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IT threat evolution Q2 2019

Targeted attacks and malware campaigns More about ShadowHammer In March, we published the results of our investigation into a sophisticated supply-chain attack involving the ASUS Live Update Utility, used to deliver BIOS, UEFI and software updates to ASUS laptops and desktops. The attackers added a backdoor to the utility and then distributed it to users thr
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50 hashes per hour

How often do you turn off your computer when you go home from work? We bet you leave it on so you don’t have to wait until it boots up in the morning. It’s possible that your IT staff have trained you to lock your system for security reasons whenever you leave your workplace. But locking your system won’t save your computer from a new type
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Voter Data Theft Affects Almost Four Million in Hong Kong

National elections have become a global stage for hackers to display their virtuosity, bringing the question of cybersecurity to the forefront of the conversation. Since Barack Obama accused the Russians of meddling in 2016’s presidential election in favor of Donald Trump, several European countries have taken their own measures to avoid such cyberatta
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Is the hack of an email server behind the Panama Papers?

Which is the source of Panama Papers? According to Mossack the hackers breached its systems, according to the experts its email server was breached. The Panama Papers is a huge trove of strictly confidential documents from the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca was leaked online during the weekend, it is largest data leaks ever. The entire archive of the f
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Misconfigured Database Exposes Details of 191 Million US Voters

Security researcher Chris Vickery has identified a misconfigured database that contains the personal details of 191,337,174 US voters.The unprotected database was discovered on December 20, contains over 300 GB of data, and includes details such as full names, voter IDs, home addresses, email addresses, party affiliations, ethnicity, telephone numbers, and m
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MacKeeper Exposed Details for 13 Million Users

For the past few weeks, security researcher Chris Vickery has been working on discovering insecure applications and contacting the makers of those apps to have the issues resolved.One of the applications he found to leak quite a large amount of personal user details is MacKeeper by Kromtech Alliance.MacKeeper is the equivalent of an antivirus combined with a
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Children Toy Maker VTech Hacked, Data About Kids and Parents Stolen

VTech, a Chinese company that builds and sells electronic learning toys, has been breached by a mysterious hacker that shared the data with Vice's Motherboard.According to Vice reporter Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai and Troy Hunt, owner of the Have I Been Pwned? service, the data they analyzed contained extremely personal details for over 4.8 million par
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ISIS Retaliates Against Anonymous, Leaks Data of "To-Be-Killed" US Officials

The ISIS hacking division retaliated against Anonymous by leaking the personal details of a few hundred people working for various US military and law enforcement agencies.The data was leaked last Saturday, just hours after Anonymous had taken down the main ISIS operations forum, reports Vocativ.The hackers, known as the ISIS Islamic State Cyber Army, or the
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1Password Leaks Account Metadata, but Your Passwords Are Safe

A Microsoft engineer has uncovered a tiny flaw in the way 1Password manages user metadata in some setups, exposing user details along the way.You can read the in-depth explanation of this entire 1Password (intentional) design flaw on Dale Myers' website, but we're also going to summarize it for you if you're not in the mood for technical blog pos
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Microsoft Office Documents Are Favorite Targets in Data Breaches

Security studies are being released on a daily basis, and there's an industry trend that's been focused on raising awareness about data breaches.One of the latest such reports comes from Intel Security and provides data gathered from 1,155 organizations around the world, all relating to data breaches, today's current security hot topic.According
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Unprotected API Exposes User Details for the Kardashian Websites

Yesterday, the Kardashian clan launched four new websites and four new apps for Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, and Kylie Jenner.Each girl launched its own website and an accompanying subscription-based mobile app, which will be used to push premium and exclusive content to their dear followers.Celebrities trying to monetize on their fame i
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888 Data Breaches Were Recorded in 2015, 246 Million Records Lost So Far

In the first six months of 2015, Gemalto, a company that provides digital security products, estimates that 888 data breaches have taken place around the world, exposing no less than 246 million records.While the numbers look quite large, comparing the current statistics with the same period of 2014, Gemalto observed a rise of 10% in data breach incidents, b
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RSA Conference 2015

The RSA Conference 2015 is being held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. It a massive event, with thousands of people in attendance. A huge number of booths built up by vendors provide coffee bars, presentations, and swag giveaways. Threat intelligence is hawked by many here. But, some of the most surprising parts of cyber-security that has been a long
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Detailed Tax Information of Rich and Famous Canadians Leaked by Canada Revenue Agency

Affected individuals are to be informed about the incident   Tax claim info from prominent Canadian figures has been leaked5 photosVIEW ALL Confidential information of hundreds of Canadians claiming tax deductions between 2008 and 2013 has been leaked by the Canada Revenue Agency in an 18-page spreadsheet containing donations made to art galleries
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Leave your passwords at the Checkout Desk

Hotels, Restaurants and Airports used to offer customers free tablets while using their facilities. Recently while attending an event and staying in one such hotel, I had the chance to use a free iPad especially installed in my room. To my surprise, it not only contained the event agenda and provided a free WiFi connection, but also included a lot of privat
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