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15 Easy, Effective Ways to Start Winning Back Your Online Privacy

Someone recently asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year, and I had to think about it for a few minutes. I certainly don’t need any more stuff. However, if I could name one gift that would make me absolutely giddy, it would be getting a chunk of my privacy back. Like most people, the internet knows way too much about me — my age, address, phone
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Stay Smart Online Week 2019

Let’s Reverse the Threat of Identity Theft!! Our online identities are critical. In fact, you could argue that they are our single most unique asset. Whether we are applying for a job, a mortgage or even starting a new relationship, keeping our online identity protected, secure and authentic is essential. This week is Stay Smart Online Week in Australia R
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Officials Push Facebook for Way to Peek at Encrypted Messages

Officials are calling on Facebook not to use encryption in its messaging services that does not provide authorities a way to see what is being sent.The request was made in a letter signed by US Attorney General William Barr, British home secretary Priti Patel and Australian minister for home affairs Peter Dutton."We are writing to request that Facebook does
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Turkey Fines Facebook for Breach of Data Protection Laws

Turkey’s data protection authority says it has imposed a 1.6 million Turkish lira ($280,000) fine on Facebook for contravening the country’s data laws.The Turkish Personal Data Protection Council said Thursday that personal data belonging to 280,959 Turkish users, including their names, gender, birth dates, relationship status, religion and search history, w
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Zendesk Discloses Old Data Breach Affecting 10,000 Accounts

Customer support company Zendesk revealed on Wednesday that it has become aware of a security incident impacting thousands of accounts activated before November 2016.Zendesk says its customer support platform is used by 145,000 entities across 160 countries and territories, but the firm claims the 2016 data breach impacted only around 10,000 Support and Chat
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Chapter Preview: Birth to Age 2 – First Footprints

When your baby is on the way, their privacy and digital security is probably the last thing you have on your mind. At least it’s way down there on the list—of course it is! You’re preparing for a bright, joyous addition to your family and home. Everything you’re doing is intended to create an environment that is safe and comfortable, so your baby knows a war
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Google Expands Use of Password Checkup Tool, Unveils New Privacy Features

Google on Wednesday announced that its Password Checkup tool has been added to the Account password manager, and the company has unveiled some new security and privacy features for YouTube, Maps and Assistant.Launched in February 2019 as an extension for Chrome, Password Checkup is designed to display a warning whenever users log in to a website with credent
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American Man Jailed in US Over Singapore HIV Data Leak

An American man who leaked confidential details of thousands of HIV-positive people in Singapore, most of them foreigners, has been jailed in the United States for two years.Mikhy Farrera Brochez was convicted by a Kentucky court in June for trying to extort the Singapore government using the stolen data.The 34-year-old had obtained the data from his partner
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Driver's License Thefts Spur ADOT to Boost Online Safeguards

Arizona transportation officials announced enhanced security measures Thursday for a state website that identity thieves exploited to get dozens of duplicate driver's licenses.The Arizona Department of Transportation announced new safeguards after acknowledging to Azfamily.com this week that at least 164 drivers have been the victims of theft.The cases go ba
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5 Digitally-Rich Terms to Define, Discuss with Your Kids

Over the years, I’ve been the star of a number of sub-stellar parenting moments. More than once, I found myself reprimanding my kids for doing things that kids do — things I never stopped to teach them otherwise. Like the time I reprimanded my son for not thanking his friend’s mother properly before we left a birthday party. He was seven when his
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Apple Patches iOS 13 Bug Allowing Third-Party Keyboards "Full Access"

Apple on Friday released security updates for iOS 13 and iPadOS to address a vulnerability that allowed third-party keyboard extensions to gain “full access” without being granted permission.The bug, Apple revealed earlier this week, only impacts devices where third-party keyboards request full access permissions, but does not affect Apple keyboards or third
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Dunkin' Donuts Sued by New York's State Attorney General Over Data Breaches

New York Attorney General Letitia James filed a lawsuit against Dunkin' Donuts in the Supreme Court of the State of New York on Thursday, September 26, 2019. The complaint alleges fraudulent, deceptive and illegal conduct, and focuses on Dunkin' Donuts breaches in 2015 and 2018. It claims an alleged failure to respond to these breaches in violation of state
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Dell Unveils New Data Protection Appliances

Dell on Tuesday unveiled new EMC PowerProtect appliances and announced improvements to existing data protection and recovery products.According to data collected by Dell, organizations last year managed, on average, nearly 10 petabytes of data, which represents an increase of 569 percent compared to 2016.The company wants to help organizations secure their v
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Source Code Security Firm Cycode Launches With $4.6 Million in Funding

Cycode, a startup that provides solutions for protecting software source code, emerged from stealth mode on Tuesday with $4.6 million in seed funding.Cycode provides a platform designed for source code control, detection and response. The solution should help organizations concerned about the exposure of intellectual property (IP) found in source code. While
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How to Spring Clean Your Digital Life

With winter almost gone, now is the perfect time to start planning your annual spring clean. When we think about our yearly sort out, most of us think about decluttering our chaotic linen cupboards or the wardrobes that we can’t close. But if you want to minimise the opportunities for a hacker to get their hands on your private online information then a clea
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