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FBI Director – Terrorists could launch drone attacks very soon

FBI director Christopher Wray warns of terrorists are planning to use drones in attacks, the threat is considered as imminent. This week, FBI Director Christopher Wray warned Congress that terrorists may use drones in attacks against the United States, the official described the threat as imminent. “We do know that terrorist organizations have an inter
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New Snowden Docs reveal the NSA spy hub Pine Gap in Australia

A news batch of documents leaked by Snowden has revealed a US facility in Australia for covertly monitoring communications and supporting drone missions A news batch of documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden has revealed a United States facility located in Australia’s Northern Territory for covertly monitoring wireless communication
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Internet for everyone with Facebook’s drone Aquila

Last month Facebook announced the second successful test of Aquila – a giant sun powered drone. Even though the technology is still in the makes and has a long way to go, Mark Zuckerberg has been very serious about connecting the world– Facebook recently surpassed the 2 billion users mark.  There is an opportunity for Facebook to continue its path of success
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Evolution of a “Cameras Are Everywhere” Society

I remember when I first learned about some of the powerful spy satellites orbiting the earth. Some of the rumors stated the cameras on these machines were so accurate that they could read a car license plate from space. The idea that such technology existed back then was amazing. Now, some of the newer satellites are putting those early spy rumors to rest.It
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The unmanned jihad in the sky

UAV – “Go ahead, look up [points to the sky] … see the drone? No? It’s alright, because the drone sees you. Sees your face. We know who you are.” The scene is from the movie “13 hours – The secret story of the soldiers of Benghazi”: as the member of Ansar al-Sharia looks up, the high-res camera would photograph his face, send it to the US command cente
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The Pentagon used military drones for domestic surveillance

A report published by the DoD Inspector General revealed that military drones have been used for Non-Military domestic Surveillance. The US Government has admitted the use of drones for operations of domestic surveillance. The US Military clarified that all the operations were authorized by a regular warrant confirming that no legal violations were found. Th
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Hacking enterprise wireless Printers with a drone or a vacuum cleaner

A group of researchers from the iTrust has demonstrated how to use a Drone to intercept wireless printer transmissions from outside an office building. Recently I wrote a blog post on the Infosec Institute titled “Modern Physical Security Awareness Is More Than Dumpster Diving” where I explain how the concept of
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ISIS hackers violated top secret British Government emails

According to an investigation by the GCHQ intelligence agency ISIS hackers targeted information held by some of David Cameron’s most senior ministers. According the experts at the British Intelligence GCHQ, ISIS hackers intercept top secret British Government emails. The investigation conducted by the GCHQ allowed the British
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Jihadist hacker Junaid Hussain Killed in a targeted air strike

The jihadist hacker Junaid Hussain was killed this week in a US targeted air strike in Syria. The man was actively recruiting ISIS sympathizers. A spokesman for the US Central Command, the Colonel Patrick Ryder, confirmed that the jihadist hacker Junaid Hussain was killed is a targeted air strike on August 24 in Raqqa, Syria.
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This Week in Security: Ashley Madison CEO Resigns, Agora Goes Offline, Rise in Wire Transfer Scams

Our security roundup series covers the week’s trending topics in the world of InfoSec. In this quick read compilation, we’ll let you know of the latest news and controversies that the industry has been talking about recently.Here’s what you don’t want to miss from the week of August 23rd, 2015:Unsurprisingly, it was announced that Noel Biderman, CEO of Ashel
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Drone Firing Semi-Automatic Handgun, what’s next?

While a video of a drone firing a semi-automatic handgun is circulating on the internet, security experts demand a strict law in the use of UAVs. I decided to present you this case to raise once again, my concerns on the uncontrolled and the unregulated diffusion of drones. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are a powerful instru
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Internal emails reveal Hacking Team is working on a weaponized spying drone

Experts who are analyzing the Hacking Team internal emails discovered that the firm is working on the development of a weaponized drone. Security experts are continuing to dig the leaked internal emails from the Hacking Team, last revelation is related to the development of an unmanned aerial vehicle with the ability to run cy
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Hacking Military Drones Info Can Be Found on Google

You can find a manual on how to hack drones online, simply searching on Google. This can lead to severe problems and negative consequences. Drones have become truly popular, due to the multiple benefits that they offer. In the military, drones have been in use thanks to their versatility, their low cost and of course the preve
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Trains controlled by European Rail Traffic Management System could potentially be hacked

The European Rail Traffic Management System is a signalling system that will control all the Britain’s trains and it could potentially be hacked. By increasing the penetration level of the technology in our ordinary life, we are increasing our surface of attack. We have discussed many times about the risks for critical
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OnePlus DR-1 — World's Smallest $19.99 Drone

Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus who recently announced that the company is planning to launch its latest flying drone, OnePlus DR-1, saying it would be a "Game Changer." There have already been some speculations about a drone from OnePlus circulating on the Internet, but now the company has confirmed during a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Almost Anything) session th
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