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Zimperium is Honored to Protect U.S. Department of Defense Mobile Devices

As you may have seen in the news, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), through its Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and Defense Innovation Unit (DIU), selected Zimperium to deliver comprehensive Mobile Endpoint Protection (MEP) to service members around the world. Our mobile threat defense (MTD) solutions will protect DoD mobile endpoints against
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A zero-day guide for 2020: Recent attacks and advanced preventive techniques

Zero-day vulnerabilities enable threat actors to take advantage of security blindspots. Typically, a zero-day attack involves the identification of zero-day vulnerabilities, creating relevant exploits, identifying vulnerable systems, and planning the attack. The next steps are infiltration and launch.  This article examines three recent zero-day atta
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The best test for an EDR solution is one that works for you

Since its inception, the endpoint detection and response (EDR) market has evolved rapidly with new innovations to better address the cyber landscape and meet customers’ needs for an effective and simple solution that just works. But finding something that just works means something quite different for every business, depending on their size, security expe
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Panda Security: EPP and EDR solutions certified by OPSWAT as Gold Anti-malware

 Panda Security has obtained the OPSWAT Gold certification in the anti-malware category thanks to its advanced EPP (Panda Endpoint Protection and Panda Endpoint Protection plus) and EDR (Panda Adaptive Defense 360) cybersecurity solutions. OPSWAT, as an independent body that leads the Access Control Certification Program, endorses the compatibility of these
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Response Required: Why Identifying Threats With Your EDR Isn’t Enough

The perpetrator was a master of disguise, outfitting himself as an employee to bypass the extensive preventive security controls and flee with the contents of the vault. Fortunately, the building was equipped with strong detection security measures, and the burglar—unaware of the location of a laser tripwire—soon set off a silent alarm. A handful of the best
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Endpoint Security 301: When Products, Policies, and People Break Down the Lines of Communication

Security architecture is like the ocean: no one owns it, and it is constantly affected by change. New technologies are introduced, staff changes occur, and as a result, communication suffers. I often see environments where ownership is placed into silos across teams in the enterprise, meaning IT administrators preventing threats may not get the insights unco
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Panda Security and Infinigate France sign a distribution agreement.

This partnership is perfectly in line with Panda Security’s strategy of developing its network of partners in order to accelerate its growth on the B2B market in France. Panda Security France officially announces a new distribution agreement with Infinigate France, one of the main European VADs operating in the cybersecurity sector. This decision fol
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How Endpoint Detection and Response gave rise to Threat Hunting

In the past, a signature-based cybersecurity solution could be relied on to protect your organization against malware – with updates being posted to you on a floppy disk each month. Signature based solutions are very efficient and accurate at spotting known malware. Signature detection was sufficient until polymorphic techniques (compression and encryption)
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EDR Solutions Trending in Corporate Cybersecurity

“You can’t protect everything equally…we have to find a way to control only what matters.” With these words, Earl Perkins, research vice president at Gartner, struck upon the main security challenge currently facing businesses and governments. The problem is, if you were to attempt to keep all entry points covered, you’d be spreading your security resources
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Microsoft Office Malware Captured in a Micro-VM on an Unpatched Computer

The Bromium Labs team was able to get their hands on some live malware exploiting the Microsoft office vulnerability. First and foremost, on an unpatched workstation Bromium did its job by hardware isolating the Microsoft Word document into a protected virtual machine so that the host workstation was never infected. Secondly, it shows the amazing analytics
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90% of Healthcare IT Pros Think They Could Detect a Breach within Hours

IT professionals are instrumental to strengthening an organization’s digital security. They must fulfill a variety of duties to work towards that end. One of their most important responsibilities is helping their company detect and respond to data breaches.But there’s a problem. Most information security personnel are overconfident in their organ
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Advanced Malware Detection and Response Begins at the Endpoint

It’s no secret the security community is witnessing a boom in sophisticated techniques and attack campaigns. Some of the most advanced threats circulating in the wild today leverage polymorphic malware that changes its form based upon the environment in which it activates. As a result, signature-based detection solutions have a difficult time detecting
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Log Management: Understanding What Happened in a Security Event

Security configuration management (SCM) is central to an endpoint detection and response (EDR) strategy. It allows organizations to keep track of changes to their network devices, including those implemented by an unauthorized actor.As I discuss in another blog post, one of the most important features of an SCM program is the creation of a “secure gold
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SCM: Balancing Security, Availability and Performance

An organization’s computer network is never fixed. It is constantly changing. To illustrate, as a company continues to grow, it might adopt a different mission that requires the installation of new endpoints onto its network. Additionally, with the detection of new exposures, security teams will need to update all critical devices running the vulnerabl
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Why Continuous Scans Are Important to Vulnerability Management

To protect against evolving digital threats, more and more organizations are employing endpoint detection and response (EDR) systems on their computer networks.EDR consists of six crucial security controls. The first two, endpoint discovery and software discovery, facilitate the process of inventorying each device that is connected to the network and documen
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