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Ransom Gangs Emailing Victim Customers for Leverage

Some of the top ransomware gangs are deploying a new pressure tactic to push more victim organizations into paying an extortion demand: Emailing the victim’s customers and partners directly, warning that their data will be leaked to the dark web unless they can convince the victim firm to pay up. This letter is from the Clop ransomware gang, putting pr
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Anti-malware firm Emsisoft accidentally exposes internal DB

Antivirus firm Emsisoft discloses a data breach, a third-party had access to a publicly exposed database containing technical logs. The anti-malware solutions provider Emsisoft disclosed last week a data breach. The company revealed that a third-party had accessed a publicly exposed database containing technical logs. The root cause of the incident was
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Ransomware Group Turns to Facebook Ads

It’s bad enough that many ransomware gangs now have blogs where they publish data stolen from companies that refuse to make an extortion payment. Now, one crime group has started using hacked Facebook accounts to run ads publicly pressuring their ransomware victims into paying up. On the evening of Monday, Nov. 9, an ad campaign apparently taken out b
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Why Paying to Delete Stolen Data is Bonkers

Companies hit by ransomware often face a dual threat: Even if they avoid paying the ransom and can restore things from scratch, about half the time the attackers also threaten to release sensitive stolen data unless the victim pays for a promise to have the data deleted. Leaving aside the notion that victims might have any real expectation the attackers will
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Florence, Ala. Hit By Ransomware 12 Days After Being Alerted by KrebsOnSecurity

In late May, KrebsOnSecurity alerted numerous officials in Florence, Ala. that their information technology systems had been infiltrated by hackers who specialize in deploying ransomware. Nevertheless, on Friday, June 5, the intruders sprang their attack, deploying ransomware and demanding nearly $300,000 worth of bitcoin. City officials now say they plan to
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Ransomware Hit ATM Giant Diebold Nixdorf

Diebold Nixdorf, a major provider of automatic teller machines (ATMs) and payment technology to banks and retailers, recently suffered a ransomware attack that disrupted some operations. The company says the hackers never touched its ATMs or customer networks, and that the intrusion only affected its corporate network. Canton, Ohio-based Diebold [NYSE: DBD]
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Ransomware Author Insults Creator of Decryption Tool in Malware’s Embedded Strings

The author of the Radamant ransomware kit has insulted the researcher responsible for creating a decryption tool in some of the malware’s new embedded strings.Shortly before Christmas Eve, Fabian Wosar of EmsiSoft published the decrypting tool on his company’s website after discovering a weakness in Radamant’s encryption algorithm, reports
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