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Enterprise Mobility Management Even the Apprentice Can Control

Everyone else had already left for the day, but the Apprentice felt like his day was just beginning. He knew his internship with the IT department at Wizard, Inc. would be a challenge, but he never expected how challenging his final project — enterprise mobility management (EMM) — would be. The chief information officer (CIO) tasked him with securing all dev
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iOS 11 in the Enterprise: Get Your iPads Ready

While some are in back-to-school mode and others are getting ready for football, we’re gearing up for the latest mobile operating systems to hit the market. With the Apple iOS 11 release right around the corner, the time is now for IT and security leaders to zero in on their Apple iOS management strategy to prepare for the myriad changes set to affec
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The Enterprise Mobility Conundrum: How to Control the Data?

What’s not to like about a good bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy? For most companies, BYOD is a great deal. Employees buy and maintain the devices, and the company gets the benefit of their off-hours availability and productivity while traveling. Nearly three-quarters of organizations with enterprise mobility initiatives have adopted a plan to estab
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From Linear to Orbital: Rethinking Defense in Depth

Defense in depth is a familiar security strategy to anyone who’s been the cybersecurity industry for more than a few months. Defense in depth uses a layered approach to protect networks and systems from breaches. It relies on multiple lines of defense — or layers of security controls — to provide redundancy in the event that one defense fails or a vuln
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Top Hackers Join Zimperium’s zLabs

Joshua Drake and Jimmy Shah join Zimperium’s zLabs Advanced Research and Exploitation team SAN FRANCISCO – April 20, 2014 – Zimperium, the leader in Enterprise Mobile Security, today announced that it has added top security researcher Joshua J. Drake to its Advanced Research Labs team,  zLabs.  Drake joins Zimperium as senior director of platform research an
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Does Your BYOD Policy Allow Bad Apps

BYOD policies enable economies of scale but also introduce vulnerabilities to the enterprise. Many employees unknowingly bring malicious apps to work compromising identities and enabling conduits for spies. But what is the effect of BYOD on enterprise security? What are the best-practice policies for organizations looking to embrace this new
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Cutting Through the Weekly Mobile Security Noise: The Weakest Link

In the world of cyber security there is no denying that we are only as strong as our weakest link. The main issue however is trying to predict which link is most likely to make a mistake and leave an organization vulnerable to a potential security breach. This week we saw the conversation focused on identifying which links within the enterprise ar
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Is the White House Coming Up Short on Cybersecurity…

As millions watched the State of the Union address on Tuesday night, I know many of us in the cyber industry were interested to see if, and how, cybersecurity would be addressed. The subject has finally hit the mainstream media, movies, magazines and now the national stage! This is a striking departure after long being relegated to server rooms an
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Cutting through the Weekly Mobile Security Noise: The State Of Cyber Security

head> This week the nation watched as the president of the United States of America attempted to touch on the nation’s ever increasing cyber security threat. While it was encouraging to see an issue that has long been kept somewhat out of site from the American public finally hit the mainstream stage, most of us in the industry agree that it hardly
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Don’t take a knife to a gunfight – the mobile security dilemma

Zimperium is growing with more customers, partners and most recently, more talent! We’re pleased to announce the appointment of John Michelsen to the role of Chief Product Officer, CPO. John will be working closely to manage our development and product roadmap to continue our commitment to excellence for our enterprise mobile users around the wor
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