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Is it Time to Buy Cyber Insurance?

It may be time to buy cyber insurance for your business. There are a lot of choices and ways to go about doing this, and all firms start out at the same place — offering reimbursement in case you suffer a data or financial loss. But they end up in different places: Some vendors have insurance policy add-ons to your traditional business liability insurance, w
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Securing Human Endpoints Through Cyber Situational Awareness

“People are nothing more than another operating system,” Lance Spitzner, training director for the Securing the Human program at the SANS Institute, once remarked. “Computers store, process and transfer information, and people store, process and transfer information. They’re another endpoint. But instead of buffer overflows, people su
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Healthcare, IoT, and security marketing

Healthcare, IoT, and security marketing Posted by David Harley on June 24, 2016.I’ve grown blasé about the way that some sectors of the security industry badmouth mainstream antimalware in a bid to capture some of that market. And, believe it or not, I don’t have a problem
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Microsoft Finally Hides IP Addresses by Default in Skype

Microsoft has released an updated version of its popular Skype Voice-over-IP (VoIP) application that now hides users’ IP addresses by default. The ability to hide IP addresses was added to Skype recently, and the company has decided to enable it by default in the latest version of the communications app. This privacy enhancement will be available for both de
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ForeScout Raises $76 Million at $1 Billion Valuation

Device security firm ForeScout Technologies said on Thursday that it has secured $76 million in additional funding that values the company at a cool $1 billion. The late stage funding round, led by Wellington Management Company, comes as the company broke $125 million in revenue in fiscal year 2015, and tripled its valuation over the past 18 months. The com
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Malwarebytes Raises $50 Million from Fidelity

Malwarebytes, a maker of malware prevention and remediation software, today announced that it has raised $50 million in a Series B funding round from Fidelity Management and Research Company. Founded in 2008 by Marcin Kleczynski, a Chicago teenager who was determined to clean malware off his mother’s computer that he used for gaming, the company was bootstra
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Growth in Endpoint Threats Calls for A Proactive Mindset

Organizations are Failing to Take Basic Precautions That Could Keep Attackers Out...If you were a robber which house would you break into: the one with the chain link fence and security cameras, or the one without? This should be a no-brainer. But the message doesn’t seem to translate to the digital world. Historically CIOs/CISOs have had to trade off securi
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Apple's Gatekeeper Bypassed Again

A researcher has once again managed to bypass OS X’s Gatekeeper security feature, and the patch rolled out by Apple addresses the problem only temporarily.Gatekeeper is designed to protect OS X users against malware downloaded from the Internet by automatically blocking applications that come from an unknown developer or ones that have been tampered with.Pat
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Avecto Takes $49 Million Investment to Grow Endpoint Security Business

Avecto, a UK-based endpoint security software company, announced on Wednesday that it has taken a $49 million investment from growth equity firm JMI Equity.The company's flagship “Defendpoint” security suite protects computers from malware and cyberattacks at the endpoint, by controlling and removing administrator rights (Privilege Management), dynamically a
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Give Your Customers Peace of Mind This Holiday Season With PCI Compliance

December brings a lot of holiday cheer not just for everyday consumers, but also for retailers thanks to the surge in sales during this period. But it’s not just the retailers that experience a huge boost in profits: Cybercriminals are also looking to maximize their ROI on cyberattacks, and they enjoy preying on the massive number of financial transact
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Changing the Economics of Cybersecurity

It’s almost a cliche to talk about how often breaches occur—in 2015 alone, we’ve seen high-profile breaches from everyone from Anthem, the popular work collaboration tool Slack, and even the federal government thanks to the recent US Office of Personnel Management attack. While many organizations are implementing security solutions to avoid becoming the next
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Effective Endpoint Security and Management: Coupling Content With Context

When it comes to effective endpoint security, it’s imperative to couple content with context. Content, in this case, is information gathered by your systems that tells you that your endpoints have been compromised. And it’s important to have content — visibility into potential threats is the first step to being able to thwart them. But it’s
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What’s the Difference Between Mobile, Wearables and a Luggage Tag When It Comes to Security?

Imagine the scenario of traveling in an airplane, bus, train or just visiting your local coffee shop. Would you have your name, address, phone number and other personal information on show for passersby, strangers and unsavory opportunists to see? The answer is probably no. So why would you allow valuable information to leak out via mobile devices or wearabl
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National Security Requires Real-Time Endpoint Compliance

Government agencies are faced with an ever-increasing multitude of cybersecurity threats and rising compliance regulations. This was recently demonstrated when it was revealed that the personal information of millions of current, former and prospective government employees had been stolen via data breach. If there’s a silver lining here, it’s tha
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Ransomware Goes Back to the Future

As a senior incident response analyst for IBM Emergency Response Services, I’ve got a front-row seat to observe the latest trends in cybercrime and cybercriminal behavior. Any organization that experiences a breach or other security incident can call our hotline for help. Ransomware Isn’t Going Away Over the past six months we’ve seen a hug
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