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Coffee app in hot water for constant tracking of user location

A mobile app violated Canada’s privacy laws via some pretty significant overreach with its tracking of device owners. The violation will apparently not bring the app owners, Tim Hortons, any form of punishment. However, the fallout from this incident may hopefully serve as a warning to others with an app soon to launch. That’s one theory, anyway.
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What Data Privacy Day 2021 Means for Individuals

Data Privacy Day (DPD) is January 28. Sounds exciting, right? I’m sure you’ve got the pinata stuffed and the presents on the way.What is DPD about?It’s all about me!We generally don’t like to use this phrase. It’s considered selfish and arrogant, leading others to dislike us. But in the case of data privacy, it’s acceptable. Per
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Data Accountability and Transparency Act of 2020 looks beyond consent

In the United States, data privacy is hard work—particularly for the American people. But one US Senator believes it shouldn’t have to be. In June, Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio released a discussion draft of a new data privacy bill to improve Americans’ data privacy rights and their relationship with the countless companies that collect, store
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FrameFox: Nominated for the Most Aggressive EULA

Author’s Note: We at Malwarebytes continue to do our part in educating our product users and constant blog readers about day-to-day online threats and how they can avoid falling prey to them. “PUP Friday”, our latest attempt at getting users acquainted with files they may need to watch out for in the Wild Web, offers an in-depth look at som
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Security, Reverse Engineering and EULAs

Like more than a few others, I experienced the infosec outrage against Mary Ann Davidson, Oracle’s Chief Security Officer, before I actually read the now-redacted blog post. After taking the time to read what she actually wrote (still available through Google’s web cache), I think there’s more discussion to be had than I’ve seen so far.First, it
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Sad figures about how many read the license terms

Do you remember our stunt in London where we offered free WiFi against getting your firstborn child? No, we have not collected any kids yet. But it sure was a nice demonstration of how careless we have become with user terms of software and service. It has been said that “Yes, I have read then license agreement” is the world’s biggest lie. Spot on! This was
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Facebook’s new terms, is the sky falling?

You have seen them if you are on Facebook, and perhaps even posted one yourself. I’m talking about the statements that aim to defuse Facebook’s new terms of service, which are claimed to take away copyright to stuff you post. To summarize it shortly, the virally spreading disclaimer is meaningless from legal point of view and contains several fundamental err
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