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Zimperium is Honored to Protect U.S. Department of Defense Mobile Devices

As you may have seen in the news, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), through its Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and Defense Innovation Unit (DIU), selected Zimperium to deliver comprehensive Mobile Endpoint Protection (MEP) to service members around the world. Our mobile threat defense (MTD) solutions will protect DoD mobile endpoints against
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DOD DISA US agency discloses a security breach

The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) US agency in charge of secure IT and communication for the White House has disclosed a data breach. The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), the DoD agency that is in charge of the security of IT and telecommunications for the White House and military troops has suffered a cyber attack. The agency sen
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Ryuk Reportedly Behind Ransomware Infection at DOD Contractor

A Ryuk sample was reportedly responsible for a ransomware infection at a contractor for the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD).According to ZDNet, Electronic Warfare Associates (EWA) suffered a ransomware infection in which the offending malware encrypted its web servers.The company ultimately took down the affected web servers, but security researchers noneth
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Hacker pleaded guilty to stealing satellite data from US DoD

The British hacker Sean Caffrey, 25, from Sutton Coldfield pleaded guilty to stealing satellite data from US Department of Defense (DoD). The British hacker Sean Caffrey, 25, from Sutton Coldfield pleaded guilty to stealing user accounts from a U.S. military communications system. According to the NCA, the man admitted in the Birmingham Crown Court to steali
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Does DoD-Level Security Work in the Real World?

I began my career in Information Security working for the Department of Defense, first for a Naval research facility, then Naval Intelligence, and finally with the National Security Agency. Information security for my first assignment meant locking your classified materials in a safe when you left the office at night and making sure the office door was locke
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What a real life risky app looks like: a warning from the DoD

In late May 2016, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) released an advisory to their armed services and civilian workforce warning about an Android app called “CAC Scan,” which was found publicly available on the Google Play market. A Common Access Card (CAC) is the standard identification card for DoD personnel, providing users with physical access to bui
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Student hacks Pentagon websites and gets thanked

David Dworken is the name of the student that hacked into the Pentagon US military’s website between classes at Maret High School and that the Government thanked. Recently we have reported the first results of the “Hack the Pentagon” program that allowed the discovery of numerous flaws in the computers of the US Government. News of the day
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Hack the Pentagon, hackers already found more than 100 flaws

Hackers contracted by the DoD under the Hack the Pentagon initiative have found more than 100 vulnerabilities exceeding Government’s expectations. Do you remember the ‘Hack the Pentagon‘ initiative? ‘Hack the Pentagon’ is the initiative launched by the US Government this year to test the resilience to cyber attacks of the US def
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DOD invites you (well, some of you) to “Hack the Pentagon” this month

On Thursday, the US Department of Defense announced the launch of a pilot bug-bounty program for the DOD's public-facing websites. Called "Hack the Pentagon," the bounty program will be managed by HackerOne, the disclosure-as-a-service company founded by Alex Rice and Michiel Prins.Since Hack the Pentagon is a pilot, its budget and duration are fairly modest
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The Pentagon used military drones for domestic surveillance

A report published by the DoD Inspector General revealed that military drones have been used for Non-Military domestic Surveillance. The US Government has admitted the use of drones for operations of domestic surveillance. The US Military clarified that all the operations were authorized by a regular warrant confirming that no legal violations were found. Th
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US DoD invites a restricted number of hackers to Hack the Pentagon

Hack the Pentagon – DoD would invite outside hackers to test the cybersecurity of some public US Defense Department resources as part of a pilot initiative. Which is the best way to discover security vulnerabilities affecting a computer system? Ask a group of hackers to test it. This is the concept behind a bounty program, an organization can hire hack
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The DoD funded the Carnegie Mellon University’s research on Tor Hacking

A judge has confirmed that US Departement of Defense funded the Carnegie Mellon University to conduct research on the Tor hacking. In November 2015, the researchers at the Tor Project publicly accused the FBI of paying the experts at the Carnegie Mellon University to deanonymize Tor users. The experts at the Tor Project collected information about the attack
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An idea to help secure U.S. cybersecurity…

… and looking for the right person to show us how to do so. A few years back I was watching a presentation given by General Keith B. Alexander, who was at the time Commander, U.S. Cyber Command and previously Director of the National Security Agency (NSA). Gen. Alexander’s remarks focused on the cybersecurity climate from his perspective and the impact on U.
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The US DoD still uses SHA-1 signed certificates for use by military agencies

The United States Department of Defense is still issuing SHA-1 signed certificates for its military agencies, despite they are considered insecure. Today I have published a blog post on the Army Vulnerability Response Program (AVRP), a sort of bug bounty program specific for the US military environment. The idea is to incentiv
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A part of an unclassified Pentagon email network taken down over suspicious activity

Part of a Pentagon email network taken down over suspicious activity, the US authorities are investigating on the alleged intrusion. New problems for the White House emerges from the cyberspace, a portion of the Department of Defence’s email network has been taken down over suspicious activity. According to Pentagon spokeswoma
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