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The Evolution of Digital Certificates

In the early days of the internet, one of the first functional problems users faced was how to verify that entities on the other end of a connection were who they said they were. At first, the nebulous nature of online transactions inhibited e-commerce, since buyers feared that their payment information might be hijacked. This lack of trust precipitated the
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How to Protect Your E-commerce Business from Cyber Attacks

Just as traditional brick-and-mortar businesses are targeted by anarchists during protests or times of unrest, e-commerce businesses are targeted by cyber criminals, except they don’t wait for particular season or reason.Whether small, medium or large, every business is, sadly, at the mercy of hackers who will exploit every opportunity they get to breach sen
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Crooks hijack Magento Realex Payments extension to steal payment card data

Cybercriminals hijack Magento Realex Payments extension to steal payment card data. Experts at Sucuri are observing massive attacks. Cybercriminals continue to target Magento platform to steal credit card data. Crooks have been abusing a payment module to steal payment card data from online shops running on Magento e-commerce platform. According to experts a
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Did Your Developer Leave a Website Backdoor?

The Dutch police recently arrested a developer for crimes he committed by writing a website backdoor into e-commerce sites he created and using credentials retained after the engagement concluded. This backdoor provided the malicious insider with sufficient access to perpetrate a number of crimes by leveraging 20,000 users’ credentials. The Crime The d
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Experts discovered a number of flaws in the Avactis PHP Shopping Cart

A group of experts at VoidSec used a Grey Box approach to assess the security posture of some important aspects of Avactis PHP Shopping Cart. Avactis is an open source ecommerce Shopping Cart platform most used in US and UK. Security experts from VoidSec analyzed the e-commerce software discovered an impressive number of vulnerabilities. The group of experts
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Flaw in Magento exposes millions of websites at risk of takeover

A stored cross-site scripting vulnerability in Magento exposes millions of e-commerce websites at risk of takeover, update your platform as soon as possible Once again a vulnerability in the popular Magento e-commerce platform opens at risk of hijacking attacks millions of online merchants. According to the experts at Sucuri,
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Holiday Online Shopping a Challenge for Enterprise Security

Online Shopping Rules the Holidays ‘Tis the season for online holiday shopping. Unfortunately, cybercriminals know that this is also the best season for retail-related crimes. Holiday shopping can be frenetic, and online shopping is no exception. Consumers are making more purchases, are busier and are more distracted, which can lead to making security
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Another Magento Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

The security expert Ebrahim Hegazy has published an interesting post detailing his discovery of a new Magento Remote Code Execution Vulnerability. The popular hacker Ebrahim Hegazy (Aka Zigoo) has discovered a Remote Code Execution Vulnerability that affects the widely adopted application Magento. The experts was analyzing the
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Thousands of Magento websites compromised to serve malware

Security experts have discovered that thousands of websites running the eBay’s Magento e-commerce platform have been compromised and used to deliver malware. Security experts at Sucuri have discovered a malware campaign that targeted a large number of websites the eBay Magento e-commerce platform. The same campaign was also mo
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Magento payment card stealers are being used in the wild

The security researchers at Sucuri firm discovered a malicious code that could be used to steal payment card data from Magento platform. Security experts at Sucuri have uncovered a new method used by criminals to syphon payment card data from websites based on the Magento e-commerce Platform. Researchers explained that attacke
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Online Shopping Security: Best Practices for Businesses

Online shopping security is a concern for everyone who makes purchases on the Internet, but it is also an important issue for business leaders — and not just those in the retail sector. Firms also go shopping online, and their employees frequently make business purchases on the company credit card. Enterprise partners involved in online retail can connect a
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Cryptocurrency software bundled with BitTorrent triggers complaints

Some people who use uTorrent, the popular BitTorrent client, are up in arms over the presence of cryptocurrency mining software on their computers which they say was installed without their permission.The mining software, made by the company Epic Scale, started appearing for some people earlier this week after they updated to the latest version of uTorrent,
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Lawmakers target data brokers in privacy bill

Four U.S. senators have resurrected legislation that would allow consumers to see and correct personal information held by data brokers and tell those businesses to stop sharing or selling it for marketing purposes.The Data Broker Accountability and Transparency Act, introduced by four Democratic senators Thursday, also would require the U.S. Federal Trade C
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No Holiday Bonanza for Cybercriminals During 2014 Holiday Shopping Season

Every year, retailers dedicate a tremendous amount of energy preparing to take advantage of the holiday shopping season that kicks off with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. They often institute an annual “holiday freeze” period to avoid affecting sales and technology performance with new technology or buggy patches. The reason is obvious: These are
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Should You Use Near-Field Communications?

Have you ever wondered what kind of superpower you’d have? I’ve always wanted to send messages and ideas with my mind to others. My dream can sort of come true with near-field communications (NFC). You’ve might not have heard of NFC, but if you have a smartphone, there’s a good chance you’ve used it. If you have ever used Apple Pay or bumped your Galaxy smar
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