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How Authentication and Identification Work Together to Build Digital Trust

The dictionary definition of trust, according to Merriam-Webster, is the “assured reliance on the … truth of someone or something.” In today’s digital world, trust can be a tricky concept. To do business online, whether you are a bank, retailer, insurer, airline or anything else, you must have some degree of trust in your user — trust
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Will the Future of Authentication Run Into a Privacy Wall?

Identity authentication is absolutely necessary to conducting our affairs today. Without it, we would lose virtually all confidence to conduct business or create and foster relationships. But with ever increasing concerns related to data privacy, it is worth looking at the past to see what future challenges we may face in the digital identity space. From Jew
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e-Signature Security Speeds Government Paperwork Along

As public administrators have learned, efficiency in government is largely a matter of executing the small things well. A saved mailing expense or avoided delay can add up to a lot more work for a lot less tax money, which is one practical definition of good government in action. One example of this process is a current U.S. Census Bureau initiative to imple
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Securing the Digital Economy With Federated Identity Management

As the global digital economy grows, the number of digital identities rises, and so does the need to protect and manage how personal information is collected, used and distributed. Managing digital identities is key in the online world and finding the proper way to authenticate legitimate users is one of the greatest challenges. When digital identities are n
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Reimagining the Future of Identity Management With Blockchain

Every business and social transaction is carried out by people. People are known by their identities. Hence, identity drives every business and social interaction. In today’s digital age, an individual’s identity is not defined by a single attribute such as a name, address or user ID. Rather, it is a collection of attributes including, but not li
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A Facebook glitch declared all its users are dead, including Zuckerberg

Facebook users who logged on to their accounts discovered that their accounts turned to a “memorialized account,” due to their alleged death. Funny as it is disturbing, but the technology can also do this and this time it has happened to Facebook. This night the Tech giant declared everyone dead due to a glitch. The memorial feature was implemen
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Mobile Identity: Convenience and Privacy

Several years ago, a GEICO commercial featuring Maxwell the Pig used a traffic violation scenario to promote digital insurance cards. While this advertisement demonstrated the convenience of instant access to personal identity information, it also raised privacy concerns about the unwarranted search of a device. Clearly, security and privacy were not the foc
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Rethink the Personal Identity Ecosystem Using Digital Identification Documents

Personal Identity Instruments Today our personal identity is collected, captured and rendered by identity-issuing institutions. The plastic card is the common format used to convey that a trusted institution has certified your identity. However, we all know that this trust model is plagued with fraud issues. The most common personal identity instrument, the
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A research team has found two flaws in the OAuth 2.0 protocol

According to a group of researchers from the University of Trier two critical flaw affects the oAuth 2.0 authentication protocol. The OAuth 2.0 authentication protocol is widely used on social networking sites, every day billion of users access their profiles on Facebook and Google+ using it. According to researchers Daniel Fe
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Is Your IAM Program Ready for the Digital Future?

With the long list of well-publicized security breaches in the past 12 months, many organizations may be taking a second look at their existing security infrastructure and how they approach internal and external threats. While you may think you have everything covered, you could be missing out on some key capabilities and benefits that are now available. Eve
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