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Five Key IT Security Best Practices to Safeguard Your Expanding Business

A key theme of the recent Cybersecurity Nexus event in Washington, D.C. was the growing need for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to adopt enterprise-like IT security best practices. In fact, SMBs might actually have an edge over the unrelenting competition they endure from larger enterprises because they are more proactive and nimbler in mitigating
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Protecting Against Spam and Phishing Attacks With a Layered Approach to Email Security

Layered schemes are used in most information security strategies, and it is essential to establish a similar approach to protecting the organization from unwanted email. In fact, spam and phishing are some of the biggest problems IT security managers face today. According to LinkedIn’s “2017 Cybersecurity Trends Report,” phishing attacks ar
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Outsider or Insider: Who Will Cause Today’s Data Breach?

In today’s cybercrime landscape, threats come not only from all sides, but also from within. In its annual Threat Intelligence Index, IBM X-Force called 2016 the “year of the mega breach.” As threat actors become more sophisticated, enterprises must deal with outsiders who target corporate networks to steal product, client and customer data
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Breaking News: “It’s a Very Large-Scale Espionage Operation”

A complex cybercrime spy ring has been revealed today. A China-based cyber gang is behind the effort. Countries targeted include Japan, UK, France and the United States. If you’re responsible for your company’s cyber security, chances are, someone in your office has probably already forwarded this story to you. The Telegraph is sharing a story
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Man Used BEC Scam to Defraud Two U.S. Companies of $100M

A man used a business email compromise (BEC) scam to defraud two internet companies based in the United States out of 100 million dollars.On 21 March, the FBI along with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York announced criminal charges against Evaldas Rimasauskas, 48, of Vilnius, Lithuania. Lithuanian authorities arrested Rimasauska
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Student Expelled from University for Hacking Professors’ Emails

A university has expelled a student for hacking the email accounts of several professors in an attempt to improve their grades.Technion Institute of Technology, a public research institute based in Haifa, Israel, revealed the disciplinary actions it took against the student to Ynetnews:“We are taking this case very seriously, as it is very unusual. The stude
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Gordon Ramsay’s Father-in-Law Charged with Hacking Chef’s Emails

Police have charged Gordon Ramsay’s father-in-law and three of his family members with hacking the celebrity chef’s emails.On 21 February, the Metropolitan Police announced charges against Chris Hutcherson, 68, along with Adam Hutcheson, Orlanda Butland, and Chris Hutcheson, 37. The four individuals are accused of having violated the Criminal Law
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Hacker Sentenced to Nine Months in Jail for ‘Celebgate’ Scandal

A hacker has received nine months in prison for compromising hundreds of people’s accounts as part of the ‘Celebgate’ scandal.From 23 November 2013 through August 2014, Edward Majerczyk, 29, of Orland Park, Illinois orchestrated a phishing scheme that targeted 30 celebrities and 270 others. He sent each victim an email that directed them to
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Sage 2.0 Ransomware Using Malspam and Macros to Infect Windows Users

A malspam campaign is leveraging malicious Word document macros and .js files to infect Windows users with Sage 2.0 ransomware.On 20 January, SANS Internet Storm Center handler Brad Duncan looked into a malspam campaign that’s known to drop Cerber ransomware onto victims’ machines. This campaign sends out emails without any subject lines. The onl
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Email Campaign Uses Fake Silverlight Update to Install Keylogger

A targeted email campaign used a fake Microsoft Silverlight update to trick users into installing a keylogger onto their computers.Overall, the attack campaign consisted of only a few malicious emails sent to employees at a major financial services provider. Each email bore a Microsoft Office document as an attachment–an attack vector seen in other cam
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Email Slip-Up Exposes 60,000 Bank Customers’ Account Details

A large Australian bank exposed 60,000 of its customers’ account details after it inadvertently sent an email to the wrong recipient.National Australia Bank (NAB), which was one of the targets of sophisticated Android malware in March 2016, disclosed the data leak in December.It appears a former NAB employee sent confirmation emails to 60,000 new custo
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FBI sticks to earlier view not to charge Clinton over email server

FBI Director James Comey said new emails that had been found had not changed the agency's July decision not to recommend charges against Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton over her use of a private email server.In a letter Sunday to lawmakers, Comey wrote that based on the FBI's review of the emails, the agency had not changed the conclusi
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Yahoo asks US for clarity on email scanning controversy

Yahoo is asking that the U.S. government set the record straight on requests for user data, following reports saying the internet company has secretly scanned customer emails for terrorism-related information.  On Wednesday, Yahoo sent a letter to the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, saying the company has been "unable to respond" to news
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Yahoo calls report of secret email scanning 'misleading'

Yahoo has called a Reuters article about a secret email scanning program "misleading," and said no such system exists. On Tuesday, the Reuters article claimed that Yahoo had created the custom software program after receiving a classified U.S. government order.  That software program is reportedly capable of scanning all incoming emails from Yahoo custom
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Yahoo may have allowed US government to search user emails

Yahoo has reportedly searched through all of its users' incoming emails with a secret software program that's designed to ferret out information for U.S. government agencies.The software program, which was created last year, has scanned hundreds of millions of Yahoo Mail accounts at the behest of the National Security Agency or FBI, according to a Tuesda
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