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Digital Footprint Intelligence Report

Introduction The Digital Footprint Intelligence Service announces the results of research on the digital footprints of governmental, financial and industrial organizations for countries in the Middle East region: Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, UAE, Yemen. The data presented in this report
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Healthcare security in 2021

The pandemic has turned 2020 into a year of medicine and information technology. The remarkable surge in the criticality level of medical infrastructure, coupled with feasible across-the-board digitalization, led to many of our last year’s predictions coming true much sooner than expected. As we foresaw, there has been an increase in attacks on medical
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Dox, steal, reveal. Where does your personal data end up?

The technological shift that we have been experiencing for the last few decades is astounding, not least because of its social implications. Every year the online and offline spheres have become more and more connected and are now completely intertwined, leading to online actions having real consequences in the physical realm — both good and bad. One of the
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Carnival Reveals It Detected a Ransomware Attack on Its Systems

British-American cruise operator Carnival Corporation & plc revealed it had detected a ransomware attack on some of its IT systems.In a regulatory filing submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Carnival revealed that it had detected a ransomware attack on August 15.A subsequent investigation revealed that the ransomware actors had
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CactusPete APT group’s updated Bisonal backdoor

CactusPete (also known as Karma Panda or Tonto Team) is an APT group that has been publicly known since at least 2013. Some of the group’s activities have been previously described in public by multiple sources. We have been investigating and privately reporting on this group’s activity for years as well. Historically, their activity has been foc
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More Than a Tenth of Ransomware Attacks Now Involve Data Theft

Research into recent ransomware submissions revealed that more than a tenth of crypto-malware infections now involve some element of data theft.In the second quarter of 2020, ID Ransomware received 100,001 submissions of crypto-malware pertaining to attacks that had targeted organizations and government entities.Of those attacks, 11,642 involved the theft of
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Future-Proofing Data With a Data Encryption Plan

Data volume storage needs are growing exponentially across hybrid multicloud environments. Meanwhile, companies are being faced with a greater number of regulations to follow, as well as increased exposure to data ransomware, theft and misuse. Many regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation, highlight encryption as an example of appropriate
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Around 9 Million easyJet Customers’ Details Stolen in Hacking Incident

British low-cost airline group easyJet revealed that an hacking incident had exposed approximately nine million customers’ information.On May 19, easyJet issued a “Notice of cyber security incident” in which it revealed that it had fallen victim to a digital attack from a “highly sophisticated source.”An investigation revealed t
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Verizon’s 2020 DBIR

Verizon’s 2020 DBIR is out, you can download a copy or peruse their publication online. Kaspersky was a contributor once again, and we are happy to provide generalized incident data from our unique and objective research. We have contributed to this project and others like it for years now. This year’s ~120 page report analyses data from us and
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Safeguard Sensitive Data With a Next-Generation Data Security Approach

There is no silver bullet when it comes to protecting sensitive data. No single security technology investment will eliminate the risk of data theft or a mistake exposing sensitive information. To proactively defend against attackers, enterprise security teams are learning that they need to collect and centralize security and compliance information from all
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Mobile malware evolution 2019

These statistics are based on detection verdicts of Kaspersky products received from users who consented to provide statistical data. Figures of the year In 2019, Kaspersky mobile products and technologies detected: 3,503,952 malicious installation packages. 69,777 new mobile banking Trojans. 68,362 new mobile ransomware Trojans. Trends of the year In summ
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AZORult spreads as a fake ProtonVPN installer

AZORult has its history. However, a few days ago, we discovered what appears to be one of its most unusual campaigns: abusing the ProtonVPN service and dropping malware via fake ProtonVPN installers for Windows. Screenshot of a fake ProtonVPN website The campaign started at the end of November 2019 when the threat actor behind it registered a new domain und
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Kaspersky Security Bulletin 2019. Advanced threat predictions for 2020

Nothing is more difficult than making predictions. Rather than trying to gaze into a crystal ball, we will be making educated guesses based on what has happened during the last 12 months, to see where we can see trends that might be exploited in the near future. This is what we think might happen in the coming months, based on the knowledge of experts in thi
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Magecart Group 4: A link with Cobalt Group?

Note: This blog post is a collaboration between the Malwarebytes and HYAS Threat Intelligence teams. Magecart is a term that has become a household name, and it refers to the theft of credit card data via online stores. The most common scenario is for criminals to compromise e-commerce sites by injecting rogue JavaScript code designed to steal any informa
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Former NSA Contractor Indicted for Stealing 20 Years’ Worth of National Defense Secrets

A federal grand jury has indicted a former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor for stealing national defense information over the past 20 years.The indictment (PDF) alleges that Harold Thomas Martin, 52, collected a number of government secrets while employed as a private contractor for various government agencies. He began lifting the documents in Dec
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