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Google Ups Malware Protection for 'Advanced Protection' Users

Google this week announced improved malware protection capabilities for all users who are enrolled in its Advanced Protection Program.Aimed at providing high-risk users such as politicians and their staff, business executives, journalists, and activists with an additional layer of protection for their accounts, the Advanced Protection Program was launched in
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NSA Publishes Guidance on UEFI Secure Boot Customization

The United States National Security Agency (NSA) this week published guidance on how the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) Secure Boot feature can be customized to fit an organization’s needs.A replacement for the legacy Basic Input Output System (BIOS), UEFI is used across multiple architectures and provides broader customization options, higher
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Malware Detection Company AffirmLogic Raises $25 Million

AffirmLogic, a company that uses behavior analysis to detect malware, this week announced that it has closed a $25 million equity financing round, which follows a $5.2 million funding round announced earlier this year.The Mclean, Virginia-based AffirmLogic automates application analysis, applying mathematical foundations to identify what it calls “the deep m
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Microsoft Announces Public Preview of Application Guard for Office

Microsoft informed administrators on Monday that Application Guard for Office, a feature designed to protect users against malicious documents, is now available in public preview.Application Guard for Office (its full name is Microsoft Defender Application Guard for Office) has been available in private preview. The feature, which is currently disabled by de
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New Microsoft Defender ATP Capability Blocks Malicious Behaviors

Microsoft this week announced a new feature in Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) that is designed to block and contain malicious behavior.Called “endpoint detection and response (EDR) in block mode,” the capability is meant to provide post-breach blocking of malware and other malicious behaviors, by taking advantage of Microsoft Defender AT
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Actively Exploited Windows Spoofing Flaw Patched Two Years After Disclosure

The actively exploited Windows spoofing vulnerability patched last week by Microsoft has been known for more than two years, researchers pointed out.Microsoft’s August 2020 Patch Tuesday updates addressed 120 vulnerabilities, including an Internet Explorer zero-day that has been chained with a Windows flaw in attacks linked to the threat actor named DarkHote
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Google to Run Experiment in Fight Against URL Spoofing in Chrome

Google announced on Wednesday that it’s preparing to run an experiment in Chrome 86 as part of its fight against URL spoofing.Malicious actors often manipulate URLs as part of their phishing attacks, social engineering, and scams. Research conducted recently by Google and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign showed that 60 percent of users were tri
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Black Hat Wrap-Up: IoT and Hardware Vulnerabilities Take the Spotlight

The first entirely virtual edition of the Black Hat cybersecurity conference took place last week and researchers from tens of organizations presented the results of their work from the past year.Some of the most interesting presentations focused on vulnerabilities affecting industrial, IoT, hardware and web products, but a few of the talks covered endpoint
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Researchers Revive 'Foreshadow' Attack by Extending It Beyond L1 Cache

Researchers revealed late on Thursday that the mitigations and patches rolled out in 2018 for the Foreshadow vulnerabilities affecting Intel processors can fail to prevent attacks.Foreshadow, also known as L1 Terminal Fault (L1TF), is the name assigned to three speculative execution flaws reported to Intel shortly after the disclosure in January 2018 of the
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Endpoint Security Using AI & MITRE For Your Remote Workforce

As employees increasingly work remotely, it is more important than ever to maintain visibility and threat detection in a remote working world. We have seen a significant increase in state-sponsored attacks and malicious phishing campaigns, and this trend is expected to continue. This period of remote work is a good time for enterprise to make sure endpoint
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Researcher Details Sophisticated macOS Attack via Office Document Macros

A researcher found a way to deliver malware to macOS systems using a Microsoft Office document containing macro code. The victim simply has to open the document and no alerts are displayed.Macros enable Office users to automate frequent tasks using VBA code. A macro added to an Office document can be triggered when the file is opened, a feature that cybercri
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Google Analysis of Zero-Days Exploited in 2019 Finds 'Detection Bias'

Google Project Zero last week released a report on the vulnerabilities exploited in attacks in 2019, and its researchers have drawn some interesting conclusions regarding the detection of zero-days.Google Project Zero has been tracking vulnerabilities exploited in the wild since 2014 and last year it made available a spreadsheet showing the flaws it has trac
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BootHole Patches Causing Many Systems to Become Unbootable

It appears that the patches released for Linux distributions in response to the GRUB2 bootloader vulnerability are causing problems for many users, making their systems unbootable.The flaw, tracked as BootHole and CVE-2020-10713, impacts PCs, servers and other devices running Linux and Windows if they use Secure Boot. An attacker with admin privileges on the
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Free Microsoft Service Looks at OS Memory Snapshots to Find Malware

Microsoft on Monday unveiled Project Freta, a free service that allows users to find rootkits and other sophisticated malware in operating system memory snapshots.Freta is the name of the street in Warsaw, Poland, where renowned scientist Marie Curie was born. The project’s name is related to Marie Curie inventing a mobile x-ray device that could be taken to
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Driver Vulnerabilities Facilitate Attacks on ATMs, PoS Systems

Driver vulnerabilities can facilitate attacks on ATMs, point-of-sale (PoS) systems and other devices, firmware security company Eclypsium warned on Monday.Eclypsium last year analyzed device drivers from major vendors and found that over 40 drivers made by 20 companies contained serious vulnerabilities that could be exploited to deploy persistent malware.The
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