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Hardware Hacking Week @ ERNW

Internal workshops are one of the reoccurring events at ERNW, that help us to gain knowledge in areas outside our usual expertise. One of the recent workshops which happened during the week from August 22nd-25th was Hardware Hacking. Held by Brian Butterly (@BadgeWizard) and Dominic Spill (@dominicgs), this workshop took place in two parts. Brian kickstarted
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Your Mouse Got Sick and You Don’t Know it. aka “Reverse Shell via Mouse”

Ever got a backdoor installed on your computer by your beloved mouse? Here’s the story of a poor mouse that got really, really sick. Agent “Danger Mouse” Do you remember the times where people put Teensy-boards and USB hubs in their mouses? [Chris? ;)] Their aim was to attach an additional Human Interface Device (HID, like keyboards or mous
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Gotta Catch ‘Em All! – WORLDWIDE! (or how to spoof GPS to cheat at Pokémon GO)

The moment, when your team leader asks you to cheat at Pokémon GO…everyone knows it, right? No? Well, I do
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CVE-2016-1409 – IPv6 NDP DoS Vulnerability in Cisco Software

Dear readers, As you may have already noticed, Cisco released an urgent security advisory describing an IPv6 Neighbor Discovery DoS Vulnerability in several flavors of Cisco’s operating systems. Currently IOS-XR, XE and NX-OS are affected while ASA and “classic” IOS are under investigation. At first glance, it might look like yet another IPv6 DoS vulnerabili
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The Beauty of IPv6 Link-Local Addressing. Not

In November 2014, after quite some controversy in the IETF OPSEC working group (for those interested look at the archives), the Informational RFC 7404 “Using Only Link-Local Addressing inside an IPv6 Network” was published. It is authored by Michael Behringer and Eric Vyncke and discusses the advantages & disadvantages of an approach using &#
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Introduction of a new hardware guy

Hi folks! We couldn’t be more proud to welcome such a predestined #1 hardware hacking victim, than VICTor is! Before Brian and I gave a lecture on hardware hacking last week at DHBW Mosbach, we felt, that we needed a custom victim which is fully documented and provides a good “hackability” to the students. Surely we could also have used som
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FireEye Filed Injunction Against Security Firm to Protect Intellectual Property

FireEye filed an injunction against German IT security research firm ERNW GmBH last month in order to protect its intellectual property.According to CIO, ERNW first contacted FireEye, a former intern of which recently pleaded guilty to selling Dendroid malware on Darkode, back in April of this year after its researchers discovered five vulnerabilities in the
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