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Threat Hunting or Efficiency: Pick Your EDR Path?

“Do You Want It Done Fast, Or Do You Want It Done Right?” “Yes.” “Help out more with our business objectives.” “Cover an increasing number of endpoints.” “Cut budgets.” “Make it all work without adding staff.” Cybersecurity teams face a lot of conflicting objectives—both within their teams and from upper management. But a May 2019 commissioned study conducte
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Fortinet Acquires Endpoint Security Firm enSilo

Fortinet on Monday announced that it has completed the acquisition of San Francisco-based endpoint security company enSilo in an effort to enhance and strengthen its solutions.Through the acquisition, Fortinet adds enSilo’s detection and response technology to its Security Fabric framework, which enables organizations to manage different segments of network
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Microsoft Invests in Securing Device Firmware

Microsoft is working with PC manufacturing and silicon partners to design devices with a more secure firmware layer.The initiative aims to combat threats that are specifically targeting the firmware and operating system levels with the help of Secured-core PCs, devices that apply security best practices to firmware.These devices, the technology giant explain
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Symantec Endpoint Protection Update Causes Many Devices to Crash

An intrusion prevention signature update pushed out this week by Symantec for its Endpoint Protection product has caused many devices to crash and display a so-called blue screen of death (BSOD).After users started complaining on Symantec’s support forums and other websites, the cybersecurity firm released another update to address the issue. The version tha
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Microsoft Makes Tamper Protection in Defender ATP Generally Available

Microsoft is now providing all of its Defender ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) customers with tamper protection, which is meant to prevent unauthorized changes to security features.The feature was launched as a hardening solution to prevent attacks where malicious applications or threat actors attempt to disable Windows Defender Antivirus, modify real-time
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Defining Cloud Security – Is It the Endpoint, Your Data, or the Environment?

You’ve heard it once; you’ve heard it a hundred times – “secure the cloud.” But what does that phrase mean? On the surface, it’s easy to assume this phrase means using cloud-enabled security products. However, it’s much more than that. Cloud security is about securing the cloud itself through a combination of procedures, policies, and technologies that work
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iTunes Zero-Day Vulnerability Exploited by BitPaymer Ransomware

The BitPaymer ransomware operators were observed abusing a zero-day vulnerability in Apple’s iTunes for Windows to run code and evade detection, Morphisec’s security researchers have discovered.The security flaw resides in the Bonjour updater that comes packaged with iTunes for Windows and allows attackers to abuse an unquoted path to not only evade detectio
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VMware Completes $2.1 Billion Acquisition of Carbon Black

Virtualization and cloud infrastructure giant VMWare (NYSE: VMW) announced on Tuesday that it has completed its acquisition of endpoint security firm Carbon Black (NASDAQ: CBLK) in an all-cash transaction for $26 per share, representing an enterprise value of $2.1 billion.When the acqusition was first announced in August 2019, VMWare said that
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MITRE ATT&CK™ APT3 Assessment

Making a case for the importance for real-time reporting is a simple exercise when considering almost every major campaign.  Take the case of Shamoon, where analysis into the Disttrack wiper revealed a date in the future when destruction would happen.  Similarly, cases where actors use different techniques in their attacks reveal that once mapped out, a stor
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Why MSPs Should Expect No-Conflict Endpoint Security

Reading Time: ~ 3 min. “Antivirus programs use techniques to stop viruses that are very “virus-like” in and of themselves, and in most cases if you try to run two antivirus programs, or full security suites, each believes the other is malicious and they then engage in a battle to the death (of system usability, anyway).” “
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HP Acquires Endpoint Security Company Bromium

HP on Thursday announced the acquisition of California-based endpoint security solutions provider Bromium. Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed.Bromium has been providing the technology that powers HP’s Sure Click tool, which is designed to protect PCs against malware. As a result of the acquisition, the cybersecurity firm’s technology will be
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Microsoft Rushes to Fix Bug That Broke Windows Defender Scans

Microsoft has rushed to fix a bug that prevented users from running a quick scan or a full system scan with Windows Defender.Many users reported this week that after they installed the latest update for Windows Defender the security application would only scan a small number of files — reports say between 4 and 64 files.Impacted individuals said the scans wo
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Analyst Fatigue: The Best Never Rest

They may not be saying so, but your senior analysts are exhausted. Each day, more and more devices connect to their enterprise networks, creating an ever-growing avenue for OS exploits and phishing attacks. Meanwhile, the number of threats—some of which are powerful enough to hobble entire cities—is rising even faster. While most companies have a capable cad
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7 Questions to Ask Your Child’s School About Cybersecurity Protocols

Just a few weeks into the new school year and, already, reports of malicious cyberattacks in schools have hit the headlines. While you’ve made digital security strides in your home, what concerns if any should you have about your child’s data being compromised at school? There’s a long and short answer to that question. The short answer is don’t
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Easier Management with Integrated Endpoint Security

Integration matters. We at McAfee have been advocating the administrative benefits of integrated, centrally managed endpoint security for decades, but you don’t just have to take our word for it. A recent independently written article in BizTech Magazine concurs. BizTech explores technology and business issues that IT leaders and business managers face when
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