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What Is the EU Cybersecurity Act and What Does It Mean for US-Based Businesses?

During the previous weeks, we provided a thorough overview of the EU NIS Directive, focusing on the Operators of Essential Systems (OES), the Digital Service Providers (DSP) and the compliance frameworks. Our review of the EU cybersecurity policy and strategy would be incomplete without mentioning the EU Cybersecurity Act. On 27 June, the European Cybersecur
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Data privacy law updates eyed by Singapore

In early 2019, Singapore’s data privacy regulators proposed that the country’s data privacy law could use two new updates—a data breach notification requirement and a right of data portability for the country’s residents. The proposed additions are commonplace in several data privacy laws around the world, including, most notably, the European Union Gene
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CEOs offer their own view of a US data privacy law

Last week, the chief executives of more than 50 mid- and large-sized companies urged Congress to pass a national data privacy law to regulate how companies collect, use, and share Americans’ data. Buried deep within the chief executives’ recommendations for such a law, presented as a policy framework for guidance, was a convenient proposal: Private indiv
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EU digital chief Andrus Ansip announced its plans to improve cyber security in EU

EU digital chief Andrus Ansip announced new measures to improve EU cyber security, including new offices to certify cybersecurity of technology products. The EU digital chief Andrus Ansip announced his plan to set up a new office to certify the level of cyber security implemented in technology products. The European Commission vice-president is thinking of a
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The EU’s Plan for Making Sure Robots Don’t Bring Harm to Humans

 Will robots steal jobs? For many, the answer is yes, they will indeed. A recent study from the World Economic Forum has put a number on the dispute that has been on the table for a while now: between now and 2020, 7.1 million jobs will disappear in advanced countries, and 2.1 million will be created. In other words, 5 million jobs will be lost for good. Ano
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How the new EU cybersecurity regulations affect businesses

The 28 countries that form the European Union will have a common cybersecurity goal beginning July 6th. The European parliament has approved a new directive in which these countries will have to change their legislation in the next 21 months. The sectors that are listed (energy, transport, banking) will have to guarantee that they are capable of preventing
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The EU passed the NIS directive, its first ever cyber security rules

The EU has passed the new NIS directive that establishes minimum requirements for cyber-security on critical infrastructure operators. The European Parliament has passed the new network and information security (NIS) directive that establishes minimum requirements for cyber-security on critical infrastructure operators. The NIS directive has a significant im
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Cyber security outlook: UK needs to re-vamp existing policy due to Brexit vote

The United Kingdom has approved the Brexit, the decision of its citizen of leaving the Europe. Which are the first effects on cyber security? The reality behind the breakaway of the UK in the Brexit referendum vote after nearly 43 years as part of the European Union has caused many to fear the falling value of the pound and the increasing cost of security. 
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Well, that was disappointing. Britain is leaving the EU

Well, that was disappointing. Britain is leaving the EU Posted by Kevin on June 24, 2016.Well, that was disappointing. Britain is leaving the EU.In my opinion it’s all down to immigration – and I think if Cameron had got better immigration concessions out of Brussels, Britain wou
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The new Data Protection Regulation has been adopted

The new Data Protection Regulation has been adopted Posted by Tara Taubman-Bassirian on May 9, 2016.I have aggregated all you need to know about the new EU Regulation using the curation tool Pearltrees. The resource will be kept updated.EU Regulation 2016/679 (the General Data Protecti
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New EU data protection rules highlight privacy paradox

New EU data protection rules highlight privacy paradox Posted by Monica Horten on April 15, 2016.The European Parliament has adopted a data protection package  that is being described as ‘historic’ and monumental’.  The new EU measures  update data protection rules fo
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Two Years to General Data Protection Regulation Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) governs the use and privacy of EU citizens’ data and the Data Protection Directive governs the use of EU citizens’ data by law enforcement. EU Data Protection Reform was put forward in January 2012 by the European Commission to make Europe fit for the digital age. At the last days of 2015, an agreement was found
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Risk Mitigation, Breach Notification Drives Increased Interest in Cyber Insurance in Europe

Rising boardroom interest in cyber insurance cover has been sparked by a number of well publicized data breaches and the prospect of bigger data breach penalties under new EU data protection laws.In April, Lloyds of London said that it has seen a 50 percent increase in demand for cyber insurance products during the first three months of 2015 compared to the
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60 Days at Sea – No Safe Harbor in Sight

It has been nearly two months since the Schrem’s decision resulted in the end of Safe-Harbor 1.0 and as of yet, no clear resolution is in sight. Unfortunately, this has left a large legal vacuum for those companies who rely upon private data exchange between the EU and US. With more than $1 trillion in trade annually, it’s somewhat stunning that the E
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EU regulation to Impose rules on firms to improve cybersecurity

EU member states and lawmakers have prepared a first draft of the EU regulation in cyber security that will force companies to improve security and report security breaches and cyber incidents. EU member states plan to impose rules in the company to prevent cyber attacks, on Monday they agreed the first draft of the regulation
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