, advanced persistent threat (APT) that sophisticated threat actors are actively using to target and spy on the Israeli Defense Force. The threat actors behind the ViperRAT surveillanceware collect a significant amount of sensitive information off of the device, and seem most interested in exfiltrating images and audio content. The atta
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Where to find Lookout at RSA 2017

After a year full of headlines about data breaches and cyber war, it’s clear people want to know about the targeted attacks facing them. That’s what we’re providing at this year’s RSA. We’ve planned a talk, a happy hour, and a great booth for all RSA attendees, especially those interested in learning about targeted mobile threats to corporate data. The tal
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Mobile devices are the future of work

Enterprise employees are using their mobile devices to do their jobs today, but the day when these devices usurp PCs as the preferred device for work is coming faster than you think, if the significant delta between PC and mobile devices sales is any indication. Mobile devices are the way people work now. Today, enterprises are used to handing out PCs upon
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Lookout in Vanity Fair: The real story behind Pegasus and Trident

Smartphones today have more computing power than a Cray III supercomputer. However, many security professionals put about as much thought into securing their mobile ecosystems as they did into securing Motorola RAZRv3 flip phones back in the day. Vanity Fair interviewed my team to understand the story behind the discovery of Trident, the three zero-day vuln
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Lookout is “FedRAMP” ready, making it even easier for agencies to protect against mobile risks

Today, I am proud to announce that Lookout is now “FedRAMP Ready,” an indicator to federal agencies that Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security is vetted, secure, and can be quickly implemented into any U.S. government organization. Lookout is the first mobile security solution to achieve this status. The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAM
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Presidential Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity: Prioritize mobile security now

The Presidential Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity released its report on securing and growing the digital economy  in which one message is clear: de-prioritizing mobile security is no longer an option. New priorities for a new mobile workplace “The days of employees working only at an office using an organization-issued desktop computer fully
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It starts now: 2017 mobile security predictions from Gartner

Gartner just published its “Predicts 2017: Endpoint and Mobile Security” report that includes findings and recommendations. I believe three of these to be significant for mobile security and for InfoSec and technology leaders heading into the new year. My take on these findings is below. 1. Mobile attacks and vulnerabilities are increasing The first signif
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Holistic mobile security means protection from threats, data leakage, and your own applications

Securing mobile devices and the data they access is a huge challenge. This is because of three key technology trends happening today: 1) Mobile apps have become the primary way that data is accessed and stored. Mobile apps account for over half of Internet use, according to a 2016 study from Andreessen Horowitz. Enterprises, however, rarely know what apps a
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It’s Mobile Malware Week: here’s what enterprises should know

October sees the return of European Cyber Security Month, which is the EU’s annual advocacy campaign that aims to raise awareness of cyber security threats, promote cyber security among citizens and provide up to date security information, through education and sharing of good practices. This year 24th – 28th October is known as Mobile Malware Week and
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Enterprises: Only paying attention to big-name hacks? You may be missing the point

Security professionals are more likely to pay attention to breaches if the companies being breached already have recognizable names. Seems like common sense. You see a headline that says, “Target point of sale technology hacked,” you’re much more likely to pay attention than, “Hospital in Kentucky suffers from ransomware attack.” Unless you live in Kentucky
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Congressman urges “congressional hearing” after Trident iOS vulnerability discovery

“I am pleased that Apple was able to quickly address this security breach, but it is clear that Congress must do more to address the issues of mobile security. I believe a congressional hearing is in order and plan to work with my colleagues to examine these critical security concerns.” -Congressman Ted W. Lieu (D, Los Angeles County) After news of the Tride
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