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Google Healthcare Data Move Makes Some Queasy

Google on Tuesday defended a project aimed at modernizing healthcare while giving it access to medical data of millions of people.Reports that Google was amassing medical data prompted a blog post by the Internet giant revealing a project code-named "Nightingale," evidently in tribute to Florence Nightingale whose nursing work during the Crimean War in the 1
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PCI DSS Compliance Between Audits is Declining: Verizon

Companies subject to PCI DSS security requirements are audited once per year, yet many of these companies continue to be breached. It is not that PCI DSS fails, but that companies fail to maintain compliance from one audit to the next. According to Verizon's 2016-2018 dataset, at the time of a breach, no organization was compliant across all 12 PCI DSS requi
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OpenText to Acquire Data Protection Firm Carbonite

Enterprise information management (EIM) firm OpenText this week announced it has entered a definitive agreement to acquire data protection and cybersecurity provider Carbonite, Inc.Canada-based OpenText aims to help organizations accelerate growth, lower costs, and reduce security risks through business insight, both on premises and in the cloud. The company
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3 Tips to Protect Yourself From the Office 365 Phishing Scams

Cybercriminals seem to get more and more sophisticated with their attacks, and phishing scams are no different. The McAfee Labs team has observed a new phishing campaign using a fake voicemail message to trick victims into giving up their Office 365 email credentials. During the investigation, the team has found three different phishing kits being used to ex
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Chapter Preview: Ages 11 to 17 – From Tweens to Teens

For anyone who asks what happens during the tween through teen years, the best answer is probably, “What doesn’t happen?!” Just so you know, I’ve been there, done that, and got the T-shirt. And I survived. My kids were the first generation to grow up on social media. Like most teens in the mid-2000s, they got their first taste with MySpace and then switched
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Tech Firms React to Netizens' Digital Privacy Concerns

Whistleblowers and digital pioneers have long been sounding the alarm about abuses of our privacy online.Now, a slew of tech entrepreneurs are bidding to turn growing consciousness about the problem into a money-making industry and many showcased their skills at this week's Web Summit in Lisbon."Undeniably, with the new tensions that exist, obviously there i
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Twitter Spy Case Highlights Risks for Big Tech Platforms

The allegations of spying by former Twitter employees for Saudi Arabia underscore the risks for Silicon Valley firms holding sensitive data which make the platforms ripe for espionage.The two Saudis and one US citizen allegedly worked together to unmask the ownership details behind dissident Twitter accounts on behalf of the Riyadh government and royal famil
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Data of ZoneAlarm Forum Users Leaked Following Breach

The forum dedicated to Check Point’s ZoneAlarm security product appears to have been breached and the details of the forum’s members have been leaked online.Check Point says its ZoneAlarm product has been used by nearly 100 million users worldwide, but the incident only appears to impact a few thousand users. The ZoneAlarm forum has roughly 4,500 members, bu
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Adobe Exposed Creative Cloud Customer Information

Adobe has admitted that some Creative Cloud customer information — 7.5 million records, according to the researchers who stumbled upon the data — was exposed recently due to a misconfiguration.Researcher Bob Diachenko and Comparitech reported last week that they had identified an unprotected Elasticsearch database — the database was accessible without a pass
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Data Breach at St. Louis Health Center Impacts up to 152,000

Officials at a St. Louis health center that serves needy, uninsured residents says a cyber-attack has caused a data breach that potentially affected 152,000 people.The Betty Jean Kerr People's Health Center said Friday that the attack involved patient information such as addresses and social security numbers, but no patient medical records. Information on me
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Data Security Firm Very Good Security (VGS) Raises $35 Million

San Francisco-based data security company Very Good Security (VGS) on Thursday announced that it raised $35 million in a Series B funding round led by Goldman Sachs’ Merchant Banking Division.The company told SecurityWeek that it will use the funds to grow its team to support more enterprise customers and invest in research and development.Existing investors
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Data collectors

Who owns data owns the world. And with the Internet taking over much of our daily lives, it has become far easier and faster to receive, collect, and analyze data. The average user cannot even imagine how much data gets collected on them. Besides technical information (for example, about a smartphone) harvested by a manufacturer to patch vulnerabilities, com
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Outdated OSs Still Present in Many Industrial Organizations: Report

ATLANTA — SECURITYWEEK 2019 ICS CYBER SECURITY CONFERENCE — Outdated and unsupported operating systems are still present and they still pose a serious risk in many industrial organizations, according to a new report from industrial cybersecurity firm CyberX.The company’s 2020 Global IoT/ICS Risk Report is based on data passively collected by CyberX from over
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TorGuard, NordVPN Respond to Breach Reports

VPN providers TorGuard and NordVPN have responded to reports that their systems have been breached, and both blame the incident on a third-party service provider.Hackers have leaked private RSA keys and information on configuration files that were stolen from a NordVPN server last year.At least three private keys appear to have been stolen from the server, i
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11 Stats on CISO Spending to Inform Your 2020 Cybersecurity Budget

The global average cost of a data breach is now $3.92 million — a 12 percent increase since 2014. Fortunately, the average cybersecurity budget is also increasing alongside breach cleanup costs. How to prioritize your budget is never a simple question. However, there’s a lot of insight to be gleaned from industry studies on how chief information secur
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