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Intel Packs Ransomware Detection Directly Into vPro Platform

At the virtual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on Monday, chipmaker Intel announced CPU-based ransomware detection capabilities has been fitted directly into the Intel vPro platform.  Increasingly targeting businesses, ransomware has become the most prominent threat to enterprises, requiring advanced solutions to keep their data and the data of the
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Experts Weigh In on Cybersecurity Risks of Capitol-Like Attacks

Hundreds of protesters stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday just as the House and Senate were certifying the election victory of Joe Biden. While much of the focus was on the physical destruction caused by the protesters, many people have pointed out that rioters gained access to computers in the Capitol, which in some cases were still turned on and logged
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NVIDIA Ships Patches for High-Severity Security Flaws

NVIDIA this week announced the release of software updates for its GPU display drivers and vGPU software, with fixes for a total of 16 vulnerabilities.A total of six security flaws were patched in the NVIDIA GPU display driver, all of them affecting the kernel mode layer. Three of the bugs impact Windows only, one affects only Linux systems, and two impact b
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Researchers Warn of New Ransomware Targeting Enterprise Networks

Security researchers have spotted a brand new ransomware family taking aim at corporate networks, warning that professional cybercriminals have already hit multiple organizations with the file-encryption scheme.The new ransomware family, called Babuk, has claimed at least four corporate victims facing data recovery extortion attempts.According to researcher
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U.S. Releases Cybersecurity Plan for Maritime Sector

The U.S. government has released a plan with a list of top-priority items to mitigate threats and provide security to the crucial maritime sector.The National Maritime Cybersecurity Plan, which was made public (PDF) on Tuesday, highlights several priority actions to close maritime cybersecurity gaps and vulnerabilities over the next five years.The maritime s
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Google Issues Post Mortem on Gmail, YouTube Outage

Google has blamed a bug in its global authentication system for last week's outage that affected Gmail, Calendar, YouTube, Meet and multiple other Google services.The 47-minute outage last Monday, which severely affected operations at workplaces and schools globally, was caused by a bug in an automated quota management system that powers the Google User ID S
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Industrial Control Systems Ripe Targets for Ransomware

Security researchers at IBM Corp. and Dragos Inc. are warning that the industrial control systems that power manufacturing plants and utilities are prime targets for ransomware attackers.In a report issued this week, the researchers noted that ransomware attacks against industrial entities jumped more than 500 percent over the last two years.Interestingly, t
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Disaster Recovery Plan Template: 8 Key Steps for Businesses

The recent pandemic has shown that disruptions in daily business can happen quickly and without warning. Whether as a result of a pandemic, natural disaster or network disruptions due to cybersecurity incidents, you need to ensure that your business can keep running through operational difficulties. One way to help your business keep going is by d
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Backup or Disaster Recovery for Protection Against Ransomware?

Is Backup Alone Enough, or is Full Disaster Recovery Required to Mitigate the Threat of Ransomware?To pay, or not to pay? Is it better to suffer the pain and outage of ransomware – or pay up, and by doing so, end it?Like all such questions, there is no easy or simple answer. Can the affected organization afford a loss of operation? Does it have SLAs that wil
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Acronis Acquires 5nine for Its Cloud Management, Security Solutions

Backup, security and disaster recovery solutions provider Acronis this week announced that it has acquired 5nine, a company that specializes in cloud management and security solutions.Acronis says this is its first acquisition since it raised $147 million from Goldman Sachs in September, a funding round that resulted in Acronis becoming a unicorn company wit
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Value and Limitations of Vendor Telemetry and Reported Incidents

Threat statistics come from a variety of sources: reported incidents, vendor telemetry, internet traffic and dark web analysis. All have value, and all have limitations. Reported incidents form the basis of Verizon's Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) -- its limitation is that it cannot account for those incidents that contributors decline to repo
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Revisiting The Concepts of Disaster Recovery and Risk as Organizations Move Their Infrastructure To The Cloud

The calculus for disaster recovery and risk management is changing. Most small businesses within the past decade would often keep many of their critical technology assets locally, perhaps in a server closet, or a centralized data center for multiple offices. They built their own “vault” of applications, databases, email, files, etc., often on a few physical
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Dell Unveils New Data Protection Appliances

Dell on Tuesday unveiled new EMC PowerProtect appliances and announced improvements to existing data protection and recovery products.According to data collected by Dell, organizations last year managed, on average, nearly 10 petabytes of data, which represents an increase of 569 percent compared to 2016.The company wants to help organizations secure their v
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The Current State of IT Resilience

IT resilience refers to a network or system’s ability to withstand the slings and arrows of life and operations, from human error to migration failure to natural disaster. Any of these unavoidable factors can disrupt or even cripple an enterprise. As a concept, IT resilience is closely related to security. A deliberate attack is, in a sense, a predicta
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2017 security predictions

From W-2 scams to WordPress vulnerabilities, ransomware, business email compromises, DDos attacks and allegations of a hacked presidential election -- 2016's been a hell of a year in cybersecurity, and it's not over yet.There's no reason to believe 2017 will be any better. If anything, it could be even worse as cybercriminals continue to push social eng
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