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Energy industry under unceasing attack in 2015

A study conducted by TripWire over the past year revealed successful cyber attacks on the energy industry increased as never before. US oil and gas companies are under attack, over 80% of them have reported a significant increase in the number of cyber attacks. According to Tripwire, over the past year successful cyber attacks
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Bits, Bytes, Bucks and Barrels: The Convergence of Cognitive Energy and Information Security

The actress Sharon Stone famously noted that the world’s greatest dancer was not, as commonly considered, Fred Astaire. Rather, it was Fred’s dancing partner Ginger Rogers, who matched every step that he did, but backwards and in high heels. A somewhat similar thought arises concerning Sir Isaac Newton, who not only wrote a book, “The Princ
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The ISIL is trying to hack American electrical power companies

US authorities confirmed that hackers belonging to the Islamic State (ISIL) are trying to hack American electrical power companies. According to the U.S. law enforcement, the ISIL is trying to hack American energy firms, the news arrives while the US Government  has charged for the first time a man of cyberterrorism. The news
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Green Energy: Do Renewable Resources Demand New Cybersecurity Best Practices?

Green energy is on the rise. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), global dependence on renewable energy sources has increased steadily over the last few years. But as existing power producers and new players make the switch to solar-, wind- and water-powered alternatives, what happens to existing network borders? Are renewable resources the ha
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The InfoSecond, Sept. 21–25: Connected Cars, Cloud Enforcer and More!

New Season, New Format Don’t adjust your video player: the format of The InfoSecond has in fact been altered, albeit slightly. While the goal of highlighting key security stories remains, we’ve added a focus on brevity in an effort to deliver you the top infosec and cybersecurity stories even faster! On the docket this week, we’ve got stori
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Cyberthreat Information Sharing in the Energy Sector

Information sharing about cyberthreats and cybersecurity is a key element of protection for every industry. Malicious attackers share information, and their intended victims also benefit from sharing what they learn about ongoing and potential threats. But sharing threat and security information is particularly critical for the energy sector for a variety of
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Embrace Green Energy Initiatives — With an Eye Toward Security

When we think of green energy initiatives, our mind often travels in many different directions depending upon context. Many think of green energy sources such as wind, hydro, solar and tidal power generation, all of which fall under the rubric of renewable and green; for others, it means adjusting the expenditures of energy in the conduct of their business i
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We are not prepared for a cyber attack on Western energy infrastructure

The NSA veteran Chief General Keith Alexander fears crippling cyber-attack on Western energy infrastructure and warned that we are not prepared for that. Security experts are warning companies in the energy industry of possible cyber attacks and Western plants are more exposed to the cyber threats. Electric grids, oil refineri
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Should the Energy Production Industry Consider Cybersecurity?

Security measures for energy production plants were formerly focused on the physical security of the plant, including considerations for the perimeter and reliable procedures. Years ago, cybersecurity was not considered so vital because energy production plants were based on SCADA systems that were closed off and ran on proprietary protocols. But are these s
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The US energy industry is constantly under cyber attacks

Data related to the number of incidents occurred to national infrastructure confirms that the US Government energy industry is constantly under attack. The US Government is aware that nation’s energy grid is constantly under attack by state-sponsored hackers and cyber criminals. Recently The Department of Homeland Securi
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Oil and energy industry in Norway is under attack

According to a government agencies around 300 oil and energy companies in Norway have been targeted by one of the biggest hacking campaign. Nearly 300 oil and energy companies in Norway have been targeted by one of the biggest cyber attacks ever to happen in the country, a government source reported last week. The identities o
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