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Drovorub “Taking systems to the wood chipper” – What you need to know

On August 15th the NSA and FBI published a joint security alert containing details about a previously undisclosed Russian malware.The agencies say that the Linux strain malware has been developed and deployed in real-world attacks by Russian military hackers. The FBI says, “The Russian General Staff Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) 85th Main Special Servi
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FBI and NSA joint report details APT28’s Linux malware Drovorub

The FBI and NSA issue joint alert related to new Linux malware dubbed Drovorub that has been used by the Russia-linked APT28 group. The FBI and NSA have published a joint security alert containing technical details about a new piece of Linux malware, tracked as Drovorub, allegedly employed by Russia-linked the APT28 group. The name comes from drovo [др
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