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Holiday 2016 financial cyberthreats overview

Introduction Last November we conducted a brief analysis of the threat landscape over the holiday period – from October to December in 2014 and 2015 – to find out if the number of financial cyberattacks during this time differs to that usually seen throughout the year. The retrospective analysis found that the percentage of phishing attacks durin
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Loop of Confidence

With the arrival of Apple Pay and Samsung Pay in Russia, many are wondering just how secure these payment systems are, and how popular they are likely to become. A number of experts have commented on this, basing their opinions on the common stereotypes of Android being insecure and the attacks which currently take place on wireless payments. In our opinion
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Understanding the operations of a scam

Currently, in Sweden, we're facing a big issue with scammers trying to buy items for sale on various auction websites, but when you initiate contact with the potential buyer things get nasty and you might lose money. This is nothing new, and most of the auction websites have written about this to inform their users, but they do not explain in detail how
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Attacks against Boletos

Introduction José is a very suspicious person. He never uses internet banking services or buys anything using a credit card. Indeed, he doesn't even have one. He doesn't trust any of these modern technologies in the slightest. He's well aware of all the risks that exist online, so José prefers to keep his life offline.  However, not even t
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Thefts in Remote Banking Systems: Incident Investigations

More and more companies are asking Kaspersky Lab to carry out detailed investigations of malware-related IT security incidents affecting their business. In this article, we will describe a typical cybercriminal attack aiming at stealing corporate financial assets from a remote banking system. Description of the Incident An organization recently asked K
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