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Top UN Official Warns Malicious Emails on Rise in Pandemic

The U.N. disarmament chief warned Friday that cyber crime is on the rise, with a 600% increase in malicious emails during the COVID-19 pandemic.Izumi Nakamitsu told an informal meeting of the U.N. Security Council that the coronavirus crisis is moving the world toward increased technological innovation and online collaboration. But she said “there have also
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Over 6,400 Edison Mail Users Hit by Security Bug in iOS App

An update rolled out recently by Edison Mail for its iOS application resulted in some users being given access to other people’s email accounts. The company acted quickly to resolve the issue, but thousands may have been impacted.Edison Mail provides apps that allow users to manage their Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, iCloud and other inboxes from one place. The com
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Sophisticated Phishing Kit Used by Multiple Groups to Target Executives

A sophisticated phishing kit has been used by multiple cybercrime groups to target high-ranking employees in North America and other parts of the world, and researchers believe there are at least 150 victims.The campaign has been analyzed by cybersecurity company Group-IB, which tracks the operation as PerSwaysion due to its abuse of the Microsoft Sway prese
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Tax Phishing Campaign Reminds of DMARC Limitations

April is a time for tax-related phishing scams, and we haven't been let down this year despite the dominance of COVID-19-themed phishing campaigns. DMARC should stop phishing, right? Not unless the targeted domain itself is spoofed.Security firm Abnormal Security discovered a phishing email giving a single day for the recipient to respond and claim an outsta
Publish At:2020-04-21 17:14 | Read:773 | Comments:0 | Tags:NEWS & INDUSTRY Email Security Phishing

Google Sees Millions of COVID-19-Related Malicious Emails Daily

Over the past week, Google has observed more than 18 million malware and phishing emails related to COVID-19 being sent out every day.Additionally, the Internet giant is seeing over 240 million COVID-19-related daily spam messages. On a daily basis, Gmail blocks 100 million phishing emails.Last week, Microsoft said it saw around 60,000 daily phishing emails
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Free Security Tools, Resources Offered During Coronavirus Outbreak

Many companies are offering free cybersecurity tools and resources to help organizations during the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.Tens of companies have announced over the past weeks that they are offering free tools and services to organizations impacted by the pandemic. However, some experts have cautioned about these offers.“A word of caution to businesse
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Microsoft to Add Compromised Password Notification to Edge

Microsoft on Monday announced several new features for its Edge web browser, including one that will alert users if the credentials they have saved to autofill have been compromised as a result of a third-party data breach.Online services often get hacked and these intrusions can result in millions of username and password combinations getting stolen. While
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Corporate Workers Warned of 'COVID-19 Payment' Emails Delivering Banking Trojan

IBM and FireEye have spotted a campaign that relies on fake “COVID-19 Payment” emails to deliver the Zeus Sphinx banking trojan to people in the United States, Canada and Australia.FireEye, which tracks the malware as SILENTNIGHT, reported seeing the malicious emails in the inboxes of “individuals at corporations across a broad set of industries and geograph
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GE Says Some Employees Hit by Data Breach at Canon

General Electric (GE) revealed last week that the personal information of some employees may have been compromised as a result of a data breach suffered by Canon Business Process Services.In a data breach notification sent to affected individuals and submitted to the California Attorney General, GE said an unauthorized party gained access to a Canon email ac
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Russian Cyberspies Hacked High-Profile Email Accounts for Phishing

The Russia-linked cyber-espionage group known as Pawn Storm has been leveraging hijacked email accounts to send phishing emails to potential victims, Trend Micro’s security researchers reveal.Active since at least 2004, the group is also referred to as APT28, Sednit, Fancy Bear, and Strontium, and is believed to be sponsored by Russia’s GRU intelligence agen
Publish At:2020-03-20 13:22 | Read:434 | Comments:0 | Tags:NEWS & INDUSTRY Virus & Threats Email Security Cyber

ProtonMail, ProtonVPN Will Use Alternative Routing to Bypass Censorship

Privacy-focused services provider Proton Technologies is deploying a new system to ensure that its email and VPN applications continue to be accessible even in scenarios where governments or ISPs attempt to block them.Focused on helping users keep their personal information safe, the company’s encrypted services — ProtonMail, ProtonVPN, ProtonCalendar (in be
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Nearly 1 Million Domains Use DMARC, but Only 13% Prevent Email Spoofing

Nearly one million domains use DMARC, but only 13% of them are configured to actually prevent email spoofing, according to a report published this week by anti-phishing solutions provider Valimail.DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) is an email authentication, policy, and reporting protocol designed to detect and prevent em
Publish At:2020-03-05 15:55 | Read:358 | Comments:0 | Tags:NEWS & INDUSTRY Email Security

ProtonMail Fights Email Spoofing With New DKIM Key Management Feature

ProtonMail on Thursday introduced a new feature designed to make it more difficult for hackers and spammers to impersonate users who have custom domain email addresses.The new feature, DKIM key management, is currently in beta and users have been encouraged to share feedback to help ProtonMail developers improve it.Email addresses are often spoofed for phish
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OpenSMTPD Vulnerability Leads to Command Injection

An update released this week for the OpenSMTPD mail server addresses an out-of-bounds read vulnerability that could lead to arbitrary command execution.OpenSMTPD is the open source implementation of the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) in OpenBSD, and its portable version can run on multiple Linux distributions, and Apple’s Mac OS X platform.Tracked as C
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BEC Group Abuses Google G Suite in Scheme Targeting Thousands of Firms

A group of business email compromise (BEC) scammers that targeted thousands in the United States employed Google’s G Suite for their infrastructure, Agari reports.More than 3,000 employees at nearly 2,100 companies were targeted by the same scammers over the course of five months alone, between April and August 2019, the security firm says. The targets were
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