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Enterprise NPM users to get help with security, licensing

NPM Inc, which oversees the popular NPM registry of JavaScript modules is enlisting outside help to provide guidance on security, code analysis, and licensing issues.Under an expansion of NPM Enterprise to be detailed today, NPM Inc. will partner with third parties to take care of auditing of modules via its NPM Enterprise add-ons service. The cu
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Salesforce erects Shield for better enterprise-app security

Security has been an increasingly dominant theme in the enterprise software chorus in recent months, and on Tuesday Salesforce added a new voice to the mix with Shield, a set of platform services designed to help companies build secure apps.Designed as part of the Salesforce1 platform, Shield offers four security-minded components intended to make it easier
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Sonatype aims to help developers reduce risk from open-source components

Software developers use a large number of open-source components, often oblivious to the security risks they introduce or the vulnerabilities that are later discovered in them.Sonatype, a company that helps developers manage open-source components across different applications, attempts to solve this long-standing problem with a new version of its Component
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