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Security Researcher Claudio Guarnieri releases Detekt tool

Media Coverage: PC World, The Guardian, Bloomberg Business, Engadget, Wired, Gigaom, ZDNet, Threatpost, The Mirror, The Business Insider, TechCrunch, Huffington Post, and Mashable.Independent Researcher Claudio Guarnieri has partnered with Privacy International, Digitale Gesellschaft, Amnesty International, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation to publicly
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Detekt — Free Anti-Malware Tool To Detect Govt. Surveillance Malware

Human rights experts and Privacy International have launched a free tool allowing users to scan their computers for surveillance spyware, typically used by governments and other organizations to spy on human rights activists and journalists around the world.This free-of-charge anti-surveillance tool, called Detekt, is an open source software app released in
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Detekt Tool Puts Surveillance Spyware on Notice

Hours spent on long-distance phone calls to political activists in the Middle East, journalists in Africa or human rights organizations in Asia are stressful for Claudio Guarnieri, an independent security researcher, white-hat hacker and civil rights activist.Often he has to convince that party, who is living in some remote and oppressed part of the planet t
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