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Dyre Trojan Caught In The Cookie Jar

The criminals who unleashed a variant of the Dyre banking Trojan recently may have more up their sleeve than harvesting Salesforce.com credentials.Analysis of a sample conducted by SaaS security company Adallom determined that the new strain of Dyre is targeting large enterprises in addition to major financial institutions, and includes functionality that ca
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Credential-Stealing Malware Targets Salesforce Users

The cloud-based CRM provider Salesforce has notified account administrators they may have been affected by the malicious Dyre malware, potentially compromising their account usernames and passwords.Salesforce reported the investigation is still currently underway, but has yet to find evidence that any of its customers have in fact been impacted.“This is not
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Salesforce Warns Customers of Dyreza Banker Trojan Attacks

Salesforce.com is warning its customers that the Dyreza banker Trojan is now believed to be targeting some of the company’s users. The Trojan, which has the ability to bypass SSL, typically goes after customers of major banks, but seems to be expanding its reach.Dyreza is relatively new among the banker Trojan crowd and it hasn’t had the reach or
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