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Why E-Commerce Security Matters Now More Than Ever

In February 2020, the world’s biggest retailer, Amazon, fended off the largest distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack in history. As peak traffic volume hit 2.3 Tbps, e-commerce security experts declared this attack as “a warning we should not ignore.”  DDoS attacks are nothing new. Every day, security teams deal with these malic
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The Shift to E-Commerce: How Retail Cybersecurity is Changing

With more people making purchases from home, now is a more important time than ever to secure your business against retail security threats. More and more customers are moving to online orders with gradual growth accelerated by five years in 2020 alone. Take a look at retail cybersecurity risks and how to protect against them. How to Protect Customer Data O
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E-Commerce Skimming is the New POS Malware

As the holiday shopping season shifts into high gear, the COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating an ongoing trend: shoppers are opting to buy online. Rather than flooding brick-and-mortar stores — and point-of-sale (POS) machines — with sales, studies suggest a high percentage of shoppers in 2020 will be using online options and e-commerce
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The Evolution of Digital Certificates

In the early days of the internet, one of the first functional problems users faced was how to verify that entities on the other end of a connection were who they said they were. At first, the nebulous nature of online transactions inhibited e-commerce, since buyers feared that their payment information might be hijacked. This lack of trust precipitated the
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