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The UK Smart Grid: How It Started & How It’s Going

It’s no secret that if nations want to meet the Net Zero emission targets set by international organizations by 2050, there’s a lot of work to be done. In the UK, one of the key initiatives aimed at reducing emissions and increasing energy efficiency is the development of the Smart Grid.What Is the Smart Grid?In 2014, the Department of Energy and Climate Cha
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Scammers send fake 'Energy Bills Support Scheme' texts

Watch out for an energy-themed scam being sent out via SMS. The message plays on energy price fears, similar to what we’ve seen previously. Scam alert. I just received this text. Click through and it looks very official. It’s a scam. The £400 energy bill discount is automatic, you don’t need to register or share any details with anyo
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How Does Cybersecurity Impact Environmental Services and Infrastructure?

span class="entry-content post-content">Environmental sustainability has become a significant concern for businesses today. Yet, many are not seeing the connection between sustainability efforts and cybersecurity.  Despite how different they may seem, these two topics are intertwined. If environmental services and infrastructure don’t embrace better sec
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Dragonfly 2.0: the sophisticated attack group is back with destructive purposes

While the first Dragonfly campaigns appear to have been a more reconnaissance phase, the Dragonfly 2.0 campaign seems to have destructive purposes. Symantec has spotted a new wave of cyber attacks against firms in the energy sector powered by the notorious Dragonfly group. The Dragonfly group, also known as Energetic Bear, has been active since at least 2011
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Flaws in solar panels potentially threatening European power grids

The Horus scenario, is a scenario describing a large scale cyber attack targeting the vital electrical infrastructure triggering flaws found in solar panels Willem Westerhof, a Dutch security researcher at the security firm ITsec has found a serious vulnerability in a component of solar panels that could be exploited by hackers to cause widespread outages in
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Alleged Russian state-sponsored hackers behind Baltic energy networks

A wave of cyber attacks against the Baltic energy networks raised concerns that foreign states could disable them in the region. A wave of “exploratory” cyber attacks targeted energy networks of the Baltic states, the NATO alliance is following with apprehension the events. Baltic attacks raised concerns that foreign states could disable the ene
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Only 28% of Utilities To Implement Major Security Projects in Next 2 Years, Finds Survey

A new survey revealed that only one in four utility companies (28 percent) have plans to execute a major security project in the next two years.BRIDGE Energy Group released the findings of its 2017 BRIDGE Index Grid Operations survey, which polled over 20,000 utility employees across North America, uncovering alarming statistics that suggest overconfidence i
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Possible Information warfare scenarios behind the Shamoon resurrection

The dreaded Shamoon has resurrected, which are possible political and technological scenarios behind the recent wave of attacks? The dreaded Shamoon has resurrected, a new version called Shamoon 2 was spotted by the security experts at Palo Alto Networks. Saudi Arabia Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT)’s Abdulrahman al-Friah confirmed to Al Arabiya that
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Saudi Arabia is warning organizations of a wave of Shamoon 2 attacks

Saudi Arabia is warning organizations in the country of a resurrection of the dreaded Shamoon malware. A new strain of the Shamoon 2 malware was spotted by the security experts at Palo Alto Networks, this variant targets virtualization products. Shamoon, also known as Disttrack, was first spotted in a wave of attacks that targeted companies in Saudi Arabia i
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SFG malware was not designed to target SCADA systems in the energy industry

Security experts from Damballa that analyzed the SFG malware confirmed that it was not designed to target SCADA systems in the energy industry Recently, experts from the SentinelOne security firm spotted a sophisticated malware dubbedSFG, a spawn of Furtim malicious code, targeting at least one European energy company. Media speculated the existence of a pow
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Experts found a government malware on the Dark Web

Experts have made a disconcerting discovery on the Dark Web, they have found a sophisticated government malware that could be used to target Energy Grids. We have discussed several times about the militarization of the cyberspace and the risks that a government malware goes out of control, what about is a powerful hacking tool is leaked online? Well, Lorenzo
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Nation-backed malware that infected energy firm is 1 of 2016’s sneakiest

A campaign that targeted a European energy company wielded malware that's so sneaky and advanced it almost certainly is the work of a wealthy nation, researchers said Tuesday.Further ReadingFirst known hacker-caused power outage signals troubling escalationHighly destructive malware creates "destructive events" at 3 Ukrainian substations.The malware contains
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Industries Confront Cyber Warfare

Many industries are rallying to improve their cyber security postures. When I observe these rally cries, I hear the lyrics to a Twisted Sister song: “We’re not gonna to take it … anymore!” As the headlines increase with data breaches, the fighting instinct grows more to address the out of control issue of data breaches.Industries are coming together to shar
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Energy Security Pros May Overestimate Their Ability To Detect a Breach, Suggests Survey

A survey recently published by Tripwire reveals that 86% of energy security professionals believe they can detect a breach in less than a week, leading some to wonder whether this confidence is misplaced.Conducted by Dimensional Research, the survey examined the views of over 400 energy executives and IT professionals in the energy, oil, gas and utility indu
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Researcher found Wind turbines and solar systems vulnerable worldwide

A German security researcher reported hundreds of wind turbines and solar systems wide open to easy exploits worldwide due to the lack of security by design The German researcher Maxim Rupp has discovered numerous security issues in clean energy systems, including solar lighting and wind turbines. The possible consequence of a
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