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Former NSA Contractor Indicted for Stealing 20 Years’ Worth of National Defense Secrets

A federal grand jury has indicted a former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor for stealing national defense information over the past 20 years.The indictment (PDF) alleges that Harold Thomas Martin, 52, collected a number of government secrets while employed as a private contractor for various government agencies. He began lifting the documents in Dec
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Weaponizing of the insider in the Dark Web, a dangerous phenomenon

A study revealed how hackers in the dark web are arming insiders with the tools and knowledge necessary to help steal corporate secrets. The dark web is the right place where to buy and sell corporate secrets, experts at the risk management firm RedOwl and Israeli threat intelligence firm IntSights made an interesting research titled “Monetizing the In
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IP Theft: How Often Does Your IP Walk Out the Door?

It happens — employees leave. Sometimes they find growth opportunities and are encouraged, even cheered, by their employers to go for it. Other times, they are let go due to downsizing or performance issues, recruited by rivals or otherwise lured to greener pastures. In all scenarios, the employer’s intellectual property (IP) is at risk. Revenge, greed
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FBI arrested another NSA contractor involved in theft of secret documents

Once again an NSA contractor is the headlines for the alleged theft of secret exploit codes and highly confidential documents. The FBI has arrested another NSA contractor over a massive secret data theft. The US DoJ has charged Harold Thomas Martin (51) with theft of secret documents and highly classified government material. According to a court complaint 
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Former Employee tried to sell Yandex Source Code for Just $29K

A former employee at stole the source code of the Yandex Search Engine and its algorithms and tried to sell the for tens of thousands of euro. A former employee, Dmitry Korobov, of Russian search engine Yandex is accused of stealing the source code and algorithms implemented by the company. The man alleged attempted to sell th
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Economic Espionage: The Scrupulous and Unscrupulous Competitors

When we think of economic espionage, we hardly every think of our competitors as being a part of the equation. Yet our competition comes to us in many flavors. It includes the ethical people, who conduct their research and development without the infusion of ill-gotten input or engaging in nefarious behavior, as well as those who have already crossed the mor
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Healthcare Industry Is Four Times More Likely to Be Impacted by Advanced Malware than Other Industries

A new report reveals that the healthcare sector is four times more likely to suffer advanced malware attacks than is any other industry.Raytheon|Websense, a security firm dedicated to protecting organizations against targeted attacks and data theft, recently announced the publication of 2015 Industry Drill-Down Report – Healthcare. In it, Websense expl
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France Televisions hacked and 100,000 contacts stolen

A group of cyber criminals hacked systems the systems of the France Televisions and have stolen data on 100,000 contacts stored by the French state TV. Another cyber attack hit a French TV, this time the hackers compromised the computers at the network of the broadcaster stealing  personal data belonging 100,000 contacts. Acco
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Home Office – Cybercrime goes unpunished in the UK

British law enforcement is in difficulty facing the cybercrime, just one computer hacker a month convicted of cyber crime out of 100,000 incidents a year. Cybercrime is becoming very attractive for ordinary crime, high earnings, limited risks than other criminal activities and poor perception of crime are among the elements th
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Rex Mundi hackers leaked customers’ data of the Swiss Bank they hacked

The hackers of the Rex Mundi group have released online data stolen from The Banque Cantonale de Geneve that refused to pay 10000 EURO. Last week The Banque Cantonale de Geneve has been hacked by the criminal crew Rex Mundi that has tried to blackmail the financial institution. The group of Rex Mundi hackers threatened to publ
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Insider Theft affects a tenth of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management Clients

Insider theft at Morgan Stanley affected nearly the ten percent of the company’s wealth management clients, the company officially confirmed the incident. The financial services company Morgan Stanley has confirmed a partial client data leak, the incident was confirmed by the firm in a statement published on its website.
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アンダーグラウンドの闇市場: 盗難データ、マルウェア、攻撃サービスの取引が盛況

休暇シーズンには、最高の贈り物を最良の条件で求める買い物客がインターネットを探し回ります。この時期にお買い得品を探し求めるのは、一般消費者だけではありません。多くのサイバー犯罪者が、他人のお金で買い物をするとともに、アンダーグラウンド市場を利用して違法な商品やサービスを売買しようとしています。盗難データ、侵害されたオンラインアカウント、カスタムのマルウェア、攻撃サービスや攻撃インフラ、不正バウチャーなど、多種多様なものが購入できてしまうのです。違法な商品やサービスの種類によって価格は大きく変動しますが、予算が非常に厳しいサイバー犯罪者にさえもお買い得品が存在します。攻撃者は、盗難データや侵害されたアカウントを 1 ドル未満で入手可能です。攻撃インフラなど大規模なサービスは、100 ドルか
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Underground black market: Thriving trade in stolen data, malware, and attack services

During the holiday season, shoppers scour the internet to find the best deals for the perfect gifts. Ordinary consumers aren’t the only ones looking for bargains at this time of year. A host of cybercriminals are looking to shop at other people’s expense and use underground marketplaces to buy and sell illegal goods and services. Stolen data, com
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South Korean ID system faces overhauls following 10 years of data thefts

The South Korean government is considering reissuing national identity card ID numbers for every citizen over the age of 17, at the cost of billions of US dollars.The extreme step, reported by Associated Press, comes after a series of attacks that have left around 80% of its population at the mercy of hackers.The ID numbers and other personal data of an esti
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Mummy, my schoolbooks are spying on me! 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Got a minute to spare?Watch this week's 60 Second Security...→ Can't view the video on this page? Watch directly from YouTube. Can't hear the audio? Click on the Captions icon for closed captions.In this episode:• [0'05"] Adobe to update e-reader to mop up data leak• [0'25"] BadUSB - now with DIY instructions• [0'49"] Return of the Androi
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