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Silence – a new Trojan attacking financial organizations

More information about the Silence Trojan is available to customers of Kaspersky Intelligence Reporting Service. Contact: intelreports@kaspersky.com In September 2017, we discovered a new targeted attack on financial institutions. Victims are mostly Russian banks but we also found infected organizations in Malaysia and Armenia. The attackers were using a kno
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A simple example of a complex cyberattack

We’re already used to the fact that complex cyberattacks use 0-day vulnerabilities, bypassing digital signature checks, virtual file systems, non-standard encryption algorithms and other tricks. Sometimes, however, all of this may be done in much simpler ways, as was the case in the malicious campaign that we detected a while ago – we named it ‘M
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De-obfuscating malicious Vbscripts

Although they were never really gone, it looks like there is a rise in the number of malicious vbscripts in the wild. Maybe the similarity to VBA scripts and possible use in macros is responsible for the increased popularity. Let’s have a quick look at a few of them. First some background VBScript has been installed with every desktop version of Windows sin
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CoreBot Malware Steals Credentials-For Now

A new piece of data-stealing malware has a real thirst for credentials—and the potential for worse trouble down the line.IBM today published a report on CoreBot, generic information-stealing malware designed with enough flexibility to soon ramp up its capabilities to exfiltrate data in real time. “CoreBot appears to be quite modular, which means that
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Cryptowall 3.0 Slims Down, Removes Exploits From Dropper

A slimmed down version of Cryptowall is in circulation, and this one contains no built-in exploits, confirming a growing trend that most ransomware will be spread almost exclusively via exploit kits.Kits such as Angler, Nuclear, and most recently Hanjuan, have been busy incorporating Flash exploits dropping a mix of click-fraud malware and ransomware with gr
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