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Walking the Tightrope of Security and Usability

Here at the RSA Conference 2016, the theme this year is Connect to Protect. It is a fitting theme for a gathering of security professionals, given the widespread adoption of cloud and mobile technologies that make doing business and sharing information easier than ever. The need for securing data regardless of where it resides and is consumed thus becomes pa
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US Spy Chief's Personal Accounts Hacked

US spy chief James Clapper's personal online accounts have been hacked, his office confirmed Tuesday, a few months after CIA director John Brennan suffered a similar attack. Clapper's Office of the Director of National Intelligence confirmed the hack but refused to provide details. "We are aware of the matter and we reported it to the appropriate authoriti
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Man Charged for Hacking Celebrity Emails

A man from the Bahamas has been charged after allegedly hacking into the email accounts of celebrities in an effort to steal private files, including scripts for movies and TV shows, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York announced on Tuesday.The suspect, 23-year-old Alonzo Knowles, aka “Jeff Moxey,” is said to have used malware and
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Pentagon Chief Admits 'Mistake' in Using Personal Email

US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter acknowledged Thursday making a "mistake" when he used his personal email for government business in the early part of his tenure, triggering concerns hackers could access sensitive information. The revelation comes in the wake of the uproar over Hillary Clinton's use of a personal email account while serving as secretary of
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Gmail to Warn When Messages Take Unencrypted Routes

Google plans to ramp up security at its free email service by letting users know when messages arrive via unencrypted connections that could be prone to snooping or tampering. "These warnings will begin to roll out in the coming months," Elie Bursztein and Nicolas Lidzborski of the Gmail security team said in a blog post this week. "While these threats do n
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Malware Served via Anti-Adblocking Service PageFair

Hackers breached the systems of anti-adblocking solutions provider PageFair and used the access to deliver malware via the publishers that rely on the company’s services.PageFair helps web publishers measure and recover revenue lost due to ad blockers, which have become increasingly problematic for the advertising industry. The company says it serves more th
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Intel Announces EoL for McAfee Email Security Products

Intel announced last week the end of life (EoL) for McAfee email security products, and advised customers to start transitioning to a different solution.The list of McAfee SaaS Email Protection and Archiving products retired by Intel includes Email Archiving, Email Encryption, and Email Protection and Continuity.These products will no longer be sold after Ja
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Google Moving Gmail to Strict DMARC Implementation

By next summer, most of the major Web-based email providers will have implemented a policy of strictly adopting the DMARC protocol.Google, in a statement published Tuesday by DMARC.org, said it will move gmail.com to a policy of rejecting any messages that don’t pass the authentication checks spelled out in the DMARC specification. DMARC, short for D
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Is Yahoo's New Account Key the Future of Authentication?

Rumors of the password’s demise have been greatly exaggerated over the years. As security professionals, we know how fragile they are in the hands of talented hackers, and how much users revile them, yet their ubiquity has proven stubborn to dislodge.Last week, Yahoo introduced “Account Key”, which uses push notifications to their Yahoo Mail app on mobile de
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Yahoo Mail Upgrade Sheds Passwords

Yahoo on Thursday set out to make its free email service hip again with upgrades that included getting rid of the need for passwords on mobile devices. Yahoo's new email application allows users to sign-in without passwords, which have long been lambasted as paltry defense mechanisms by security specialists. The Yahoo Mail sign-in process called Account Key
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More Drama About Hillary Clinton’s E-mail Leak – VNC & RDP Open

So this Hillary Clinton’s e-mail leak case has been a pretty interesting phenomena to observe and has been going on since last month, we didn’t really cover it as well it mostly concerns US politics – not a huge area of interest for most.But it’s getting more and more interesting, there was a report that 32,000 of Hillary Clinton̵
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The Risks of Outdated Email Encryption and the Advantages of ZixGateway with Cisco Technology

Email is how your company keeps business moving. It’s so easy to click the Send button that your employees may not realize the risk. In the past you may have found it easier to turn a blind eye, especially for an issue that does not appear to be a business priority. But a never-ending cycle of email controversies and breach news are raising awareness for the
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Google Joins Funding Round for Secure Messaging Service Symphony

Symphony, a financial industry messaging startup, announced Monday that it has raised $100 million in a new round of funding from backers that included Google. An encrypted messaging platform launched by the year-old company has become a fast-growing rival to a service offered by Bloomberg. Google was joined in the new funding round by Swiss bank UBS, French
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Attackers Use Webmail Server for Access to Firm's Systems

Malicious actors breached an organization’s systems and maintained persistent control over its network for months via an Internet-facing webmail server.The attack was analyzed in detail by Cybereason, a company that provides real-time cyber attack detection and response solutions. The security firm launched an investigation after one of its customers’ securi
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Could getting phished cost you your career?

Cyber criminals have long known that one the best ways to hack into something is to simply ask you for the password. This technique called “phishing” has long relied on the fact that most of are used to entering our credentials so if a site looks trustworthy enough, we’ll just type our credentials. From there, the bad guys can use these key
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