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Context Counts: Introducing TARDIS

Noise is a problem. As information security practitioners, we’ve been dealing with the problem of the signal-to-noise ratio for a long time. The solution hasn’t really changed, but the landscape certainly has. Ultimately, what drives noise down and elevates signal is, context.For his presentation at Black Hat USA, Travis Smith, a fellow Tripwiria
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Integrating VirusTotal within ELK

[This blogpost has also been published as a guest diary on isc.sans.org] Visualisation is a key when you need to keep control of what’s happening on networks which carry daily tons of malicious files. virustotal.com is a key player in fighting malwares on a daily basis. Not only, you can submit and search for samples on their website but they also prov
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Black Hat ’15 Preview: My Bro the ELK

Cyber-attacks are continually increasing in scope and complexity; advanced persistent threats are becoming more difficult to detect; and over the past decade, there has been a growing “detection deficit,” according to the 2015 Verizon Data Breach Report. While 60 percent of attackers are able to gain access within minutes, the detection of attacks is usually
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TweetSniff.py – a Python Tweets Grabber

For me, Twitter is not only a social network, it’s also a tool that I use daily to track and exchange news about information security with a large worldwide community of infosec profesionals. For a while, Twitter is my main source of information. When you are relying on a service like Twitter to collect information, you must have the right tools to han
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Automatic MIME Parts Scanning with VirusTotal

Here is a Python script that I developed for my personal use: mime2vt.py. I decided to release it because I think it could be helpful for many of you. In 2012, I started a project called CuckooMX. The goal was to automatically scan attachments in emails with Cuckoo to find for potential malicious files. Unfortunately, the project never reached a milestone to
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