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Flaws in Winston Privacy Devices Can Expose Networks to Remote Attacks

Researchers say they’ve uncovered a series of potentially serious vulnerabilities in devices made by online privacy firm Winston Privacy. The vendor has released patches that are automatically being sent to devices.Winston Privacy provides a hardware-based service designed to boost online privacy and security. The company says it can block online surveillanc
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Link Previews in Chat Apps Pose Privacy, Security Issues: Researchers

An analysis of the manner in which popular chat applications handle link previews has revealed several privacy and security issues, including some that still need addressing, security researchers warn.Link previews provide users with information on what a link received in chat would lead them to, regardless of whether it is a file or a web page.However, link
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Connected Data Stores Elevate the Requirements of Data Security and Governance Platforms

Since it is highly unlikely that my wife will read a blog on data security, I think I can safely share that she is a snoop around birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. My wife cannot stand the suspense of not knowing what gift might be in store. The gift’s value is not relevant; it is the not knowing that kills her. My strategy is to hide her gifts i
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Is Video Conferencing Still A Security Risk to Your Business?

Is Video Conferencing Still A Security Risk to Your Business? October 22nd, 2020 No Comments antivirus, Data Privacy, Data Protection, Uncategorized This year with COVID, the American worker is working differently –as well as shopping, being enterta
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Ensuring Your Security Operations Center is Ready for Operational Technology

The mission of the security operations center (SOC) has evolved over the years. Building a security operations center used to involve onboarding as many device feeds as possible. Today, it’s more about having an integrated security information and event management (SIEM) and big data platform — complemented by workflow, automation and analytical
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Berlin to Give Secret Services Access to Encrypted Conversations

The German government Wednesday agreed to allow secret services to listen in on conversations via encrypted messaging services such as Messenger or Whatsapp as a means of tackling terrorism.Cabinet adopted a bill to that effect, drawn up after a series of far right attacks in the country, and the proposed legislation now goes forward for parliamentary assent
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Account Fraud is Killing Streaming Services: What Providers Can Do

The use of online streaming services was already burgeoning well before most of the world started spending so much time at home. The current explosion in the demand for video and music streaming services is cause for celebration in the industry, but it has a dark side. Account fraud, sharing and takeover, enabled by password sharing and identity theft, is e
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Irish Regulator Investigates Instagram Over Children's Data

Irish privacy regulators have opened two investigations into Instagram over the social media site’s handling of young people’s personal data.Ireland’s Data Protection Commission said it launched the investigations in September after receiving complaints about the company. Facebook, which owns Instagram and has its European headquarters in Ireland, said it’s
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Crisis and an Incontestable Need for Security — A Business Viewpoint

Data, data, data.  We have plenty of it, and in the eyes of some, it’s considered too much of a good thing. In practical terms, too much data often translates into blurred sight lines or the likely abetting of threats hiding within our environment. Improperly managed, it surely affects one’s ability to simply ‘see’ what’s
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Facing a Privacy Breach Under Growing GDPR-inspired Laws Can Pose Challenges for Companies

Almost everyone at this point has heard about the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You’ve probably received an email from a company that you have shopped with explaining the recent changes in their privacy policy. Or, you’ve sat through a GDPR training at work, or you’re simply aware that some of the w
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UK Fines British Airways for Failures in 2018 Data Hack

Britain’s information commissioner has fined British Airways 20 million pounds ($25 million) for failing to protect personal data for some 400,000 customers, the largest fine the agency has ever issued.The ICO said in a statement Friday that the airline was processing personal data without adequate security measures. It also noted that it did not detect a 20
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Zoom Announces Technical Preview of End-to-End Encryption

Video conferencing platform Zoom next week will start rolling out end-to-end encryption (E2EE) in technical preview.The company revealed plans to provide users with end-to-end encryption in May, and announced in June that it would make the feature available to all users, although it was initially planning on leaving free users out.Now, the company has reinfo
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How to Choose a Good Password

How to Choose a Good Password October 15th, 2020 No Comments Data Privacy, Data Protection, Mobile Security, Online Privacy, Online Safety, Passwords Passwords. We need them for almost everything nowadays. Entering our phones, our computers, social
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Intel Unveils New Security Tech in Upcoming Ice Lake CPU

Intel on Wednesday announced the new security technologies that will be present in the company’s upcoming 3rd generation Xeon Scalable processor, code-named “Ice Lake.”Intel told SecurityWeek that it’s aiming to make initial production shipments of the first 10nm-based Xeon Scalable product at the end of the year.The company says Ice Lake will include its SG
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Cloudflare Launches New Zero Trust Networking, Security Platform

Cloudflare on Monday announced the launch of a new zero trust platform that can help organizations address the networing and security challenges associated with an increasingly remote workforce.Cloudflare One is a cloud-based network-as-a-service solution that is designed to protect networks, devices and applications, and improve performance.The security and
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