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Lessons from Teaching Cybersecurity: Week 12

As I had mentioned previously, this year, I’m going back to school. Not to take classes, but to teach a course at my alma mater, Fanshawe College. I did this about a decade ago and thought it was interesting, so I was excited to give it another go. Additionally, after a friend mentioned that their kid wanted to learn Python, I developed an Intro to Python ai
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Could Universities’ Use of Surveillance Software Be Putting Students at Risk?

Life for university students has changed massively during the coronavirus pandemic, as it has for all of us. While some in-person lectures and seminars are still taking place, there has been a big shift to remote learning. This has, perhaps understandably, led to concerns about how well students are engaging with this way of studying.Many universities have s
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Phishing tricks that really work – and how to avoid them

Co-authored byJuan Badell and Russell PetrichAs two people for whom creating phishing emails constitutes legitimate employment (we are on the product team behind the Sophos Phish Threat phishing simulation service) we know we’re in the minority.Like our not-so-lawful counterparts, we spend our days using social engineering techniques to trick people into ope
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Podcast Episode 13 – The Future of Infosec: Teaching a College Cybersecurity Course with Tyler Reguly

Aside from managing Tripwire’s security research team, Tyler Reguly also teaches a college course on cybersecurity. On this episode, Tyler shares his experience teaching the next generation of cybersecurity practitioners who are about to graduate and enter the workforce.Spotify:https://open.spotify.com/episode/7G9cXfVFeFxCfoEdhZlHOk?si=IZUhcqB1Q8WqG1h9
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50 percent of schools did not prepare for secure distance learning, Labs report reveals

Education in the United States faced a crisis this year. The looming threat of the coronavirus—which spreads easily in highly-populated, enclosed rooms—forced schools across the country to develop new strategies for education. The dramatic stress of this transition is known. Teachers are working more hours than ever and parents are pulled between their jo
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Improving Data Security in Schools Part 1: Hybrid Learning

This is the first piece in a series about education security challenges in 2020-2021. Education has been an underrated and understated hotbed for cybersecurity threats. School officials and security teams are tasked with not only protecting the personally identifiable information (PII) of students, faculty, staff, consultants and contractors, but also their
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Baltimore gets hit by ransomware again, the schools this time

All Baltimore County Public Schools closed Wednesday after the school system was hit with a ransomware attack, according to officials. Baltimore County Public Schools superintended Dr. Darryl Williams stated: “This morning, we decided to close all BCPS schools and offices in order to access and limit the impact of the attack.” For those unfamiliar w
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Successful Ransomware Attacks on Education Sector Grew 388% in Q3 2020

The number of successful ransomware attacks on the education sector increased 388% in the third quarter of 2020.According to Emsisoft, the education sector reported 31 ransomware incidents in Q3 2020. That’s a 388% increase over the 8 incidents that occurred in the previous quarter.Nine of the 31 ransomware attacks disclosed in the third quarter of the
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Helping Inspire the Next Generation of Cybersecurity Professionals

If you had asked 10 year old Tyler what he wanted to be when he grew up, the answer would have been a very enthusiastic, “Teacher!”Over time, however, that desire lessened as my fascination with technology grew. I ultimately ended up attending Fanshawe College to study Computer Systems Technology. I never fully abandoned that desire to teach, though. For a p
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Remote Learning Risks Facing Students

As summer turns into fall, more and more schools are starting the 2020-2021 academic year. Faced with uncertainty in an ever-evolving climate, school districts and higher learning institutions are struggling to do what is best for students and teachers alike.  There are no easy answers. We’ve seen months of careful planning and preparation turn on a dime at
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DDoS Attacks Increase in Size, Frequency and Duration

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are increasing in size, frequency and duration. Kaspersky Lab reported a doubling of DDoS attacks in the first quarter of 2020 compared with the fourth quarter of 2019, plus an 80% jump compared with the same quarter last year. Kaspersky also found that DDoS cyberattacks are increasing in duration. Average attack
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A New Lesson for Remote Education: Chromebooks Need More Security

As school districts wrestle with how best to serve its students, one thing is crystal clear: Chromebooks will be in the mix.  Latest global forecasts show Chromebooks shipments in 2Q20 reached up to 11.6 million units. That marks the first time ever for Chromebooks to occupy 25 percent of the total quarterly notebook shipment.  Education usage – in pa
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CISSP vs. Master’s Degree – Please Take a Neutral Corner!

The UK’s designated national agency responsible for providing information and expert guidance on qualifications (UK NARIC) recently announced that the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) credential offered by (ISC)2 is rated RQF Level 7, thereby placing it equal to a particular level of a Master’s Degree. This declaration is not witho
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Cybersecurity in Education (K-12) with the CIS Controls

Why is cybersecurity important to Education?Acknowledging recent reports of ransomware targeting educational institutions, it is no wonder that there have also been articles that attempt to lure in readers with “free” tools. What is disappointing is that these “free” tools are little more than marketing pieces that direct you to click on readily available do
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How Human Security Investments Created a Global Culture of Accountability at ADP

Practice doesn’t necessarily make perfect, but it can lead to improvement. Quality practice is key in matters of human security, and the right quantity of practice can also make a significant difference when it comes to shifting mindsets and behavior. “Scientists believe that expert-level performance is primarily the result of expert-level practi
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