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Neverquest Gang Takes Leave — Is It the End of the Quest?

I’ll bet no one is missing the Neverquest Trojan, and maybe that’s why many have not even realized one of the top cybergang-operated malware codes has taken a substantial plunge this year. The Neverquest Trojan, a consistent occupant of the top 10 most active banking Trojans in the world, has suffered a blow due to the arrest of one of its allege
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TrickBot Is Hand-Picking Private Banks for Targets — With Redirection Attacks in Tow!

IBM X-Force research follows organized cybercrime and continually monitors the criminals’ targets and modus operandi. In a recent analysis of TrickBot campaigns in the U.K., Australia and Germany, I found that the operators of the infamous Trojan have been adding new redirection attacks focused on a list of brands that I had never seen in the past. Cur
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Nǐ Hǎo TrickBot? Dyre Successor Spreads to Asia

The TrickBot Trojan emerged in October 2016 as new banking malware, boasting a code that appears to have more than one feature in common with the Dyre Trojan. From its very early days, TrickBot already possessed the capability to launch redirection attacks, and judging by its rapid development, IBM X-Force researchers believe it is poised to become a rising
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Ne’er-Do-Well News and Cyber Justice

Way back in the last millennium when I was a lowly copy aide at The Washington Post, I pitched the Metro Section editor on an idea for new column: “And the Good News Is…” The editor laughed me out of her office. But I still think it’s a decent idea — particularly in the context of cybersecurity — to periodically highlight
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Dyre Developer Helped Create TrickBot Malware, Say Researchers

Researchers believe that an original developer of the Dyre banking trojan helped come up with a new malware bot known as TrickBot.The research team at Fidelis Cybersecurity quickly noticed that the loader for TrickBot, which has been around since at least September 2016, uses the same custom crypter as Cutwail, a favorite of the group which spread Dyre via s
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Cybercrime Overtakes Traditional Crime in UK

In a notable sign of the times, cybercrime has now surpassed all other forms of crime in the United Kingdom, the nation’s National Crime Agency (NCA) warned in a new report. It remains unclear how closely the rest of the world tracks the U.K.’s experience, but the report reminds readers that the problem is likely far worse than the numbers sugges
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FBI: $2.3 Billion Lost to CEO Email Scams

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) this week warned about a “dramatic” increase in so-called “CEO fraud,” e-mail scams in which the attacker spoofs a message from the boss and tricks someone at the organization into wiring funds to the fraudsters. The FBI estimates these scams have cost organizations more than $2.3 billion
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Dyre crackdown, the biggest effort to date by Russian authorities against cybercrime

Russian authorities raided offices of a Russian film distribution and production company as part of an operation against the Dyre gang. Russian law enforcement and intelligence agencies in November raided offices of a Russian film distribution and production company as part of an operation against one of the world’s most notorious cybercrime ring. The
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A new Drydex campaign targeted British businesses

Security experts at IBM X-Force team discovered a new hacking campaign based on the infamous Dridex trojan. Security experts at IBM X-Force team discovered a new wave of attacks based on the Dridex malware targeting British businesses. The malware has targeted rich UK bank accounts in a new campaign that is operated by threat
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Dridex Launches Dyre-Like Attacks in UK, Intensifies Focus on Business Accounts

IBM X-Force researchers have been following new developments in the Dridex Trojan’s attack methodologies. In their latest alert, researchers divulged a new modus operandi launched by Evil Corp, the cybercrime group that owns and operates the Dridex banking Trojan. Dridex Learns From Dyre Dridex recently released a new malware build with some internal b
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2015: Cybercrime’s Epic Year

This year in cybercrime was… epic! Every prediction made last year has not only materialized, but exceeded expectations. Increases in attacks, technical sophistication and higher losses than ever imagined painted a new cyber reality in the past 12 months. What was so different in 2015? Wasn’t it just more of the same? Well, not quite. As the year
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New Dyre variant in the wild supports Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge

The developers of the Dyre banking Trojan have released a new version of the malware that includes support for Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge. The security firms Heimdal Security and F5 Networks have uncovered a new version of the Dyre (Dyreza) banking Trojan that includes support for Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge. The new vari
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Ransomware Evolves and Enjoys a New Playground

Ransomware has worked for cybercriminals for many years, and it continues to be a valuable tool in their arsenal. A recent post on Security Intelligence discussed the trend of attackers reverting to older techniques to deliver ransomware to the employee endpoint. But now it’s time to look ahead at the future of ransomware. Following a Pattern A good pl
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Dyreza Trojan Targeting IT Supply Chain Credentials

The Dyreza Trojan long ago ceased its exclusive focus on stealing banking credentials, and has been blamed for its part in attacks against Salesforce.com customers, webhosts and registrars, online retailers and many more.Researchers at Proofpoint today published new information that indicates the malware is now being used to phish credentials for the IT supp
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Healthcare Industry Is Four Times More Likely to Be Impacted by Advanced Malware than Other Industries

A new report reveals that the healthcare sector is four times more likely to suffer advanced malware attacks than is any other industry.Raytheon|Websense, a security firm dedicated to protecting organizations against targeted attacks and data theft, recently announced the publication of 2015 Industry Drill-Down Report – Healthcare. In it, Websense expl
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