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Krebs reported that Dell lost Control of dellbackupandrecoverycloudstorage Domain in June 2017

The popular investigator Brian Krebs reported that the tech giant Dell lost the control of dellbackupandrecoverycloudstorage domain in June 2017. It is really embarrassing, Dell forgot to renew the domain www.dellbackupandrecoverycloudstorage.com name that was used by the tech giant to install operating systems on the PC it has sold. The incident was discove
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Vulnerabilities in Pre-Installed Software expose Dell Systems to hack

According to experts from Talos, security vulnerabilities in pre-installed software expose Dell systems to code execution attacks. Security vulnerabilities in pre-installed software expose Dell systems to code execution attacks. Hackers can exploit the flaws to disable security mechanisms, escalate privileges and execute arbitrary code within the context of
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Wipro Wipeout? Call Centres and Scams

Wipro Wipeout? Call Centres and Scams Posted by David Harley on January 29, 2016.Shaun Nichols reports for The Register on Indian call centre workers accused of harvesting data. The call centre in question is Wipro, which provides services on behalf of TalkTalk, an Internet Service Pro
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Tech Support Scams: is Dell Compromised?

Tech Support Scams: is Dell Compromised? Posted by David Harley on January 7, 2016.One of the weaknesses of the classic cold-calling tech support scam is that even people who aren’t particularly technologically knowledgeable might nevertheless be cautious enough to test the scamm
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Latest tech support scam stokes concerns Dell customer data was breached

Tech-support scams, in which fraudsters pose as computer technicians who charge hefty fees to fix non-existent malware infections, have been a nuisance for years. A relatively new one targeting Dell computer owners is notable because the criminals behind it use private customer details to trick their marks into thinking the calls come from authorized Dell pe
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3 OEMs Vulnerable To 3 Vulnerabilities. Your PCs At Risk

Bad news for PC users, Lenovo machines can be hijacked by visiting a malicious website, meanwhile Dell and Toshiba PC are affected by serious flaws. Security Researcher slipstream/RoL posted Proof-of-concept exploits online (3 OEMs Vulnerable To Three Vulnerability Your PCs At Risk) demonstrating how to compromise machines ava
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Microsoft Removes Trust for eDellroot Certificates

In the wake of last week’s eDellroot fiasco, Microsoft announced Monday that it revoked support for the self-signed, trusted root certificates that were found on some Dell computers.In a security advisory published on Monday, the company acknowledged that in order to prevent fraud, it removed trust for the Dell-issued unconstrained digital certificates
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Dell Provides Instructions on How to Remove eDellRoot Certificate Authority

Dell Inc., a computer technology company, has provided instructions to customers on how they can remove a recently discovered root Certificate Authority (CA) from their laptops and PCs.On Monday, a Reddit user by the name of rotorcowboy posted a thread in which they explained how they had discovered a self-signed root CA called “eDellRoot” while
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PCs running Dell support app can be uniquely ID’d by snoops and scammers

On Monday, Ars reported that Dell was shipping PCs that came pre-installed with digital certificates that made it easy for attackers to cryptographically impersonate any website on the Internet. Now, a researcher has shown that many Dell computers can be surreptitiously forced to reveal the number company employees use to identify customers.Further ReadingDe
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Dell puts users at risk with dangerous eDellRoot root certificate

Dell is in the headlines for shipping PCs with a pre-installed trusted root certificate dubbed eDellRoot that opens users to a number of cyber attacks. Dell is in the headlines for shipping PCs with a pre-installed trusted root certificate that opens users to a number of cyber attacks. Hackers could exploit it to compromise th
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Additional Self-Signed Certs, Private Keys Found on Dell Machines

eDellroot is not the only self-signed trusted root certificate on Dell computers.Researchers at Duo Security found two more on a Dell Inspiron 14-inch laptop purchased by Darren Kemp, one of its researchers who is based in Calgary, Canada, including one cert related to eDellroot that also ships with a corresponding private key, and a Atheros Authenticode cer
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Dell apologizes for HTTPS certificate fiasco, provides removal tool

Further ReadingDell does a Superfish, ships PCs with easily cloneable root certificatesRoot certificate debacle that hit Lenovo now visits the House of Dell.Dell officials have apologized for shipping PCs with a certificate that made it easy for attackers to cryptographically impersonate HTTPS-protected websites and issued a software tool that removes the tr
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Dell Computers Ship with Root Cert, Private Key

Update Just in time for Black Friday, various models of new Dell computers are shipping with a preinstalled root certificate and private key that corresponds to the cert, which as of earlier today was being accepted by all major browsers except Firefox.Given that a number of tools exist to aid in the extracting of the private key, it doesn’t figure to
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Dell report revealed attacks on SCADA system are doubled

A recent report published by Dell revealed a 100 percent increase in the number of attacks on industrial control (SCADA) systems. The new Dell Annual Threat Report revealed that the number of attacks against supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems doubled in 2014 respect the previous year. Unfortunately, the m
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Dell Threat Report Claims 100 Percent Increase in SCADA Attacks

In 2014, there were increases in malware designed to target retail point-of-sale systems and attack supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, according to Dell’s annual threat report.The report [pdf] was released, interestingly enough, just one day before Verizon’s industry standard Data Breach Investigations Report. It highlights
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