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Elon Musk-themed cryptocurrency scam uses fake Medium as the promotion site

So Elon Musk is buying Twitter, and you can be sure that scammers are making the most of this news. As Elon Musk spends most of the week in the headlines, so pop up Elon Musk-themed scams—and it looks like they may be ramping up. We witnessed a flurry of replies from the man himself in response to someone making a comment. “Oh. Wait a minute&
Publish At:2022-04-27 21:04 | Read:1107 | Comments:0 | Tags:Crypto Scams bitcoin BitCoin Scam btc DOGE Dogecoin elon mus

Weekly Metasploit Update: Apple, GDB, and Dogecoin

Apple TV TricksThis week, we have three new auxiliary modules that facilitate taking over Apple TV devices, all from community contributor 0a2940, with help from Wei sinn3r Chen and Dave TheLightCosine Maloney. Why Apple TV? Well, for starters, we already have modules for Google's Chromecast, a similar chunk of consumer hardware, and we didn't want Google to
Publish At:2014-09-12 23:30 | Read:11143 | Comments:0 | Tags:apple-tv gdb apple iot weekly-update dogecoin android

Hacker Hijacks ISP Networks to steal $83,000 from Bitcoin Mining pools

Till now, he have heard about “Bitcoin digital wallet hacked” or “Bitcoin website hacked”, but now a hacker has stolen cryptocurrency from mining pools and generated $83,000 in digital cash in more than four months by gaining access to a Canadian Internet provider.Bitcoin is a virtual currency that makes use of cryptography to create
Publish At:2014-08-09 16:18 | Read:5338 | Comments:0 | Tags:BGP attack Bitcoin Bitcoin mining Bitcoin Mining pool Dogeco


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